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The briefing at DS 4 was, well, brief, but it was also unsatisfying. As far as Kolar was concerned Star-Fleet told the Olinski they suspected where they were going was an unreported minefield… so fly in it for a while and report if you encounter any mines.

“Helm, prepare to depart DS-4, Navigation. We are doing a patrol near Xindi space, give me a quick course in, then a patrol covering the sector, not stay on a single course for more than 3 hours.” He didn’t want anyone to be able to plan an ambush.

Kolar XO

OOC: Ok lets use this as the new Bridge thread and current timeline.


As was often the case the XO did not need to be told to make the plan. The Captain was now accustomed to his XO rightfully taking his orders and turning them into operational ones. He sat in his chair.

“Lt Drake what are we up against if the Anthropods end up being the ones behind this? What makes them different than other Xindi and what hurts them more.” He asked.

“CNS. Whats the crew mood? We just had a pretty tough battle and now we are entering back into the wolfs lair again. Anything I need to do?” He asked.

Parker CO

Kolar frowned and shrugged, a veritable temper tantrum from him. He knew his mood, didn’t need the counselor to tell him what he’s about.

“Well captain. As a suggestion. The crew may seem a little uneasy from the battle we were in and now that we are entering back into the wolfs lair, try to negotiate like a diplomat would. Negotiate terms of agreement and allow safe passage through their space. If they ask why, tell them that we were sent here under direct orders.” He gave a suggestion to the captain.

“Ok noted Counselor. However what of our crew. Are they ready for another battle if needed? Are there anxieties that need to be addressed? Do I need to do a ship wide announcement to calm worries? Your input please.” The Captain asked.

Parker CO

“I’m not so sure about anxieties, but although you should do a shipping announcement to calm worries. If needed they can come to my office and talk to me if need be. But for another bottle. I’d say that they are.” Ashe gave her his input.


“Noted.” He answered.

“Coms go shipwide.” He ordered.

=^=Crew this is your Captain. We have just went through a tough battle and as you always have emerged victorious in defense of the Federation and her people as well as your fellow SF brothers in arms. Starfleet does not seek conflict but when it has to defend not only ourselves but other species it has at its disposal the Olinski. We lost good people in the last battle. Friends. Now we are being asked to once again go into dangers way in order to understand what is happening before there is another incident. It is my sincere hope we do not have to engage the Xindi or any other species in combat. It is my sincere hope we can resolve this confusion with diplomacy. However if called upon to defend ourselves we will and I know with this crew we will once again emerge. Stand fast and stand strong. Captain out.=^=

He looked over at Kolar as if to say did that work?

Parker CO

He stood there wondering what other information that should be given to the captain. He stood there if it was a good idea if he should speak up.


“Better than I could have done.” Kolar was positively laconic, so his speech would have been two sentences long.


Alexandra spent a few minutes looking up the tactical info the XO had requested. She had some guesses from history classes, but it was best to verify before making anything official.


The atmosphere around the ship was generally positive. Many felt encouraged and motivated to move to the new mission.


Gibbs was looking at the captain thinking what he should do next. Being on the bridge was something that he never thought of doing but he is happy to be there when he’s needed.


OOC: CNS please take the prompted information offered to you by the GM and use it as an answer to the CO. Thank you.

IC: The Captain felt like his crew was ready. He knew if it came to it they would respond. He had lost all those around him over the years that had made the ship a success. So few remained like Kolar. The next closest in ship seniority was the COS. This more than anything gave him doubt. His senior team was all but gone now.

Parker CO

“Captain.” He smiled. “It looks like everyone is willing to go ahead and do this. Although I must advise caution. We might know what is in there just in case sir.”

Kolar turned to the captain, “Warp 7,” He doubted that the Captain would ask for more.

“Aye XO. Make it so.” He answered.

“Helm match generated course. Engage at warp 7><


A course was generated and the ship went off.

When it reached the destination, the tactical station did the usual scans for the immediate region, and it returned empty. For half a light year radius, there was nothing at all on the scans …


The counselor was thinking to himself and then asked that captain “Sir. I suggest we do a full 10 meter radius and figure out where they are.” He said.


OOC: Is the CNS telepathic or an empath like Troi?


OOC: If both seems right then both why?


OOC: It needs to be in your profile that you are from a species that has these abilities or start a thread with the help of the GM if you want to explore emerging talents but we cannot just suddenly say you have them.

Parker SO

OOC: I’ll add it in right now.


