Side Sim, Captain flies a Bomber, Attn Fighter Wing

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Posted by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim, Captain flies a Bomber, Attn Fighter Wing
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The Captain was rated to fly a Ranger Bomber but he rarely paid attention to this qualification. However to maintain his rating he had to take a bomber out at least once a year. so in keeping with that requirement he went down to the Fighter Hanger to take out one of the 12 Ranger Bombers they had on the ship. He knew that the glory for the Air Wing was to be a fighter pilot but he had always like the idea of a bomber and as such took the opportunity in the Academy and afterward to get rated out on one. As a senior officer he would always be the bomber team lead pilot and Captain if he chose to. He liked the idea of a small team basically flying into the face of danger with previous little to stop a heavier ship from blasting them out of space.

He need two more crew members to round out the Ranger and he was down there to see who was game to run a training mission with him. He had a particular Bomber he liked and he was intending to take her out. The Betty Brosmer or as it was called The Betty.

Parker CO

Ael looked up form some minor work. “Captain on deck!” He walked over to Parker and saluted. “Welcome to the hangar Captain Parker. I noticed you’re on the flight roster this morning.”

-Lt Ael Khev

“As you were.” He called out loudly. “Well yes Lt. I am. Admittingly a little nervous. Im just over my one year mark but I’m hoping your going to look the other way and let me certify myself or try this go around.” He said smiling.

Parker CO

“You’re always welcome to join us for a flight sir. Though I’m sure you don’t often have the time.” Ael returned the smile. “I see you’re registered as a bomber pilot. I’m sure you know most people go for fighter qualifications, but we have some pilots with both and some bombers. But as squad leader, unless CAG decides to go with us, I’ll fly wingman for you. As for which bird you fly, you have your pick of the lot, no one minds lending to the Captain.”

-Lt Ael Khev

“I will be honored to have you on my wing Lt. As for the bomber I will take the Betty.” He said knowing she knew the exact bird he referred to.

Parker CO

Ric stepped into the hangar bay and was immediately approached by a crewman handing him a Padd. He glanced at it quickly, signed it and nodded to the crewman. Looking up, he caught the tail end of Apex’ and Parker’s conversation. “Geez, they’ll let anybody get pilot certification. Was Command that desperate for pilots when you got yours, Skipper?”

The CAG pulled out another Padd from the pocket of his flight suit and did some searching. “There it is, Parker, Sidney, Capt. . . . .blah, blah, blah, Ranger class certified. . . .recert due by. . . Captain, you’re overdue You sure you don’t want to practice in the simulators before going out into the Black?”

Ricochet (CAG)

“You can’t simulate that feeling Cmd. No I am good. A bomber is not as that bad. I just need two other crew to round me out.” He answered. He and Ric knew each other well. Ribbing amongst senior officers was ok with him. Plus in Flight Ops he was just another pilot and the CAG ruled the roost.

Parker CO

“Suit yourself, skip. Just want you to know, I’m not going to ease up, just because you’re the CO. You get the same as everybody else.”

He looked back down at the Padd to find two others that were do for certification and hit is comm badge. =^=Axeman, Bigfoot, this is the CAG. Get your sixes to the hangar deck. You’re both due for Ranger recertification. Turn and Burn in 15. CAG out.=^=

“Alright Captain, Betty will be green in 15. Axeman is your gunner, Bigfoot is your tech, and Apex is on your wing. You know how this works. You’re not only graded on your single performance, but that of your whole team as well. Any questions?”

Ricochet (CAG)

‘You got the keys?” He asked knowing there were no keys.

Ael smiled “They’re in the ignition for you.”

He was a little nervous but knew he would be getting maneuvers from the CIC and then execute them. He could do that.

After a few minutes he saw who had to be his crew arriving.

Parker CO

Ael nodded to each crew member and went to his bird. He hopped in and started switching various instruments on.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

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