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The team beamed to the co-ordinates provided by the station. The DS4 Commander, Captain Samek, a Vulcan, was on hand to welcome them.

They were led to what looked like a small conference room. There refreshments were provided.

“Please be patient,” said Captain Samek. “Once we get Starfleet Command, we will proceed,”


The Captain nodded and smiled.

“Thank you Captain.” He answered.

“If I might be so forward Captain. Isn’t these stations usually managed by a Commander. Having a Captain stationed here seems to suggest a level of importance to this station or its location?”

Alexandra got a glass of water from the provided refreshments and mulled over the events of the day. A lot had happened in not much time. Though perhaps Command would have an additional piece of the puzzle.


Parker CO

Kolar nodded. Since the Captain hadn’t gotten any food or drink neither would he. He did look over at Alexandra who picked up a cup of water. It wasn’t a judgmental look it was just his eyes tracking the person doing the most movement in the room. He stood as comfortably and motionless as possible.


The connection to Starfleet HQ was made and the briefing was called to order. Admiral Indrian Xander (a betazoid) was on the screen.

=/\=From what we have gathered from the reports that the Olinski has given us, and the intel reports from other sources, we believe that the Xindi are involved in some form of subterfuge. The problem is that all scans show that the arthropod Xindi are involved but not the other races. Since two centuries ago, they have retreated to their part of space and have kept quite mum. We know that low level trading have been occurring between the Xindi and the Breen. Intel reports show that there have been nothing to be alarmed about. That is until four months ago. Trading activity has increased two fold and our intel has reported that the materials traded are not threatening to the Federation.=/\=

=/\=After the incident with the Breen and the Tholians, we went back to our intel sources and reports and found something interesting. It was not seen as significant at the time of receiving the intel, but the Breen-Tholian clash which the Olinksi had to deal with made us reassess the situation. Thefts of a very small scale had been occurring in the Breen Confederacy. These were usually random and infrequent. For four earth years, material had been missing in various parts of the confederacy: a small circuit board here, an energy storage unit there, and so on. Then, one report from six earth years ago, came to light that seem to throw light on the matter. There was a report of the breach of security in one of the military repair yards. Several Breen technicians were punished severely when a routine check showed that one terminal was not logged off after access to sensitive data was made. It seemed that the technicians were in the habit of keeping the files on hand for their whole shift whilst doing maintenance. One would log in to have access to all data and would leave the access on until they ended their shift. This was for convenience as the protocol was to log off the data once each repair job was done. It was more convenient to open up everything and then do all the jobs without calling up and logging off for each small job. What if the schematics for the Breen ships that were captured were made from this lapse in security? The ship that was captured by the Olinski had no official registry record. The actual structure of the ship was not completely Breen. The Xindi could have been tapping on data from this crew of technicians for some time.=/\=


” With respect Admiral that does not tell us anything more about what the Xindi are up to.” The Captain said. “We know the Xindi basically faked to be the Breen and had either stolen or duplicate ships. How they pilfered it is just a strategy to that end. We know they attacked the Tholians. Now maybe we can say they attacked the Tholians to steal and duplicate their ships but if they were patient enough to slowly steal the Breen tech why not replicate that process with the Tholians. I know how hard that would be but still its possible. All I’m getting from this new intel is more questions. IS there a civil war brewing inside the Xindi? Are they looking to build ships for an attack fleet? I mean nothing so far is indicating what the goal of this all is?”

Parker CO

“That objective is impractical, the Xindi can create effective warships without stealing technology or designs. Web spinners and power drainers don’t have the broad unreplaceable advantages of say ‘cloaking devices’ so why. Ipsofacto the gain has to be multiples of the value of the ship. They lost the ship x1, they lost the crew x2, the theft of the tech x3, and the difficulty of building a ship that isn’t your own x4. So even if its a 50/50 bet, the value of the objective must be at least 8 time that of the ship. What would that be? A star-base, a whole planet?”


