Toro's secret-Back Story

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Posted by Lieutenant Maritza Turcio “Toro” (Chief Intel Officer (CIO)) in Toro’s secret-Back Story

Posted by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) in Toro’s secret-Back Story
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Toro stood in front of Captain Parker and told him that she needed at least two weeks of leave and that she would let him know if she needed more at that point. Her statement was that she had a family situation that she needed to take care of (while not completely untrue, it was not the full truth). In her pocket, she carried a set of secondary orders that she had received that did involve a member of her family and Toro’s involvement in Section 31, that part of Star Fleet that no one talked about. Parker had granted her leave and she left within the hour. That was three months ago and now she was back. But what had happened during the three months....

Three Months Earlier:

The trip to Section 31 took four days; four days for Toro to look at the mission before her, four days for her to worry about her sister, Bianca and her parents. Toro had spoke briefly with Nico and Bella while she was traveling, she wanted to get information from them. How had Bianca gotten involved with these people and why was she thinking trying to get Star Fleet intelligence to the Romulans and now her sister was missing and Toro was now called on to find her sister and neutralize the threat, even if it meant killing her own sister. Deep down, Toro knew that Bianca had gotten herself in over her head and like the rest of the family she was too stubborn to ask for help to fix the problem. Four days to decide the best way to handle this issue, keep her sister alive and return whatever information Bianca had managed to get her hands on. Four days to go through all of the emotions before settling on just being angry and determined. Four days....

On her arrival, she was pulled into Admiral Horns office and given the basic information, Bianca had last been seen talking with a cloaked figure in Parma, according to the intelligence that they had, she had looked scared and had tried to flee, but was grabbed. The following morning, Bianca was gone, Nico and Bella didn’t know where she was or anything about her involvement with what was going on. Horn had an officer staying at the home, much to Toro’s dismay. She demanded that he be removed as he was terrifying her parents and they couldn’t move without him demanding to know where they were going. Horn refused on the grounds that Bianca might return to the home. Toro looked at Horn “Do you seriously think my sister is that stupid, she knows she’s in trouble, she wouldn’t knowingly bring that to our home’s front door.” She argued and lost.

Toro was given the information that they had and the video footage of the encounter that she had had in Parma. Toro watched the footage of the house on the day that she allegedly left. Toro found that Bianca had left with an unknown male and they had left in a hover craft. Toro knew that 31 had already traced the craft and she had a name of the registered owner, but she re ran the information and began looking for known associates. Horn wanted her to take a team to try and get her sister back, Toro stated that she wanted one person of her choice that she had worked with before, to which he reluctantly agreed. Horn also knew that Toro was a bit of a loose cannon and that she was going to do this her way. he also knew that she got results so he let her do things her way for the most part.

One week into her leave, Toro left for Romulus with her friend, Emil. He was a trusted associate and she knew that she could count on him in a fire fight. Toro was laser focused on getting this done and over with, getting her sister back to Federation space and let her deal with her crimes. Emil was quiet the entire trip, he knew not to push Toro to talk, he knew that she was angry and that that was going to be a factor he had to compensate for, she would rush head long into a situation and he would have to pull her out which is why she had requested him to join her. They arrived on Romulus without incident and Toro and Emil began looking for the man that had taken Bianca. One of the things that Toro felt fortunate about is that her parents had insisted on having trackers placed in their wrists when they were children so that it was easier to track them. The tracker signals had faded over the years, but when needed, they could still be used.

Toro shared the locations with Emil and after spending a night preparing, the duo headed for a seedy part of Romulus to recover her sister. Emil kept his eye on their backs, Toro was moving ahead with a purpose, Emil really hoped that they could avoid shooting, but he didn’t see that happen, espeically when they were dealing with espionage. Within minutes, they were at the targeted location, Toro slowed her pace and looking at her surroundings. She looked for the door that they were looking for. And that was were everything started to go sideways. As predicted there was someone standing right inside the door, he was taken care of as silently as possible. Bianca was right where her tracker said she was, she started crying when she saw Maritza even though Toro tried to get her to be quiet. The noise alerted those that Bianca had double crossed/failed and the shooting started. Toro pushed Emil and Bianca behind her and she was hit by phaser fire. Fortunately Emil had the foresight to set the craft to retrieve them should they need to get out of the situation quickly.

