Meeting the XO---Again

Posted Jan. 19, 2022, 7:59 a.m. by Lieutenant Shirazi Thorne (Chief Medical Officer) (D Grisham)

Posted by Commander Balfor Kolar (Executive Officer) in Meeting the XO—Again

Posted by Lieutenant Shirazi Thorne (Chief Medical Officer) in Meeting the XO—Again

After leaving Sid’s office, Shirazi did as she’d said she would. She sought out the XO. He was sitting on the bridge in the big chair. She recognized Kolar from her last time on the Olinski. He’d been promoted since then. Walking up to where he sat, Thone paused and cleared her throat for his attention. “Excuse me, Sir, the Captain suggested I report to you. Shirazi Thorne, new CMO to the ship.”

Would he remember her?

—Thorne, CMO

“Comman…” Balfor paused, the instinct to call her by her former rank was strong. Failing that it seemed inappropriate to call her by the diminished current rank as it did not reflect the respect he held for her. Choosing an odd middle ground. “Shirazi,” He held his arms out. “I’d welcome a hug, if you don’t find it inappropriate.”


His welcome brought a smile to her face as she slipped into the embrace. “It’s really good to see you!” She said, squeezing him happily. When they parted, she took a moment to take him in, her eyes traveling over every inch of him. “Well, command suits you! How long have you been sitting in the big chair?” He looked a little older, but not much. As he’d always had an air of confidence about him, Shirazi didn’t notice a big difference there except that the confidence seemed more relaxed now.

Kolar smiled from the corners of his mouth to the corners of his eyes. “I don’t think where I sit is classically called the Big Chair, I would say the more accurate term is the chair next to the Big Chair.” He chuckled a little.

She looked from his uniform to hers and back again. The last time they’d seen each other, he’d been science and she’d been command. Now they wore each others colors as they’d traded professions—now SHE was medical and HE was command. Life was a funny old thing.

—Thorne, CMO

“It was a matter of necessity, you created a void that needed to be filled.” He paused, “Actually your replacement was quite competent and friendly. But back to back losses of an executive officer was bad. I don’t feel the ship could have sustained three in such a short period of time. So,” He looked at himself. “I decided the best person for the position was me. The Captain agreed.”

“Lets talk about you… I see you’ve returned… I’m sure there is a lot there to unpack.”


Not wanting to ‘unpack’ her personal business on the bridge, Shirazi continued to smile but had a better ideal. “I’d love to sit and catch up with you, but not here. Are you free for dinner? I’m still checking in and setting things up, so I can meet you at any time.” She hoped he would take her up on the offer. Coming back to the Olinski was difficult and to immediately have a friend that was willing to spend some time with her would make the transition easier.

—Thorne, CMO

“Well you know how busy my social calendar is.” Which if she remembered was devoid of activities, “but I’ll cancel a few things and move another around.” He smiled softly. “1700 hours?” Kolar was the only person who though 5pm was a good time for a social dinner. It might explain why he was socially inept despite is calm, tolerant and friendly nature.


Shirazi raised a white eyebrow. “1700? That might still feel like business hours. Why don’t we say 1900 and no uniforms allowed?” She knew Kolar needed a little nudge here and there in social situations, but that didn’t bother her a bit. She actually found his lack of knowledge about it quite endearing. “I’ll meet you in the lounge then and ply you with liquor and good food to loosen your tongue about what’s been happening on the Olinski while I’ve been gone.” Aware they were starting to get curious looks from the bridge crew, she nodded once and headed for the exit. “See you tonight.”

—Thorne, CMO

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