Pre-Sim: CAG Check-in with the CO

Posted Aug. 11, 2022, 9:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins (Commander Air Group (CAG)) (Jerome Davis)

The Olinski’s new CAG had just finished settling into his quarters when he headed up to Deck 2 to handle one of the more important duties for his new Command… checking in with the ‘Boss’. It was a rather long ride to Deck 2 and for about two minutes of it, Malcolm had been joined by two cute junior Science officers… a redhead JG named Jenny and a brunette Ensign named Ashley. As was the norm, they asked about what he was doing on the Olinski and when he informed them he was a fighter pilot in charge of all the ship’s fighters & bombers they both giggled excitedly and asked where the flyboys liked to hangout. Mal had assured them they’d likely ‘invade’ the Observation Lounge on the regular basis, to which both women became almost giddy. Dawkins breathed a sigh of relief that the two got off the turbolift before the inevitable question for his number came up. Both had blushed and promised to “See him around” before scooting off on Deck 15.

Moments later, the lift doors hissed open admitting Lt. Colonel Malcolm Dawkins, SFMC, to the corridor outside the Captain’s Office. The Marine walked smartly to the door and rang the chime.

LTC Dawkins, CAG

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