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Kolar tapped his badge as he headed to the transporter room. =^=Drake, Faraday, Gray… I need you or someone from your department to suit up and assist me with the review of the Tholan ship… Its toasty over there so hardened equipment.=^= Kolar didn’t hate the suit as much as most people did. Of course he would of preferred a cooler location, but being on a Tholan ship without being a prisoner was a rare event.

He put on a equipment belt and a magnetic comm device under one of his straps of his boot. He clipped a phaser and a tricorder on his belt.

Kolar X

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Faraday entered a few minutes later, helmet under one arm, engineering kit strapped over his shoulder. “I have to say, Commander,” he said, adjusting the strap, “that ‘safety inspections,’ even fake ones, were not on the list of things I thought I’d be doing aboard the Olinski. Guess they really did mean anything was possible.”

He lifted his hand to access the arm computer, cycling the system through several diagnostics - especially the internal cooling system. These hardened suits were designed for even more harsh environments than the one he’d worn aboard the Cardassian vessel. “All systems check,” he said, then shifted the grip on his helmet.

CE Faraday

“Do you know how many engineers have inspected a Tholan ship?” Kolar looked at him. “I don’t know of any. If you do a half decent job, you might be the new expert on Tholan mechanics for the next decade.”


The Transporter operator reported, “We are ready to transport.”


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These suits were never tail friendly, no matter what any designer says or promises. It took slightly longer to suit up but she managed it in good time and grabbed her standard security compliment on the way out. Ensign Ko entered the transporter room right after the transport operator spoke. “Ensign Ko, reporting for away team.” She secured her helmet before taking her spot on the transport pad. The helmets were ear friendly, but dulled her hearing just enough to make her brain think her ears were clogged.

Ensign Ko (security)

“Ever interact with a Tholan?” Kolar looked over… They always reminded him of angular, crystalline spiders… all at about 200 degrees Celsius. “They can be a little… temperamental.”


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James clunked in holding an equipment case, a tricorder, and Phaser attached to the waist of his suit, he seemed a little disheveled behind his helmet, he didn’t mind the suit but shoving his head in this bucket of a helmet always annoyed him, he disliked having his sensitive hearing dampened “Was that a joke Commander” He said smiling at the first officer as he joined the rest of the team.


M’rahja smirked at the joke, and answered “I have never interacted with a Tholan. I know about their history with Starfleet and their various trade agreements, but that is all.” As a nerd for all things diplomacy, she’s read all she could about Tholan interactions with the Federation. And refreshed herself on their cultural practices as much as possible.

Ensign Ko (Security)

“Lets hit the ground. Tholans, tend to be territorial and precise. Don’t use terms and phrases that can be miscronstrued or left up to interpretation.”



James nodded his head, he’d never met or spoken to a Tholian thus making this an exciting mission even if it wasn’t for the express purpose of learning more about them.



The team materialised in a very bright cube. It was clear that they had beamed into some kind of containment field. The temperature was not exactly hot, but the bright lighting gave the impression of heat.

“Good tidings, Starfleet,” came a voice as a Tholian moved into view. “It would be difficult for you to move freely in our environment as your equipment might fuse and cause danger to your life.” The tricorder was able to ascertain that the temperature outside the containment was about 227 Celsius, or 440 Fahrenheit or 500 Kelvin. The data had always been that the Tholians lived at a temperature of about 207 Celsius, or 404 Fahrenheit or 480 Kelvin. Whilst generally safe, the Tholians were right to say that their equipment might not take prolonged exposure to the 20 degree difference.
“I am Commander Hozu. How may I be of assistance?”


Behind the glass of his environment suit Thomas’s brows furrowed. He wrinkled his nose, but the Tholian was correct about the equipment. He lifted the tricorder, trying to see what else he could ascertain about the world beyond the containment field. A twenty-degree difference was… huge. Was it something with this new design, or had their environmental needs changed that much in the… 200 years since they’d really had a look inside a Tholian vessel?

CE Faraday

“I am Commander Balfor, Lieutenant Faraday, Grey, and Ensign Ko.” Starting with a endearing comment. “We are pleased we could assist you in defending yourself. Your government and ours has authorized a review of the ship particularly the areas that could have safety concerns. I imagine, power systems, weapons, and other new technology would fall under this? ” Kolar smiled, although that might not mean what he thought it did.


Faraday listened to Kolar and Hozu with one ear as he scanned with his tricorder, trying to see if he could get readings from outside the containment field, and perhaps why the lighting was so bright. Containment field, he thought. This kind of temperature and pressure differential it’s practically a shield.

CE Faraday

“I want to split up,” Kolar started, “we can cover more ground that way.” It would be easier to isolate and entrap them as well, but given they were virtually alone on an enemy starship, them being together wouldn’t make much of a difference.


“That would be impractical,” replied Hozu. “We have had not prepared for non-Tholians to be peaceful on board and the containment field you are in has been recently put together. It would not be possible to have two or more containment fields.”


James nodded at the alien’s point, he doubted they could prepare any better for Tholian Visitors on the Olinski, the difference was just too vast to make anything suitable on short notice.


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