CIC, Current time line, calling the Squad ldrs

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Posted by Gamemaster Kenson Koh (Gamemaster) in CIC, Current time line, calling the Squad ldrs

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr) in CIC, Current time line, calling the Squad ldrs

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr) in CIC, Current time line, calling the Squad ldrs
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The ship rocked as the torpedos that made it through hit the ship. Sidney eased back down into his chair. He saw the Breen retreating into the distance and knew they would go to warp. However that last hit made sure they would not turn back to fight or even think about it in the near future. He looked over a Kolar.

=^=Damage reports to the XO station.=^= Kolar looked over at his panel… the bad news would roll in soon. =^=Causalities to medical=^=

=^=See what ships need the most help and lets get it to them. Recall all the fighters. Recall all fighters but the ones with some torpedo’s left and in good enough shape to do a perimeter control. See what we can do for the Tholians.=^=

He said all of this on all coms.

=^=We went through a lot of ordinance, Skipper. Everybody’s coming home but a skeleton squad patrolling the perimeter.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

Ric gave the order for everyone except those that still had torpedoes to remain alert and patrol the perimeter. He himself, had one torpedo left and wasn’t going to be much use with just that. Plus it would give him time to get started on his own reports while the battle was still fresh in his memory.

Ricochet (CAG)

Xandra heard the call and acknowledged. With the scattering of available fighters across the two squads, she sent the other squad leaders back and stayed to lead the perimeter patrol and assistance. With the last four fighters and herself, they made their way around the Olinski to be sure nothing was hiding and then headed for the Tholian ships as well. It wouldn’t do any of them any good if some Breen had remained behind and hidden in the debris that now littered the area around the ships.

She split the group in two and went wide with one other fighter as the other three continued a tighter patrol around the remaining ships. She and Ghost moved out to remain close enough to watch the trio, but far enough away to check a wide field for stragglers from either side.

Green Ldr


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IC: The Breen ships had stopped totally. Sensors showed that their weapons were powered down and even their sensors were neither actively nor passively scanning anything outside their ships.


Xandra made sure they circled the Breen ships and all got independent scans. Once it was all confirmed, she radioed the Oli. =^=Sehalt to Olinsky. Breen are dead in the water. No scans coming or going. All at full stop and holding. Awaiting orders.=^=

She kept the small group hovering and patrolling, but they were on the ball and would react if even one of the Breen ships flinched.


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