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Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra Drake (Chief of Security) in Side Sim: Crew Lounge (open)
Alexandra sat in her office, assigning crew rotations for security teams. She tossed the duty roster PaDD on her desk and sat back. It’s been a long day. She got up and got in the turbolift, deciding to get a quiet drink before heading home.

As Alexandra entered the crew lounge, it was as busy as usual. She ordered a drink, found a table, and sat, putting her combadge on the table in front of her.

-Alexandra Drake

“Hard day?” a voice on the table next to the Security chief said, the accent was a soft Scottish one. A man in his middle years sat on the table nursing a drink filled with green liquid. Even seated down it was clear he was a tall man. He smiled a friendly smile and put a hand out “James Grey, Just got brought in to run the Science Department” He was still wearing his uniform and two full pips were attached to his collar.

James Grey

“Not an especially hard day, just a long one. I’m Alexandra Drake, Chief of Security.” Alexandra shook his hand. “I haven’t been onboard terribly long either.” She smiled gently. “How’re you liking the ship so far?”

-Alexandra Drake

Crewman NE Sideglances saw the DHs conversing. He was not in that level. Honestly it was as if the DHs lived on another plane of existence. Then the CO and XO above that plane. He tapped NE Drinksalot and nodded over toward them.

“The lower nobles have entered.” He said.

“Yea who are they. Dont recognize them.” Drinksalot said and it was apparent he was upholding his good name.

“That is your new boss idiot.” Sideglances said indicating to Grey. “The other one is the Chief of Security. My new boss.”

“She would toast them?” Drinksalot said starting to raise his glass.

“Put it down. We don’t even register on their scans.” Sides said and Drinks shrugged and lowered it.

OOC: Some lower level officers view point from afar.

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