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As the Bren fighters moved, they suddenly split into two, diverging from what was their initial target. Four moving to the left wing of the formation and six moving towards the other wing.

When the CAG fighters started to move, the four fighters took evasive action, retreating about 200 kilometres before turning to move towards the six other ships.

The six ships started firing on the fighters and the web spinners in the right wing. One of the fighters (from Red Squad) was disabled, taking heavy damage. Once drifting, the Breen ships took no notice of it, focussing on the others which were still active.

The four Breen ships that had divided from the main group and was now about to join the six others made a sudden maneuver and fired two torpedoes each at the Olinski. They hit the shields bringing the shields down to 20%. Just as suddenly as they turned to fire at the Olinski, the suddenly turned to join with the other six attacking Breen ships.

The six Breen ships were now focussing their fire on one particular web spinner, the outermost one. Whilst not as maneuverable as the web spinners, the Breen ships did manage to bring down its shields down, whilst at the same time scoring hits against the Federation fighters. The Breen ships were not unscathed. Their shields took a beating as well from the weapons of the fighters and the web spinners. Despite taking the hits, none of their shields went offline, though.

OOC: I am going to let the CAG decide which squads were at which wing. I did not see the details save for the tactics for each of the squads. One Red squad fighter was rendered offline, though not destroyed.


Ric weaved his fighter in and out of the fracas, fighting alongside Apex and Red and Blue Squads, doing as much damage as they could to the Breen warships.

=^=CIC, this is the CAG, launch the Rangers and rain hell down on those warships. Red and Blue Squads, target the torpedo tubes on the warships. We need to disable them. As my old pappy used to say, it’ll be just like shooting womp rats back home.=^=

A call came over the comms from Red 4. =^=Ricochet, this is Junkman. I’ve been hit. I can still fly, but weapons are out.=^=

Ric cursed under his breath. =^=Copy that, Junkman. Get back to Mother. Nothing more you can do out here.=^=

The CAG maneuvered his bird around to make another run at the warships, arming his torpedoes as he did so. =^= Sehlat, what is your status? The spinners able to do their work?=^=

With his attack vector locked in, Ric dove the the lead Breen warship. When he registered a lock on the torpedo tubes, he let loose with a volley of his own torpedoes. . . .

Ricochet (CAG)

Most of the torpedoes hit the Breen ship and its shields lowered to 20%. However, the Breen ships were as manoeuvrable as the fighters and the rest of the torpedoes were stopped by the phaser weapons from the Breen ship. The other Breen ships were also able to counter some of the torpedoes that the fighters released. One Breen ship, took the hit badly and lost its shields …



Xandra watched one of the Been ships lose its shield. Firing once more to score a wing shot and disable the ship, she answered Ric. =^= We’re doing ok but not great. The ships aren’t as maneuverable as we are, but they got skill.=^= She grunted as her fighter spun to shoot another enemy attacking the spinner she was covering.

A gasp and curse followed that a moment later, forgetting her comms were still on. =^= Dammit… =^=

Green Ldr

Xandra’s shot hit her intended spot of the shieldless Breen ship. There was thick smoke dissipating from the gaping hole in its hull. Her shot distracted her enemy from the spinner. In the dog fight that followed, one of her squad members was shot and destroyed.

OOC: I leave you to describe the dogfight and which (NE) member dies.


=^=XO to the CAG, we need a squadron to protect deck 7, ventral side., acknowledge.=^=

OOC; Did you mean port or starboard? Ventral would be the underside/belly of the xhip

Kolar XO

=^=Copy that, X. Blue squad. Break off and cover mothers damage side. She can’t take many more hits like that. Everybody else, keep hammering away.=^=

=^=Blue squad on it, CAG=^= came the reply from Blue Squad leader.

OOC: I will leave the details of the fight and whose shot effected the miracle to the CIC … (writing opportunity)

The rest of the Cutlass and Compsognathus fighters continued their jobs, attacking fighters and offering air support to the Tholian spinners, as the Ranger bombers continued to drop their ordnance and the Templar fighters launched their torpedoes on the Breen battleships. It was taking a lot of firepower to maintain the continuous attack, but when was all said and done, the Breen would reconsider attacking an Olinski-class ship, especially one with the skilled and seasoned crew of her fighter wing.

IC: The remaining fighters took the opportunity to attack the four Breen ships which had lost their shields. During the intense dogfight, it was not very clear whose shot made a miraculous head way. One shot had hit one of the Breen fighters, causing it to lose stability and it crashed into one of its own ships, which had also lost shields. The effect was that the two ships exploded in a huge blast. One fighter was caught up in the shockwave and found itself with controls offline and spinning away from the battlefield. It would pass close to the Olinski but would not crash into her.


=^=Whoooooooo!!! How do you like me now, bitches!!!=^=, came the call from ‘Nature Boy’, whose last shot had set off the chain reaction.

Ricochet (CAG)

The web spinners then took the opportunity to trap the remaining Breen ship which had lost its shields with their energy threads. In the mean time the fighters and the Olinski had reduced the whole fleet of Breen ships to just three. One in the web and two which decided to leave the battle zone.


Xandra tapped the comms. =^=Sehlat to CAG,=^= her voice was full of relief, pain and rage. =^=We have a Breen caught in the web. The rest are destroyed or tucked tail. Lost Crow and Horta.=^= The list of lost fighters was growing. Three this mission, two from her own wing, that she knew of. And over the years, probably another couple handfuls. The names would go in her prayer book back in her quarters. But it still stung every time. Despite it being what they signed up for, as someone always invariably pointed out when missions were over. =^= Awaiting orders…=^= Her voice taped off with a sigh.

Green Ldr

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