CIO to the Captains Ready Room

Posted Aug. 11, 2022, 1:40 p.m. by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) (Sidney Parker)

The captain was not happy about this assignment. However he had looked over a lot of files and kept coming back to this one. She was rough. Not the polished but dangerous intel type. Just the dangerous type. However she has a very strong right and wrong compas if he was reading the file well enough with all the redactions. A quality that was usually missing in intel. Now her view of how to let out punishment for those doing wrong was decidedly not the normal one. Psychopathic was a possible definition.

However she got things done and had the intel others could not get. Exactly what he needed for this Xindi mission. He was not sure if he would keep her on but he needed her now. Toro had left and being honest never developed into the CIO he needed. It was time to go outside the box.

He had summoned her to his Ready Room and now awaited her arrival. If she had read his jacket and done any research into him she would know he was usually by the book but willing to throw it out if necessary. He did not tolerate insubordination nor laziness. Doing great work was expected and loyalty demanded and earned.

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