Side Sim: Holodeck (Open)

Posted June 7, 2021, 10:27 a.m. by Lieutenant Ael Khev (Pilot, Red Squad Leader) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Ensign M’rahja Ko (Security) in Side Sim: Holodeck (Open)

Posted by Lieutenant Ael Khev (Pilot, Red Squad Leader) in Side Sim: Holodeck (Open)

Posted by Ensign M’rahja Ko (Security) in Side Sim: Holodeck (Open)
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Ael entered the holodeck, and immediately turned around to leave. This cycle of indecision he repeated several times before saying. =Load program, Khev 2.= the computer chirped confirmation and a romulan street scene appeared. Close to home. He breathed in deeply, taking in the familiar… everything. People passed him by on the street. It seemed almost alive. Almost.

He approached a restaurant and ordered a drink, hoping to quell these occasional feelings of homesickness.

-Ael Khev

M’rahja, off duty and in simple, casual clothes, had approached the holodeck to test a program she made before her transfer to the Olinski. It wasn’t anything special but working on it helped pass the time. That’s how she caught sight of Ael’s indecisive turning about. She watched from afar, uncertain of the meaning behind the action, but waited to see if he would come back out. When he did not, she finally approached and entered the deck. Yes, she was being a curious cat but humans always forget the second half of the saying.

She entered into a strange scene. An unknown street of an unknown planet and now she really had to go in and take a look around. It was all so strange and foreign to her. The only planet she ever spent a long period of time upon was Earth to attend Starfleet Academy, but this was totally different. M’rahja entered a near-by building that seemed to be a restaurant of sorts.

M’rahja Ko

A caitian. Not part of the program. Ael rose from his seat and greeted her. “Welcome to Romulus.” He smiled slightly, waiting for the inevitable reaction. “Or what remains of it.”

-Ael Khev

M’rahja startled upon being addressed, too caught up in the scenery around her to notice Ael. Her ears flicked forward, “Romulus? This is Romulus?” She looked around with renewed interest. This was a sight she’d never expected to see. What remains of it. “I. . . I’m sorry for your loss.” She said, unable to imagine the loss. A home that you could never return to, except in recreations.

M’rahja Ko

“At least I was able to preserve this. So, welcome to the capital city.” Ael looked around a little bit. “Care for some food?” He gestured back towards the table he had been sitting at.

-Ael Khev

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