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Posted June 21, 2021, 6:42 p.m. by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) (Sidney Parker)

Posted by Commander Richard “Ricochet” O’Shea (Cmd Air Group (CAG)) in Side sim-Play ball

Posted by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) in Side sim-Play ball

Posted by Commander Richard “Ricochet” O’Shea (Cmd Air Group (CAG)) in Side sim-Play ball
Ric stepped from the dugout and looked at the bright blue sky. Not a cloud to be seen, and why not? This was one of his favorite holo-programs A perfecy day for baseball the announcer would say. The green infield and outfield grass cut precisely to the correct height. The dirt base paths had been sprayed with water to keep the dust from flying.

Life on the Olinski had been keeping him busy lately and he needed a way to de-stress. Usually, Xandra was his first go-to for relieving stress and pressure, but she was currently busy flying maneuvers with her squad of pilots. So, baseball was the his next best option. Taking some cuts and hitting the ball hard and deep always worked for him.

Currently, the stadium, Miller Park (!/quality/90/?, was empty except for the holgraphic pitcher on the mound, tossing the ball up and down in preparation for Ric to step into the batter’s box.

Stepping up to the plate, he dug his cleats into the dirt in the right side batter’s box. He took a few practice swing before setting his feet, the right foot slightly closer to home plate. He nodded to the pitcher who then began his wind-up. A fraction of a second later and the ball was speeding toward the plate. . . . .

Ricochet (MLB wannabe)

The pitcher hologram flicked out and suddenly it was the Captain stepping into the CAGs holoprogram as a surprise. He was not a good baseball player but he had pitched a little as a kid. He did his best to throw Ric a 3 finger knuckle ball. He hoped the unpredictable pitch would catch him unawares.


The flickering of the pitcher broke Ric’s concentration. He blinked a number of times as he tried to adjust, only to now see Captain Parker releasing the ball. Concentration and timing were no longer in synch as he tried to adjust to pitch.

His swing was so far ahead of the dancing knuckleball that he pretty nearly screwed himself into the ground and ending up on his posterior in the opposite batter’s box. After lifting the brim of the helmet which had fallen over his eyes, he looked back to the mound and started to chuckle.

“That was a dirty trick to pull, Skipper!!”

Ricochet (CAG)

“Are you ready for the fastball?” The Captain asked.

He threw a decent fastball and against lesser batters it would work. However it was rather predictable. He decided to go for it anyway. He waited for Ric to go through his pre pitch routine. He did the same. Then he lined it up, wound it up and let her rip straight down the plate.


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