Side sim: chief intelligence officer comes aboard – pop in if you’d like

Posted Aug. 11, 2022, 1:59 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexandra Drake (Chief of Security) (Sage Pennington)

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Saren 4

Saren 4 was a typical world on the fringes of federation space. A planet of corruption, violence and crime. Its streets where filthy and its bars seedy but within this planet lay a wealth of opportunists for those who were willing to get they hands dirty.

It was here that Lieutenant Carrington of star fleet intelligence found himself. Looking for someone. Someone he needed to give a mission too. It was his own fault letting her off the leash after she had completed her last mission on the planet. He should have realise she’d stay for a while, the planet was her type of place.

He wondered the streets for while looking in very bar on his way until he finally found her. She had picked the roughest looking bar and as he entered he saw her. Sitting the back corner of the room, her feet resting on top of a table and a glass of something in her hand. Carrington grabbed himself a drink at the bar and headed towards her. As soon as she saw him her cold eyes tracked his movements until he reached her. She looked at him and gestured to the seat next to her.

“I figured I’d find you in a bar.” Carrington said as he sat down

“Yeah. How manly bars did you drop into before this one?” Rebecca asked coldly “It doesn’t matter what are you doing here?” she asked

“Our mutual employer hasn’t heard form you in a while. We have a new job for you” he replied simply. Rebecca wasn’t the easiest person to like but no one could deny her skill

“I’ve been busy solving our employers issues” She aid gesturing to two ferengi at the bar one was sitting on a stool the other was standing. “The one sitting. Has been stealing form the federation and selling the stuff to a local crime boss. While at the same time he has been stealing from the crime boss and selling the stuff to the federation.” she said pausing for moment as two people walked in one was a Gorn and the Other an orion “Our employer is to prissy to do anything about the issues so I went to someone who would. I offered to bring the pair in myself but the crime boss wanted to handle it themselves” she added shrugging her shoulders, making he pistol in her holster jangle slightly

As she spoke the Orion and the Gorn closed in on the pair of ferengi and after a very short fuss they carried them off.

“What will happen to them?” Carrington asked

Again Rebecca shrugged “Probably something horrible that will eventually lead to a very painful death.” she said with no emotion what so ever in her voice “Now you had a job for me. Lets get out of here and we can discuss it” she added as Carrington got up and they left.


Federation shuttle:

Rebecca sat in the back of shuttle going over the padd in her hand. At first she had thought it was a joke, but no star fleet had really stationed her to a ship. Either the captain was on the top of someone’s list or the ship was in a lot of trouble. Either way it had shocked her she wasn’t a ship type she was a field agent she had been that for the last elven years. Already Rebbeca was fidgeting in her uniform, she didn’t wear one much and to her it just limited what she could do. Sighing she cursed under her breath and continued to read the crew files.

A few minuets later the pilot informed her that they had been clear to dock. Grabbing her bags she waited for the shuttle to land and headed for her quarters. She had a lot to set up before she met her new CO and whoever else she had to. She just had to find her quarters first.

Lieut Lane (CIO)

Alexandra hadn’t known the previous Intel Officer terribly well. Their departments worked too closely together to let that happen again, so she decided to play welcoming committee to Lt Lane.

“Lieutenant, welcome to the USS Brian A. Olinski. I’m security chief Alexandra Drake.” She extended her and the warmest smile a security officer could offer a stranger.


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