"All Pilots to the Ready Room!" - ((Attn all pilots... and anyone wanting to be/make one))

Posted March 1, 2022, 12:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Ael Khev (Pilot, Red Squad Leader) (Sage Pennington)

Posted by Lieutenant Ael Khev (Pilot, Red Squad Leader) in “All Pilots to the Ready Room!” - ((Attn all pilots… and anyone wanting to be/make one))

Posted by Commander Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Cmd Air Group (CAG)) in “All Pilots to the Ready Room!” - ((Attn all pilots… and anyone wanting to be/make one))

Posted by Lieutenant Ael Khev (Pilot, Red Squad Leader) in “All Pilots to the Ready Room!” - ((Attn all pilots))
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Xandra sat at her new desk in CIC and sighed. Having just gotten back from speaking to the XO, she now realized that things were changing. For better or worse, she wasn’t sure yet. First thing she had to do was notify her pilots that there had been a shift in upper personnel. She would also have to find a new Red Squadron Leader.

Sending the missive to every pilot and Squad Leader she had, she sat back and shook her head. “I know you needed to go, Ric… but I wish you had prepared me for the fact you were making me step into your shoes.” She sighed as she spoke out loud to the empty space of the office. While they hadn’t made any concrete plans for the future, she had begun thinking of them as engaged. It was a hard blow that he had just needed to go so badly he hadn’t said goodbye.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed that thought down and realized he was where he needed to be and she was as well. Might as well make the best of it.

She moved to the locker in the back of the office and pulled out her uniform slacks and tunic top. She had always kept a set here in case he wanted her to rub noses with the brass, something he didn’t like doing, himself. She shimmied out of the top of her jumper and slid the tunic on. Sliding out of the rest of the suit, she pulled the pants on and slid her feet back into the boots she had kicked off when she had come into the office. Pushing the loose strands of hair up into a twist to tuck back around the braid on her head, she moved to head into the Ready Room to await the rest of the pilots. She was curious how they would react to the new brass pips she was attaching to her collar as she moved into the room and went to the podium. She was sure no one else knew of Ric’s departure at this point… so this would be interesting indeed.

“Little Sehlat”

A few minutes after the message reached him, Ael walked into the ready room. His uniform, rather fittingly, looked like he’d just come from doing aircraft maintenance. “Afternoon Commander.” He said. He’d heard from the Captain before most of the squad that Xandra was getting a promotion, but they hadn’t really had a chance to talk. “Congratulations on moving up.”

-Ael “Apex” Khev

Xandra laughed. “It’s still Xandra unless the Old Man is around, Apex. And thanks. I’m guessing you saw him in the halls. No one else knows.” She leaned on her elbows on the podium and sighed. “I just hope I can do Ric and the Captain proud. I need to sit with you after this and get your debrief from the last skirmish. But then I’m gonna need you to help me set up the new Green Squad Leader and shift some positions around to cover the vacancies left from me stepping out, someone else stepping up, and Ric not flying with us anymore.”

Ael smiled. “Any candidates yet?”

((anyone else joining in is welcome, just post in here before the ‘start’ of the meeting))

It took about ten minutes for the rest of the pilots to file in and take their seats. Many were in hastily donned flight suits, having been off rotation at the call to muster. Others were in various stages. Some, like Apex, looked like they had just stepped off the hangar floor, and others were in their pristine uniforms from having been at other duties about the ship. “Thanks, everyone for coming. I called the meeting because, first… Ric has left us as CAG for a time. He needed to take care of a personal matter and the Captain has appointed me CAG in the meantime. I have no idea when he’s coming back, so please,” she laughed shaking her head knowing someone would, “don’t ask me when. For the time being, Apex will remain the head of Red Squad and will be helping me pick the new Green Squad leader. Anyone wishing to toss their helmet in the mix, lemme know. There will also be a small shuffle of folks as we fill in gaps.”

Glancing down at the monitor, she looked back up. “There will also be a private ceremony after the ship wide one, for those pilots lost to the Breen encounter and skirmishes afterwards. Uniforms are not to be worn. Ric made that clear his first memorial service and I will continue that tradition. We are ONE unit. And one of lost is a loss for us all, not just the Squad. Understood? And yes, Ric left his stash, so there will be true alcohol, not just synth, available. Please be responsible and aware if you are on duty or up for rotation, limit will be one. No point in getting complacent.”

She went over a few more points, gave kudos for those who went above and beyond during the last mission and set up the schedule for the sim trainings that needed doing that quarter. “And, I think that’s it. Anyone have anything for me? Don’t be shy!” She laughed. “I may be picky after this and have to go find the stupid Book I am supposed to go by.” She laughed once more and looked around the room.


“I think Ric used the book to prop up a wobbly desk leg.” Ael joked. He did have a serious question though. “D’you know if we’re getting any new pilots in to fill the empty seats?”



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