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Xandra moved her squad into position. Once there, she reached out to the other leaders.

=^=Red Squad in position. Green Squad, report.=^= They had taken up flanking positions on the Fleet and while Red was to the port side, Green was taking up starboard positioning. In her ship, once more in the black, she felt better than she had in ages. All the trial, troubles and issues she, and Ric, had been through lately, were in the past and it felt exhilarating being once more behind the throttles.


Port - Left side of the ship facing forward from the Bridge
Starboard - Right side of the ship facing forward from the Bridge

=/\=Green in position.=/\= Ael radioed.

Ric called out one final order to the fighters.

=^=One squad with me. Set up a defensive perimeter around the Tholian ship. Our objective is two-fold. I want it to look like we’re protecting her AND scan her as well, passively, getting as much intel as we can without appearing to. Let’s find out what makes this ship so special.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

=/\=On your six, CAG.=/\= Ael led his squad out and after Ric. He flew out and prepared to scan the Tholians, hoping they’d not notice.

-Lt Ael Khev

Xandra spun off around the other side of the ship to provide cover and make sure they weren’t snuck up on when Ric was busy trying to figure things out. She flipped her comm to his private channel and smiled. =^=So what are they so worried about? How much of a threat are we facing? Is this one of those ‘just in case someone says something wrong?’ or more like ‘they are planning something, we just aren’t sure what’, kinda thing?=^= She wasn’t sure just what was happening. And being left in the dark wasn’t one of the things she liked to deal with.


=^=Apparently, the Tholians got some new tech. This ship is a new class, too. Heavier shielding. . . Mother’s scans haven’t been able to penetrate any more than 5 meters inside. Skipper’s hoping with some close fly-by’s, our eyes and scans might pick up something from the exterior to give us a clue to what their hiding. My guess is whatever it is, the Breen know about it and want it bad enough to attack them..=^=

Ric paused as his eyes took in the exterior details, while making sure everything was being recorded as he passed by. =^=The Breen want it bad enough enough, that they were willing to declare war against the Federation when we intervened, so keep your eyes open.=^=

Switching back to the main channel, Ric called out to the Green Squad Leader. +Apex, your team have anything to report yet?=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

Xandra nodded, despite Ric not being able to see her. She gave her understanding then heard the dead air as he switched channels. She turned her scanners back to the ship and made sure everything was being scanned and recorded. She swept her nose occasionally towards the ship, then away again as if merely making sure all was well. It allowed her to remain close to the ship to get more deeper readings, but also not make it look like that was what she was doing.

Red Squad Ldr

Ael called back to Ric =/\=Nothing yet. Just hoping it stays that way.=/\=

-Lt Ael Khev

=^=Staying that way would be fine, except for the fact they’re hiding something. Something new, potentially dangerous and the Breen want it bad enough that they’ll enter Federation space to get it, then have the audacity to declare war on the Federation. There’s a whole lot to this situation that isn’t adding up and I don’t want to get FUBARed by letting our guard down. Stay sharp people.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

Xandra made another sweep of the ship, this time running closer to the hull in a maneuver that made it appear she wanted to sneak up on the other side of the ship to perhaps catch someone not paying attention. She ran her passive scan the whole time with the telemetry heading back to the Olinski to be analyzed.


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IC: Ric continued piloting his bird around the Tholian ship. As it appeared their scans weren’t picking anything up from the ship, he sent out a call.

=^=Squads , continue to patrol this area. Weport anything suspicious to CIC. Apex, Sehlat, you’re with me. Time to do a little scouting. Let’s if we can figure out just how far away the Breen are.=^=

He turned the nose of his bird in the direction the Breen ship had retreated in. . . .

Ricochet (CAG)

=/\=With you CAG.=/\= Ael didn’t trust the Breen farther than he could throw them and a little scouting suited that sensibility just fine.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

From Starfleet HQ reports, Breen activity had been detected but they had not entered Federation space yet.


=^=Roger, CAG. Jasper take point, the rest of you continue patrol. Sehlat breaking formation.=^= She turned her nose towards Ric and fell in on his right, opposite Apex on his left. She wasn’t a fan of the Breen, but only because of what she’d heard. Having not encountered them, herself, she honestly couldn’t rate whether she liked or hated them. But the amount that was unknown about them certainly sent a chill down her spine at the thought of encountering them.


=^=HQ reports there is a lot of activity along the border, but the Breen have yet to enter Federation space. Let’s see if we can get a head count on that activity. Heading 060, bearing 107, mark 34. Let’s keep the bugs off the glass and Breen of our a. . . tails.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

Ael smiled. =/\=Right CAG. We’re with you. 060, bearing 107 mark 34.=/\=

-Lt Ael Khev

Xandra smiled to herself as Ric made the comment. Leave it to him to bring a smile to their faces in a moment like this. She had no doubt Apex was smiling as well. =^=Copy.. coordinates set. Checking long range sensors all around to be sure they aren’t doing the same=^=

She doubted the Breen scouts had started towards them this far out. But the last thing she wanted was for them to be snuck up on. She kept a 360 scan going to be sure they weren’t being pinched. Her port and starboard scans stretched to the max as if dragging a large net to be sure nothing got thru.


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