The counselor could sense vague feelings of fear from outside the ship. There were muted thoughts but the sensors showed absolutely nothing …


He then stood there a bit frozen up in place having the feelings of fear from outside the ship but then looked at the captain. “Captain request permission to talk to her in private?” He asked the captain to do so.


Kolar looked over the scanners, a science officer of some renown in his previous duties he could read scans and make inferences faster than most. “Start our random course pattern.” He reviewed the projected course and speeds that were randomly generated.

“Course looks good,” he glanced back at the Captain. “Are we a go Captain?” He doubted the Captain would make any changes. There was no reason to do so.


Alexandra monitored the sensors, in case anything came up as they patrolled.


“Make it so XO.” The Captain replied.

He knew Kolar knew better than most how to conduct a search. He had been and still was one of the best science officers in the Fleet. The Captain then looked over to the CNS.

“Speak to whom Counselor?” He asked.

Parker CO

“Captain. I can tell that the crew is a little scared and afraid. But they can do this. Although if need be, before going in with your permission sir, to do a check in with them.” He said.


“Lt. Drake are the Xindi apt to do a surprise attack and if they do what kind? What could they do to a starship with shields up?’ Parker wanted to know if they did get hit unaware could they take that hit and hit back stronger.

Parker CO

Kolar tilted his head. “Not much as long as we don’t walk into something. The Xindi only have a few warships that are the equal of the Olinski and then even fewer that can slug it with us and catch us at the same time. So at best they can mount a weak running ambush,” He shook his head, “that is something I am less concerned about. Getting suckered into a system and having their pieces in place. That’s the real danger.”


“Good analysis XO. We are basically giving them home field advantage.” The Captain acknowledged.

“If we go where they know we are going. Hence the random search pattern.” The Captain knew all of this, he was just being certain everyone on the bridge knew it as well.

“Thank you Counselor. I might suggest just showing up in departments. Getting the pulse of the crew and giving in the field counseling for those who need that and identify anyone for a more detailed follow up.” He said to the CNS.

“Yes captain. Of course. If you need me I’ll be in my office. Unless if there is something you do need for me.” He said to the captain.

“Ops officer.......” He started but realized he did not know the young man at that station.

” Ensign Dallas Sir. Corbin Dallas.” The Ensign answered.

“Dallas prepare a plan for the ship rotation with the XO that is combat oriented. I don’t to be caught on a regular rotation with any operation gaps. Also begin a coordinated systems check with all departments.” He ordered the new ensign.

“Aye Sir.” The Ensign said.

The man looked young but exuded confidence. A young version of himself? He wondered.

OOC: Luke I am about to write another character in for this guy and role play him. Can you give me a little reason why you selected a young ensign for that role. Since it would be the XO who would do that. No one else available? Extremely good academy performance, previous ship assignment with an exceptional act of bravery? What ever you want to make up. Thanks.

IC: “Kolar why is that Ensign the Ops officer? No Lt’s to take that role?” He asked his XO between them two.

Parker CO

“Dallas has high scores, and I want the first bridge crew to have shorter shifts so that they are well rested if we have to call battestations suddenly. So there was an extra half shift I needed to fill.” He looked about and lowered his voice, “Until something interesting happens we are just cruising on high alert. Its like driving in the rain, you need to pay more attention but no more dangerous then normal if you are not doing something stupid. A perfect opportunity for a junior officer to get some experience.” He looked seriously at Ensign Dallas. “I am certain that Ensign Dallas isn’t stupid.”



“No Sir. Not according to my mother.” Dallas replied while continuing to work.

End Dallas. OPS

OOC: My apologies for the lack of posting. RL had been getting busier after the middle of the year.

IC: There were muted thoughts ‘out there’ although their shipboard sensors showed ‘absolutely nothing’ in front of the ship. The sensors were able to pick up very sparse occurrences of radiation and small bits of frozen matter to the port, starboard and aft of the ship …


“Sir. With all due respect before I go captain, I can sense that there is a presence out there. Unlike the sensors can detect them but with me being able to sense the minds of others and what not I’m able to tell that they are out there.” He said.


OOC: ok. For the record I don’t prefer that you suddenly have telepathy or empathetic abilities that you did not have before or list in your bio. It’s not a good practice to adjust your character basic characteristics in order to better fit the sim. However I know it’s in good intention so I will go with it

“ Ok Counselor. Remain here on the Bridge. Is just a sense or are you receiving some kind of information? Kolar anything on the sensors?” He asked both men.

He knew Kolar was no longer the CSO but he wanted the best person he knew to check and that was Kolar.

“Anything you know about a Xindi ambush technique CIO?” He asked the new Intel Chief.

Parker CO


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