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=^= Olinksi clear Faraday.=^=

-^-Bridge to Transporter Chief. The CE is sending over a piece to replicate. Get it done on the double time. Use the industrial replicator. Then get it back to him-^-

-^- Aye Captain.-^- Came the reply.

Sid looked over at Balfor. It was like running a race with no time on the clock.

Parker CO

“Lets start the Tholans towards the star-base, with the fighters as an escort. We can rush Faraday and catch up. That should keep the Breen from getting ambitious.”


It took a few minutes but the away team returned.


Faraday entered the bridge, nodding to the XO and CO as he approached the engineering console. He checked the exterior scans before speaking. “Life support on the Cardassian ships at 100%. And they now have engines up and running.” He looked up. “We’re good to go.”

The Captain then ordered a hasty retreat to the SB.

Parker CO

OOC: I am assuming the order to escort the Tholian ship to starbase was given. Otherwise, I will void and repost.

IC: After traversing the distance to the Starbase, They emerged from warp to at least four ships waiting at the Starbase. One was clearly escorting one of the diplomatic corps of the Federation.


“That was a quick response,” he quipped. “I’d have expected a day or two before they got someone out here.”

CE Faraday

“When do you think the last time we got a shot at a close look at a Tholian ship,” He looked out the view screen. “And how long do you think that opportunity will last.” Kolar looked over at Faraday.


Toro looked up “Captain, there is something different about the Tholian ship…It’s something we’ve never seen before.” She said looking at the scans they had and the scans that had been taken of the ship during this situation. “I’m reviewing the information that we have to see exactly how it has been modified.” She said.


The known Tholian ships were basically web spinners. There were reports of a large ship that commanded the web spinners. However, this Tholian ship was several times larger, almost as large as the Olinski. There were several web spinners within the hull of the large ship. They would not have know that it was a Tholian ship if not for the triangular logo of Tholia etched on its side.


Mirri looked back at Sidney “Sir do you want me to move us into a better position to intercept if we need it.” She asked looking at all the players on her screen. She had several plans already in play in her mind. She wanted to make sure that they could get out of the scrap with minimal damage, but with the news of this new Tholian ship, she wasn’t sure of its capabilities.


=^=SB this is Captain Parker of the Olinski. We are escorting the Tholian ship as a guest of the Federation. Have you received my order to prepare for a possible Breen attack?=^=

He killed the coms and looked at Kolar.

“What ever you can do to get info from that ship then do it. Anything short of getting caught that is.” He told him.

=^=Captain Parker to starfleet vessels. You are now designated as Fleet Group Alpha under the command of the Olinski. Take up defense positions around the Starbase using Delphi pattern.=^=

In SF terminology that meant three ships forming an arc toward the Breen direction of travel and a forward point ship who would detect, engage and fall back the Breen if they should come.

“COS, CMO, Helm and the CAG your on Team One which is to figure out with the Alpha how best to be ready for the Breen. CE,CSO, CIO you work on that Tholian ship while we have time. CNS your with me if we need to be diplomatic with the diplomats.” He ordered. “Send the message to the CAG. Deploy your birds in the best configuration to support Alpha and maybe help the XO on getting that info on the Tholian ship.”

Parker CO

OOC: I snipped this post to make it more friendly. We actually used to do this all the time but do not use it as much as we all once did.


“Aye Captain.” Alexandra said and moved off toward her assigned group.

-Lt Alexandra Drake, CoS

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