Diplomatic Mission on SB, ATTN CNS

Posted June 10, 2021, 6:48 p.m. by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) (Sidney Parker)

Posted by Gamemaster Kenson Koh (Gamemaster) in Diplomatic Mission on SB, ATTN CNS

Posted by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) in Diplomatic Mission on SB, ATTN CNS

Posted by Gamemaster Kenson Koh (Gamemaster) in Diplomatic Mission on SB, ATTN CNS
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“Helm make contact with the SB. Even worst case we have some time to go over and make contact with the diplomats. Counselor your with me. XO I will go over but return if long range sensors detect the Breen approaching. I am also available to you if something happens with the Away Team.” The Captain instructed.

“Mirri you have the com as everyone else should be in the middle of something. First sign of danger to the Away Team bring them back.” He ordered to the Helm.

OOC: Im assuming the XO is going on the Away Mission but if not then disregard Mirri with the Command of the Bridge and maintain it yourself.

Parker CO

The Starbase communications revealed that the Starfleet diplomats were already at the base. They were waiting for the diplomatic team from Tholia to arrive. Long range sensors do show three web spinners moving in Federation space and would take another 45 minutes to arrive.


The Captain moved to the turbolift and indicated the CNS to go with him. After a few minutes they arrived at Transporter Room 2 as to not get in the Away Teams way. He gave the transporter operator the coordinates for the main conference room where the diplomats were being gathered before the Tholians arrived.

Parker CO

“All ready captain,” said the transporter operator.


After a few seconds he and Michaels appeared on the SB and stepped off the PaDD. The Captain looked at the Ensign at the controls.

“Captain Parker and Lt. Michaels. I believe you are expecting us.” He said.

Parker CO

“Yes sir,” replied the NE at the controls. “Commander Uggar will be arriving shortly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a blue skinned Bolian officer entered. He wore the insignia of a Lt. Commander. “Welcome Captain,” he greeted Parker. “I am Lt. Commander Uggar. My apologies for my tardiness.”


“Lt. Cmd this is Lt. Michaels my CNS and usual negotiator. As you know we have a big problem that we managed to resolve for the short term with the might of the Olinski. However the Breen are not ones to back down from a fight. We need a diplomatic channel to pursue as well.” The Captain said not wasting time.

Parker CO

“Yes,” replied Uggar. “Please come with me. We are assembling at a special conference room. We are prepared should the Tholians want to join us physically.”


The Captain followed.

“Are you part of the negotiating team?” The Captain asked.

He wanted to know what he could share and not share with the Bolian Lt. Cmd

Parker CO

“No sir,” he replied. “Although I am part of the command staff on this starbase, I am put in charge of security during this negotiations.”

He showed the team to a large conference room that had been fitted with a containment field. They were demonstrating the containment field as the group entered. The containment field able to simulate the environment for the Thollans within it.

There was a group of non uniformed people in the conference room, presumably the Federation negotiation team. There were two Betazoids, two Vulcans, three humans, and two Trill. The Captain recognised them as members of the Federation diplomatic corps. He had had met one of the Vulcans and one of the human members. They were Ambassadors Skark and Valerie Lee respectively.

The Captain recognized the purple diplomatic color scheme of the clothes used and some of the uniformed attendants of the diplomatic core.

Ambassador Lee came forward when she saw the Captain. “Captain Parker, nice to meet you again,” she started with a smile, “but I wish it was in a less tense situation.”

“Ambassador always a pleasure.” He responded.

She introduced the team:
Roxanne Ahni and Garth Jang from Betazed; Skark and T’Po from Vulcan; John Mason and Ken Stewart from Earth; and Samil Bix and Tona Laz from Trill.

The Commander of the Starbase, Commodore Terence Spencer, was present. With him were Lieutenants James Black and T’Pav. He shook hands with the Captain and said, “You had quite a time out there. You handled the situation well.”


“Commander thanks for the refuge of the SB and its services. I am only afraid we might have brought trouble to your doorstep.” The Captain answered.

Parker CO

“Well,” replied the Commodore. “You may have averted a greater crisis. Think of what might happen if the Breen obtained the Tholian ship in Federation space.”

“True,” replied Ambassador Lee. “The Tholians are due in 20 minutes and we know that they are always punctual.”


“Certainly we believe the Tholians are hiding something. They have a massive ship we have never seen before with a modified web spinner configuration. In fact they never deployed them and they were very near getting destroyed before we intervened. So it might be worth it to them to be destroyed instead of revealed. As for the Breen they attacked another ship in Federation space, then attacked a Federation ship causing casualties. If the Olinski had not arrived its unclear of the outcome.” The Captain explained.

Parker CO

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