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Posted May 10, 2021, 9:01 a.m. by Lieutenant Thomas Faraday (Chief Engineer) (Nathan Miller)

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The known Tholian ships were basically web spinners. There were reports of a large ship that commanded the web spinners. However, this Tholian ship was several times larger, almost as large as the Olinski. There were several web spinners within the hull of the large ship. They would not have know that it was a Tholian ship if not for the triangular logo of Tholia etched on its side.


“COS, CMO, Helm and the CAG your on Team One which is to figure out with the Alpha how best to be ready for the Breen. CE,CSO, CIO you work on that Tholian ship while we have time. CNS your with me if we need to be diplomatic with the diplomats.” He ordered. “Send the message to the CAG. Deploy your birds in the best configuration to support Alpha and maybe help the XO on getting that info on the Tholian ship.”

Parker CO

Faraday nodded. “Engineering, acknowledge,” he called across the bridge. His fingers flew across the interface before him, pulling up the previous scans they had made of the vessel. He began adding notes, identifying likely external features: ports, engines, weapons arrays, etc. He pulled up scans and schematics of known Tholian vessels for comparison - while this clearly was a new evolution in their ship building, there would likely be similarities: ports in similar locations, shapes of weapons, other things that could give him hints about the ship.

He tried to see if scans could help him determine power flow - helping better identify locations of shielding arrays, engine placement, warp drive assemblies, weapon embankments, maybe even life support systems. He wanted everything they could get on this while they had the chance.

And more than anything he wanted to learn something new.

CE Faraday

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