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Posted June 23, 2021, 8:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexandra Drake (Chief of Security) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Lieutenant James Grey (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: Crew Lounge (open)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra Drake (Chief of Security) in Side Sim: Crew Lounge (open)

Posted by Lieutenant James Grey (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: Crew Lounge (open)
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Alexandra sat in her office, assigning crew rotations for security teams. She tossed the duty roster PaDD on her desk and sat back. It’s been a long day. She got up and got in the turbolift, deciding to get a quiet drink before heading home.

As Alexandra entered the crew lounge, it was as busy as usual. She ordered a drink, found a table, and sat, putting her combadge on the table in front of her.

-Alexandra Drake

“Hard day?” a voice on the table next to the Security chief said, the accent was a soft Scottish one. A man in his middle years sat on the table nursing a drink filled with green liquid. Even seated down it was clear he was a tall man. He smiled a friendly smile and put a hand out “James Grey, Just got brought in to run the Science Department” He was still wearing his uniform and two full pips were attached to his collar.

James Grey

“Not an especially hard day, just a long one. I’m Alexandra Drake, Chief of Security.” Alexandra shook his hand. “I haven’t been onboard terribly long either.” She smiled gently. “How’re you liking the ship so far?”

-Alexandra Drake

Crewman NE Sideglances saw the DHs conversing. He was not in that level. Honestly it was as if the DHs lived on another plane of existence. Then the CO and XO above that plane. He tapped NE Drinksalot and nodded over toward them.

“The lower nobles have entered.” He said.

“Yea who are they. Dont recognize them.” Drinksalot said and it was apparent he was upholding his good name.

“That is your new boss idiot.” Sideglances said indicating to Grey. “The other one is the Chief of Security. My new boss.”

“She would toast them?” Drinksalot said starting to raise his glass.

“Put it down. We don’t even register on their scans.” Sides said and Drinks shrugged and lowered it.

OOC: Some lower level officers view point from afar.

NE’s with Names.

James took his hand back “It’s been interesting, haven’t served on a ship for a good while let alone a military craft like the Olinski. It’s been an interesting change. And you?”


“This is my first assignment to what could be described as a battleship. It’s different.” Alexandra replied. “Though not as different in the day to day as the Captain led me to believe. I still set duty rosters, deal with people complaining about their shift, handle the little squabbles and security details. It’s still better than a cargo ship” she laughed a little. “So where we’re you before this?”

-Alexandra Drake

James stood up and joined the Security Chief at her table, placing his drink down before answering “I spent a few years teaching at the Vulcan Science Academy then the last two years I spent on a handful of Starships before landing here” He answered with a slight smile at her joke “And you?” He asked.


“The Vulcan Science Academy. Very nice.” Alexandra raised her glass to this. “I think I’m here by accident. I was on some cargo ship, we got into a few scuffles and they decided I was battleship material. I’m grateful for the chance, but I do wonder if there’s some officer out there with my name wondering why her transfer orders never arrived.”

-Alexandra Drake


“Hah!” James laughed “I sincerely doubt that Captain Parker would make such a mistake regarding the Security Chief on this particular vessel” He answered her raised glass with his own “From what I understand you’ve already got a reputation of your own. You have any specific ambitions in the fleet?”


“I’m sure the Captain doesn’t make such mistakes, it just feels very strange to be here. Someday, I’d like to have my own command. A small ship, that can work like a well oiled machine.” Alexandra almost lost herself in thought. “And what about yourself?”

-Lt Alexandra Drake

James nodded in approval of her ambition, it was good to know where you wanted to go. To her question, he shrugged “Twenty-Three years in Starfleet and I’ve done just about everything” He said with a smile, standing up and finally joining his conversational partner, grabbing his drink and slowly putting it on her table “Starbases, Think-Tanks, Embassies, teaching. I even served on the Federation Science council for a while” He said the last with amusement as if the concept was amusing “I never had any desire to sit in the Central chair, maybe when I’m old and infirm, well older and infirmer I’ll retire to one of those research stations, maybe grow a beard” He scratched his chin even more amused by the thought.


“A beard might suit you.” Alexandra chuckled. “What’s wrong with a research station? Maybe not as adventurous, but they do important work.”

-Lt Alexandra Drake

James laughed and shook his head “Nothing wrong with a research station lass, nothing at all. I’ve had my fair share of Adventures and I believe I’ll have more serving here. A research station is a good place for solitude, I have no doubt I’ll return to teach at some point but I think before I finally retire from service I’d like some place to just sit and do Science. Maybe someplace with plenty of Vulcans, They are the most entertaining species to prank of course.”


Alexandra laughed and nodded her agreement “And aside from an android, probably the easiest to prank.” She sighed the way people do when they remember good times. “Kind of makes me wish there was such a place for security personnel, other than teaching new cadets.”

-Alexandra Drake

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