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Posted by Commander Richard “Ricochet” O’Shea (Cmd Air Group (CAG)) in CIC, Current time line, calling the Squad ldrs

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr) in CIC, Current time line, calling the Squad ldrs

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr) in CIC, Current time line, calling the Squad ldrs
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OOC: Just FYI timing with the Bridge thread is everything on this one. Once the GM says they are still attacking the Tholians we need the shuttles launching so we can move off from the Cardassians as the shuttles pick up the Cardassians and stage to return to the ship as the Olinski spins back around to get the shuttles after hammering the Breen.


Xandra nodded to Ric and asked, “You want fighters covering the shuttle as well, or want us on board to kick butts into gear and make sure they keep moving?”

As Trotter passed her, she tapped her Second on the arm. “Get the pilots prepping shuttles and make sure the fighters are on standby in case we need to come back and launch quick.” He smiled with a quick nod and took off at a jog. She looked back at Ric to get his answer before heading to get ready. Well, looked like babysitting duty was getting a bit more involved.

Squad Ldr

OOC: Sorry for the absence. Real life has been sapping my creativity for a long time now, which is why I have decided to retire from teaching at the end of the current school year. I should be back to posting normally soon.

IC: “I want fighters prepped to offer air support in case the Breen return while we’re evacing the Cardassians,’ Ric replied. The shortesst distance between two points is a straight line. Let’s keep things straight as we can.”

When the shuttles were ready and orders given, Ric slid into the pilot’s seat of the lead shuttle and exited the hangar bay with the rest of the shuttles close behind before splitting off to the Cardassian ships.

Without the Breen returning to cause chaos, the evac went extremely smooth and before long, the shuttles returned safely to the Olinski’s hangar bay. Medical personnel were waiting to tend to the wounded visitors. All in a days work for the experienced pilots of the USS Brian S. Olinski.

As the last of the shuttles docked, Ric took stock of the situation and hit his comm badge. =^= Bridge this is Ricochet. All of the surviving Cardassians have been evacuated to the Olinski and are being tended to by the medical teams as needed.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

-^-Clear CAG. Keep our six and 12 clear while we try and get those Cardassian ships operational. The Plan is to be clear of this space before the Breen return. Keep an eye on the Tholians as well. They are hiding something and are not keen on letting us know what that is.-^-

Parker CO

Xandra came up alongside Ric as he was finishing his comm. Murmuring so he could hear, she nodded. “I can get the squads up and out in five minutes. The fighters are ready and on standby. One fore squad and one aft of the group could help keep an additional eye out for trouble.” She smiled to see if he would suggest it to the CO or merely take it in stride and discuss it afterwards.

Squad Ldr

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Ael joined shortly. “Are we going back out?” He asked, one eyebrow raised. It’d been a hectic day, they’d go wherever ordered but Ael was slightly concerned about the continued efficiency of the squads.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

Ric nodded to the Green and Red squad leaders. “Yes, we are. It’s been a long day and it’s about to get a little bit longer. Let Blue and Gold Squads know they’re going back out too. We’ve got people on the Cardassian ships making repairs. I want all four squads patrolling at a maximum perimiter. Right now, the Tholians are being quiet and the Breen aren’t in the area, but I want to be ready when, not if, the decide to come back. They’re declaring war, so I want as much of a heads up as we can get when they show up.”

“Again, patrol at maximum range. As soon as you see a blip on your sensors, you call back to Mother and fall back, taking up a defensive position. Do not engage the hostiles. I repeat, DO NOT engage!!! Is that clear?”

Ricochet (CAG)

Xandra frowned. “Max range? If we put Blue and Gold at three quarters max, then place Red and Green past that, we can double our ‘max range’ and give us a better heads up. I would recommend Blue and Red spread to port and aft. And Gold and Green posted fore and starboard. If they come at us, I’d like more than twenty minutes of alert time to the ships.” It would spread them thinner, which was a risk. But sometimes it was necessary to add a little more protection. She wasn’t sure, this time, which they wanted more… coverage, or early warning.


Ric listened to Xandra’s suggestion and then decide to stick with his original plan. “No, stick with max range. We’ve got people on the Cardassian ships and need time to get them off if the hostiles come back. We pull back and set up a defensive perimeter around the Cardassians and Olinski. Once our people are clear, we go on the offensive, if we have to.”

Ricochet (CAG)

=^=Roger that, CAG.=^= Xandra took her squad and got into position. The patrol was silent for quite some time. And she hoped it would remain that way. Periodically she checked in with the other leaders to be sure all was well.


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