Ensign Rudy Suana's Duty Report

Posted Sept. 16, 2021, 5:20 p.m. by Ensign Rudy Suana (Scientist) (Rudolf Suana)

Rudy Suana had an interesting career track for a Starfleet officer. He wasn’t a gifted martial artist. He wasn’t some gearbox type who fixed machines all day. He was the scion of a long line of gemcutters, one himself and an avid gem hunter.

Now, how does this land you a term at Starfleet Academy and a science officer commission? See, he’s an astrogeologist and space surveyor. He knows where rocks are in space. He knows how to make extremely sophisticated maps of space. He’s also a professional gemologist who knows how to appraise gems. Useful in space, mind you.

As he approached the air lock, his entire persona was crafted around the idea of being an academic. He had a pencil on his ear. He paged the guard as he walked through the air lock.

Ensign Rudy Suana - Science Officer - USS Brian A. Olinski

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