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=^=Disregard the disabled ship. All ships that can, fire on the retreating Breen ships=^=

=^=Roger that, Bridge,=^= came the reply from the CAG. =^=We’ll do as much damage as we can before they go to warp. Make’em think twice before returning.=^=

The Captain gave the order himself this time. He knew they would not stop them from leaving but he wanted them to know this would be the cost of engaging in the first place.

“Put room between us and that disabled Breen ship. I don’t want a surprise.” He quietly ordered to Kolar.

Parker CO

“Course 081 mark 12, two thirds impulse power,” Kolar nodded towards the helm officer.

The fighters and the Olinski began firing and the barrage caused the shields of both the Breen ships to fail. Their rear torpedo tubes returned fire. Some of the fighters took out some of the torpedoes before they could hit the Olinski, but the Olinski had their shields reduced to just 5%.


The ship rocked as the torpedos that made it through hit the ship. Sidney eased back down into his chair. He saw the Breen retreating into the distance and knew they would go to warp. However that last hit made sure they would not turn back to fight or even think about it in the near future. He looked over a Kolar.

“Fine job XO.” He said. “Lets get repairs underway with shields a priority. Its unlikely any will return but I don’t want to have no shields if they did.” He ordered.

=^=Damage reports to the XO station.=^= Kolar looked over at his panel… the bad news would roll in soon. =^=Causalities to medical=^=

=^=See what ships need the most help and lets get it to them. Recall all the fighters. Recall all fighters but the ones with some torpedo’s left and in good enough shape to do a perimeter control. See what we can do for the Tholians.=^=

He said all of this on all coms.

=^=We went through a lot of ordinance, Skipper. Everybody’s coming home but a skeleton squad patrolling the perimeter.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

“I want department status reports as fast as is possible.” He added to the Bridge crew.

Parker CO


“Helm issue a surrender order to the damaged Breen ships. They are to stand down. Disarm and drop any shields. We will treat them within the confines of Galactic treaties.” He ordered.

“Aye Sir.” The Helm officer said.

=^=Breen ships still in Federation space. Stand down. Drop Shields if any, Disarm weapon systems. You are prisoner of the Federation of Planets will be treated according to all treaties and conventions.=^=

Parker CO

The two Breen ships’ weapons systems went offline and a message of surrender was sent to the Olinski.


“I wished the demonstrated this level of wisdom, before they invaded our space and fired on us.”

As the fighting subsided James started going over his systems for the report. He relayed orders to his teams to go over them with a fine-tooth comb as he himself focused on keeping an eye on the senors making sure that nothing crept up on them.



“They underestimated the Olinski and this battle group.” Sid answered. “Any report on the Tholians?”

He knew some of his decision making might have been controversial to some of the newer Bridge team but he also was one hundred percent sure of them. Yes they caused causalities on both sides but the price was paid today so it would not be paid tomorrow at a higher rate.

“Great job XO. Its your victory if that means anything.” He said to the XO as he moved away to his Ready Room.

“I’m sure that opinion would stun my professor in Star-ship weapons and tactics class.” His teacher always said he was to willing to retreat and let weaker opponents maneuver rather than forcing the action.

“Don’t board those ships until every last Breen is beamed into the Brig and they are scanned for booby traps. I won’t lose one more person to a battle already won.” He said as he turned back to the Bridge crew.

“Breen aren’t known to be suicidal, they are however more than willing to exchange lives on a one to one basis.... a slight but significant distinction.”

“XO I will be making a report to the Admiral.” He said and then entered his Ready Room a little weary.

Parker CO

When the Captain left, the tactical station observed that one of the Breen ships that surrendered was actually scanning the ships: fighters, web spinners and the Olinski.


Alexandra saw this and chimed in. “Commander, we’re being scanned. One of the ‘surrendered’ Breen ships is scanning everything in the area.” She looked up and awaited orders.

-Lt Alexandra Drake

“Lock phasers on that Breen vessel, open hailing frequency.”

=^=Cease all provocative actions including scanning or be fired upon.=^= It didn’t sound like a bluff for a very good reason.


Meanwhile the Captain eased into his chair and hit the com button for a secure com with SFC.

Parker CO

The warning message caused the vessel to cease all scans.

James focused scanners on the vessel, answering scans with scans.


The scanning vessel had actually been replicating torpedoes as they were fighting. They were attempting to look for any weak spots in the Olinski they had missed.

OOC: Are they still replicating torpedoes?

OOC: Once the warning was given they stopped the activity.

Meanwhile, in the ready room, Starfleet Command responded to the call from Captain Parker.

=/\=Parker! Report!=/\= a very haggard looking Vice Admiral Pond came into view.


James sent the scan data to the Tactical station. Replicating torpedos and trying to play dead, that was almost clever.


OOC: Unless you are dealing with the Olinski crew !!!!!



Kolar frowned as he looked at the Captain. “They aren’t really in a position to be provocative. We already brawled once, I can’t imagine the want to do that again.”

Balfor Kolar XO

The Breen had stood down and was waiting for Olinski’s next move. The longer they waited, the more time the Breen could think to retaliate …

OOC: Sorry for the sudden disappearance. Two days ago, the Olinski was the last ship I was posting in when my internet went down and I was not able to complete posting here, although I had posted in other ships.


OOC: NO problem Kenson.

I suggest the CSO lock onto the crew and start to send the crew to the brig in small groups. Security get ready for them. Filtering their weapons in the buffer and they should not be armed.


Kolar nodded his agreement. “We could use the cargo bays for any overflow. Put the force field up so they can’t get to any walls and if they get too frisky we could open the bay doors as a warning.”


Alexandra headed for the turbolift. “I’ll get us ready to receive our guests.” =/\=Security Dept, we’re beaming some people to the brig, and possibly additionals to the cargo bay. Prep both areas to receive and lock ‘em down.=/\=


After a few minutes, the various security teams in place responded that they had the locations mentioned secured.


=^=Captain Parker to COS. Any intel you can get from the Breen is valuable to include just the general status of the population. We still know precious little.=^=

Parker CO
“Breen are renown for their not talking…” He tilted his head

James did as suggested, focusing scanners on the Breen lifeforms.


The sensors were able to detect the genetic information of the Breen. It seemed that the Breen in the ships were actually clones. The computer detected only 19 different genetic maps in all the individuals.


OOC: Well that is interesting.


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