Side-Sim - Holodeck 1 -Training Montage Go! (open)

Posted Nov. 27, 2021, 10:42 p.m. by Ensign M'rahja Ko (Security) (Abigail G)

The last time M’rahja entered the holodeck someone broke in and murdered two simulated people before vanishing into thin air. It would make anyone leery of using the holodeck again, but this won’t be like last time. For starters, her program will be simple, no simulated environments or exotic locals. The room will remain as is with the exception of a training mat on the floor. There was only one simulated opponent, a large human, and he would stay within her sight at all times. The most important precaution she took, was to bring a friend along. Crewman Bengal, an affable human, didn’t know if she believed M’rahja about the whole serial sim killer, but M’rahja promised to teach her a few defensive moves, so she agreed to come along on those grounds. Bengal was a short woman, only two inches taller than M’rahja herself, and was tired of feeling intimidated by larger enemies.

The start to their training went simple enough, with M’rahja demonstrating several throws with their simulated opponent. Though M’rahja was nearly half the size of her opponent, she was quick and determined. If Bengal hadn’t seen it for herself she would have never believed that the small caitian could take down a man that size! “I specialized in tracking and hand-to-hand combat at the Academy,” M’rahja explained while walking Bengal through the motions of a throw, “Strength and size aren’t everything. It’s strategy and quick-thinking that win fights. So long as you can out-think and outmaneuver your opponent, then you can take on anything.” M’rahja also knew that people tended to underestimate her, and she played to that strength whenever possible.

Finally, after about two hours of practice Bengal was done. “I don’t think I’ve ever moved so much in my life,” Bengal complained while rubbing her sore shoulder. “Let’s do this again. . . like, next week. I need to heal.” M’rahja nodded her head and said she understood. She had hoped that Bengal would go a little longer. . . Bengal took her leave but M’rahja lingered in the holodeck. Her gaze unfocused, seemingly lost in thought.

Ensign Ko, Security

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