Side-Sim Brace For Impact

Posted Oct. 17, 2021, 3:48 p.m. by Ensign M'rahja Ko (Security) (Abigail G)

Posted by Gamemaster Kenson Koh (Gamemaster) in Side-Sim Brace For Impact

Posted by Ensign M’rahja Ko (Security) in Side-Sim Brace For Impact

Posted by Gamemaster Kenson Koh (Gamemaster) in Side-Sim Brace For Impact
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Alarms blared as the Olinski took damage. At her security station M’rahja saw reports of injured crewmen two decks below. She grabbed her gear and booked it to the nearest Jeffries’ Tube. Though the lift may be more practical, the faster the better and she couldn’t risk another hit taking the lift offline. Besides, she was small and lithe, and could move through the tubes as easily as one could run down the hall. She arrived to the smell of smoke, and burnt electronics. Crouched low to the ground, she advanced through the flickering lights towards the scent of blood.

Ensign Ko (Security)

She found on NE in gold uniform lying unconscious on the ground.


M’rahja spend towards the fallen NE, first checking their surroundings for immediate dangers or threats before scanning the NE for any serious injuries. She didn’t want to suddenly or carelessly move someone with broken or visible bones or deep gashes.

Ensign Ko (Security)

There was no blood visible. However, the NE’s right foot looked like it was broken. Also, there might be concussion.


A possibly broken foot, and unconscious but not bleeding out. Regardless he needs medical attention. M’rahja took a look around. He couldn’t stay here, and with all the damage. . . =^=This is Ensign Ko. I’ve found an unconscious man. Where’s the nearest medical officer?=^= And if no one is close enough she’ll have to carry him.

Ensign Ko (Security)

There was another impact to the ship and the deck’s security station showed that Deck 7 was heavily damaged. Ensign Ko was on Deck 4 at the moment.


M’rahja swayed forward as ship rocked from another impact. Another hit? She stood and rushed to the near-by security station. Heavy damage on Deck 7. Her combadge pinged with a new voice, =^= En. Ko? This is NE Willoughby, I’m on my way to your location. How badly hurt is your unconscious man?=^= Help has come. M’rahja returned to the unconsciou NE’s side. =^=I think his ankle his broken, but no other visible injuries=^= Not two minutes later, NE Willoughby in medical colors came into sight. Willoughby knelt down and examined the unconscious NE with a medical tricorder. “NE Bellevue. . . Broken ankle. . . and a possible concussion from cranial trauma. Have you found any other injured crewmen?”

M’rahja shook her head, “I had just arrived on deck when I found him.”

Willoughby nodded, then said, “See if you can’t find anyone else that’s injured. I can take this one to sickbay on my own.” NE Willoughby was roughly the same size as the unconscious NE Bellevue. A far better candidate to carry an unconscious man than tiny M’rahja. She said, “I’ll have a look around. If I can’t find anyone else then I’m heading down to Deck 7. Good luck.” She left the medical NE to continue her sweep of Deck 4 in search of any other injured crewmen.

Ensign Ko (Security)

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