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=^=Squads , continue to patrol this area. We report anything suspicious to CIC. Apex, Sehlat, you’re with me. Time to do a little scouting. Let’s if we can figure out just how far away the Breen are.=^=

He turned the nose of his bird in the direction the Breen ship had retreated in. . . .

Ricochet (CAG)

=/\=With you CAG.=/\= Ael didn’t trust the Breen farther than he could throw them and a little scouting suited that sensibility just fine.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

From Starfleet HQ reports, Breen activity had been detected but they had not entered Federation space yet.


=^=Roger, CAG. Jasper take point, the rest of you continue patrol. Sehlat breaking formation.=^= She turned her nose towards Ric and fell in on his right, opposite Apex on his left. She wasn’t a fan of the Breen, but only because of what she’d heard. Having not encountered them, herself, she honestly couldn’t rate whether she liked or hated them. But the amount that was unknown about them certainly sent a chill down her spine at the thought of encountering them.


=^=HQ reports there is a lot of activity along the border, but the Breen have yet to enter Federation space. Let’s see if we can get a head count on that activity. Heading 060, bearing 107, mark 34. Let’s keep the bugs off the glass and Breen of our a. . . tails.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

Ael smiled. =/\=Right CAG. We’re with you. 060, bearing 107 mark 34.=/\=

-Lt Ael Khev

Xandra smiled to herself as Ric made the comment. Leave it to him to bring a smile to their faces in a moment like this. She had no doubt Apex was smiling as well. =^=Copy.. coordinates set. Checking long range sensors all around to be sure they aren’t doing the same=^=

She doubted the Breen scouts had started towards them this far out. But the last thing she wanted was for them to be snuck up on. She kept a 360 scan going to be sure they weren’t being pinched. Her port and starboard scans stretched to the max as if dragging a large net to be sure nothing got thru.


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OOC: was waiting on some information as to how far off the outpost is compared to the Olinski. I think/hope I’m safe in saying the the Olinski is going to be heading to the outpost to help defend it?

IC: =^=All fighter squads, this is CIC. We have received word that the Breen are sending two fleets in the direction of Starbase 310. Return to the Olinski and await further orders, but be prepared to head to SB 310.=^=

=^=Roger, CIC.=^=, Ric replied. He cursed under his breath. Defending a starbase was one thing, but taking on two Breen fleets was war and everybody knows there are no winners when war is declared.

=^=Sehlat, Apex, you heard that. Time to head back and prepare to move out.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

Xandra growled under her breath. She had heard. And like Ric, she wasn’t happy. =^=Sehlat here… I heard. On my way back. Do try and keep up.=^= She let a smile creep into the taunt. =^=Kinda need you and not looking to save you before we save them.=^= She laughed and turned her ship as Ric turned his. They would head back together, in formation, because it’s what they did. But the tease was still worth it knowing she’d probably pay for it later that night when they were alone.


In his own bird, Ric grinned as he thought of fun ideas to punish Xandra for her ‘insubordinate’ comments. His first thought was that it should include spanking. . . .

Ael didn’t send a radio signal to acknowledge the change of plans, but he fell in line with the squad moving back to the ship. Taking on two full Breen fleets… this was either the start of a war, or the biggest demonstration of power in a long while. As he drifted back towards the Olinski, he wasn’t sure if these were actually entirely different.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

=^=Captain Parker to CIC. Recall the birds and prepare for warp=^=

Parker CO

=^=Roger, Captain. Most have already returned. Ricochet, Sehlat, and Apex were further out doing recon. Their eta is 20 minutes and we’ll be ready. Will confirm with the Bridge when they have returned to the nest.=^=.

Ricochet (CAG)

Less than twenty minutes later, the stragglers appeared on the ship radar as on final approach. =^=Sehlat to Olinski, returning to bay. Request clearance for landing.=^= She knew Apex was behind her and Ric would come in last to be sure everyone was safe and secure. Like a mother hen clucking everyone under cover for the night, he also won out on arguments with Xandra about how he should be the first in since he was more important. Watching him swing wide from the front of the formation, she slowed to approach speed and awaited her clearance to land.


“Request granted, Sehlat,” came the reply from CIC. Put the birds to rest. Captain wants to warp out as soon as everybody is home and snuggled in tight for the night.”

The last three fighters landed and the flight crews immediatel began getting them ready for their next time out.

Climbing out of his bird, Ric’s boots hit the ground as he tossed his helmet back into the cockpit. He trotted over to Xandra’s bird and waited for her at the base of the ladder. Looking up, he said, “You’re getting kinda cocky for someone with no . . . .” he paused and looked around before letting that thought drop. “You just might end up getting yourself some extra sim time for that attitude, Miss Sassy-pants”

Ricochet (CAG)

Xandra landed her bird and waited for the flight crew to tap her down before popping the top to get out. Seeing Ric at the bottom of the ladder, she laughed. “Sim time? Seems to me last time we were in the Sims,someone got turned around backwards when nav went down.” Most times it was her who got flustered and wound up screwed up in a simulation. But last time, it has been Ric’s turn and his girlfriend wasn’t going to let him love it down.

She laughed and set her helmet by her seat before nodding to him. “You gonna back up so I can get down of this bag?” Turning around she began descending the ladder without waiting for his response.


OOC: Does the Pattern Charlie also affect the fighters?


OOC: They are ordered to form away from the main formation and be prepared to harass the enemy should it move. Maybe behind the starbase or further out on the flanks.


Once again, Ricochet had the fighters squads in position. Red and Blue squads had orders to harass the Breen ships with hit-and-run tactics, while Green and Gold squads orders were to provide air support to the Tholian web spinners while they did their job.

=^=Olinski, this is Ricochet. Fighter squads are in position and ready to engage the enemy. Ready to defend Tholian Spinners and attack Breen ships. Just waiting on your green light.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

=^=CAG , this is the XO, leave a light coverage on the starboard wing. Mass and overwhelm the small unit and then take the larger.=&= It was a well known tactic to mass your forces to counter a superior number… which the Breen didn’t have in either case… so for them splitting their number was tactical suicide.


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