“The value could be something non-material. At least in the immediate. The web spinner could very well be valuable, but with an action this brazen, perhaps equally valuable is getting caught doing it. Or at least the Breen getting caught doing it.” Alexandra offered.


=/\=Those are the points that Starfleet had considered. After much discussion and relooking at the politics, we believe that it is one or both of two possibilities. First, that after such a long time after retreating back to their own space, the Xindi are thinking of expansion again. The Breen-Tholian incident is meant to destabilise the two powers by causing them to go to war. They do not expect either power to seek help from the Federation, as they are quite egoistical. The Xindi also know that the Federation would not risk going to war when it is not to their advantage to take sides. When the two powers are weakened enough after all the strife, the Xindi will move in to conquer the Breen confederacy first. New Xindus and its surrounding systems may have been depleted by this time and the Xindi need more resources to maintain the balance of power in their remaining races. The second possibility is that there is strife among the races and one, namely the Arthropod race, wants to gain the advantage by using the same method to gain access to the Breen.=/\=


“That is optimistic, both in conquoring the Breen and not getting found out and getting squashed by a miliatry alliance of the Breen and Tholian’s seeking reparations against the Xindi. Likewise, there is no reason to believe that the Federation will do anything to support the Xindi either… in fact, less of a reason for the Tholians at the very least.” The Tholians were xenophobic, hostile, but never has been a significant belligerent for the Federation, unlike the Xindi who killed 8 million Terrians and the Breen who lanched an attack during the Dominion war.


“I am left with the belief its more probable something internal but its still just a guess. What are your instructions?” The Captain asked.

Parker CO

Kolar had his suspicions. ‘They don’t call the Olinski when they are looking for a spy.”


Alexandra nodded. “The spies have already come and gone by the time they call us.”


The Captain nodded his head but said nothing. He knew they were right. The Olinski was not the ship you called to sneak around in enemy territory. Plus spies uses were before you started the campaign and not after. No something was not right with the scenario but it was hard to say with the limited, even now, information they had to work off of.

Parker CO

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=/\= We need you to get as close as you can to the the Xindi alliance to monitor activity. The Federation has not approached the Xindis since the return of the original enterprise in the 22nd century. =/\=


“Oh I guess we are spying.” Kolar started. “Or is this some show of force… pseudo-Freedom of navigation exercise?” Where they sent a warship into a contested area to prove that it was free for any race to use. A warship that could defend itself and was too valuable for the enemy to just capture or destroy - but wasn’t significant enough to be a strategic threat by itself.


Admiral Indrian Xander had to give a small smile. =/\=The correct term to use is reconnaissance, Commander. I suppose the Xindi can say that we are spying on them. However, it would be difficult to say that we are going to sneak in. We will not be cloaked when entering into their space. The various protocols would be needed. However, I believe that we would not need to enter into their territory to monitor activities.=/\=


=^=Well Admiral I see it as you both say it. Freedom of navigation exercise while conducting recon. Orders understood and in a few hours we will be on our way. Parker out.=^=

He then turned to his bridge staff.

“COS lets be ready for anything. From us being boarded to us boarding a ship or planetary facility. These things can escalate quickly. Also weapons check. If we do encounter an attack I want a short and successful battle.” He said to his Security Chief.

“Engines need to be ready to go with all systems green. If by chance we need to get out of a place quickly I want to be able to. Reinforce critical systems for battle damage if necessary.”

“Intel I want to know what the Xindi will do before they do. Research the possibility this is a rogue faction. If we can play them against each other even better.”

“Medical and CNS get ready for casualties. Also I want in their heads. Especially the Anthropods species. What makes them tick, inside their head and what weaknesses we exploit biologically with them.”

“Science I don’t need to tell you that we need to know everything that is happening around us with sensors, what tech we might face going forward and what out of the box idea we can use to our advantage.”

“XO lets make this a successful mission. With us so close they won’t being to hide what they are doing so well. I want to know what that is.”

The Captain left out the Air Wing but would let them know himself.

Parker CO

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