Rudy's Report On Jimmy's Desk

Posted Oct. 22, 2021, 11:37 a.m. by Ensign Rudy Suana (Scientist) (Rudolf Suana)

Posted by Ensign Rudy Suana (Scientist) in Rudy’s Report On Jimmy’s Desk
OOC: This is a continuation of a thread me and the CSO had earlier.


Lieutenant James Grey, should he pore over the sent material to his office, might notice a report entitled ‘’Rudy Suana Theory Of Starfighter Combat’‘

The report held some very interesting novel information that might interest the lieutenant and the CAG. Said information included, but was not limited to…

(i) …a variety of astro-geographical structures and how they might impact not only starfighter combat but the structural integrity of a starfighter should it touch it.

(ii) …a variety of analyses of starfighter maneuvers and their physics, with pilot skill level included.

(iii)…(not explicitly related to starfighter combat) an understanding of ship to ship combat, especially if it involves the USS Brian A. Olinski

All of this would seem interesting and novel to the Lieutenant should he read it. A goad was noted to send any news of the CAG’s approval back to Rudy.

Ensign Rudy Suana - Science Officer

BUMP - OOC: James respond please.

Rudy S

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