A blue light grabbed them and they vanished in a swirl and were back on the shuttle. Toro had been hit four or five times and her adrenaline was kicking in and as Emil took them out of the port, she turned on Bianca and started yelling at her in Italian “Che diavolo Bianca?!!!?Cosa stavi pensando?” (What the hell Bianca, What were you thinking?). Bianca just stared at her older sister who was bleeding and tried to explain what she had been doing, unfortunately Toro was not able to listen to her, Emil came back and told Bianca to just sit there and be quiet as he lowered Toro onto a bench and tried to stabilize her wounds. Bianca sat in the other seat and wept silently. Emil sent out a distress signal to the closest section 31 ship, the USS Hornet, who came and brought them aboard and began treating Maritza’s injuries. Bianca was placed in the Brig.

Emil gave a brief report to Admiral Horn before he went down to talk to Bianca. Horn wanted him to get as much information from her as possible before Toro was up and able to talk to her sister. Horn didn’t think that Toro would compromise the investigation but he also knew that dealing with family could do many things. Emil assured Horn that Toro wouldn’t be doing much for at least a week or two. She was seriously injured and the medical staff were not going to let her do much until she was mostly healed. Horn laughed “You know better than that EJ…Toro is going to do what she does best…her job…no matter how hurt she is.” Emil nodded “I’ll do my best sir. Maybe the sister will be more willing to talk to me than her sister.”

Emil was wrong, Bianca said she wouldn’t talk to anyone but Toro or the Admiral. She did say that she had information on some Romulan plans. As they arrived back at Section 31 headquarters, Toro was released from sickbay and she immediately went and escorted her sister to the Admiral’s office, she didn’t say a word to Bianca, even though Bianca tried to explain what she was thinking and doing, Toro just held up a hand “Non voglio parlarti adesso. Hai portato vergogna a mamma e papà, a tutta la famiglia. Hai messo a repentaglio il mio lavoro, la mia carriera e mi hai riportato in un posto in cui non avrei mai voluto tornare. Sei stato egoista.” (I don’t want to talk to you. You have brought shame to mom and dad. You jepordized my job, my career and my life.) Bianca hung her head as Toro delivered her to Admiral Horn “You’ll tell him everything. Hold nothing back, otherwise I will met out my own punishment to you.” She said holding her side as they walked. Emil walked behind them, he knew better than to interfer with Toro’s rant at her sister.

Three months, the scars were still fresh, the emotional toll had been dealt with or pushed aside. She had made it very clear to Admiral Horn that this was her last mission for a long time. She wanted a simple assignment back on the Olinski. She would use her contacts for her job duties there. She went home for a few days to see Nico and Bella and let them know that Bianca was safe, but she was going away for a long time. She had now become involved in Section 31 and she would be remaining at their headquarters where they could train her and keep an eye on her. Toro was in no way happy with this. Her anger with Bianca was deep and heated.

Now she stood before Captain Parker’s door, the prodigal child returning to her home and looking for understanding from the person she trusted probably most in her life, her Captain, the crew that she would give her life for. She definitely had lost weight and had a slightly haunted look in her eyes, but there was also a fire there, a fire to prove that she was still able to do her job and do it even better than before.


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The door slid open and the Captain called from inside.

“Enter Lt.” He called out.

She would find him behind his desk. Maybe a little more worn out than when she left. He had won a critical engagement with the Breen. Raising his already considerable reputation in SF. He had made sure that everyone had gotten their credit especially Ric and Kolar who had performed above the calling. NOw his wayward CIO was before him. He awaited her.

Parker CO

Toro stepped in “Captain, permission to come aboard.” She said and handed him her return orders. She took in the slightly worn look. She had heard about their recent encounter with the Breen and a huge part of her had wanted to be here, offering her expertise and information, but she had been sidelined by the intelligence doctors who wanted to give her more time to heal.

Toro now stood before the man she had lied to out of necessity. Was she looking for forgiveness? She didn’t really know, as she stood at ayrention and waited for either a welcome back or a dressing down, which was totally deserved.



“Have a seat Lt. Lets talk.” He said in his usual serious tone. However it would be hard to know if he was just being himself or was about to embark on a more serious conversation.

Parker CO

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