CAG's Office - First Day on the Job (Tag Carnegie)

Posted Aug. 11, 2022, 10:27 p.m. by Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins (Commander Air Group (CAG)) (Jerome Davis)

The next morning, Malcolm found himself in a position he was fairly used to since becoming involved with Ellie, waking exhausted in a wrecked bed… with an auburn-haired cutie snuggled to his side. In the dark of his quarters, a soft chirp from his bedside chrono woke the Aviator. Groaning, Mal kissed the top of Ellie’s head. “Hey… Ellie, babe… it’s time to get up. I think we both nearly overslept.”

Sliding off the bed, Mal stumbled in the dark toward the sonic shower playfully calling over his shoulder. “The damn thing’s big enough for two if ya wanna join me…” He snickered. “… but you gotta promise to behave yourself, or else we’ll both be late to our first day.” With that he slipped into the bathroom.

Malcolm had been in his office about ten minutes, reviewing a few emails before CAW-14’s Daily Briefing when a Personnel Action Notification caught his eye.

LTC Malcolm Dawkins, SFMC
Commander, Air Group (CAW-14)

Force Command HQ
San Francisco, Earth

Personnel Action Notification - Promotion & Assignment

This is to inform you that, effective immediately, Captain Eleanor Margaret Carnegie (Serial Number 4951620-3175) is hereby promoted to the rank of Major with all the rights & privileges there and to. Additionally, Major Carnegie’s Reconnaissance Flight will be merged into a new Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, SRS-81, with the new unit retaining all unit commendations and the moniker “The Sentinels”. Major Carnegie will be the 81st SRS’s first Squadron Commander. Please inform Major Carnegie at the soonest possible convenience to the Corps.

FORCOM Personel Services Command

With a large smile, Malcolm tapped the stud on his desk. =A= CAG to Carnegie… stop by my office when you get a chance. CAG Clear =A=

Dawkins, CAG

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