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Posted Aug. 16, 2022, 12:47 a.m. by Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins (Commander Air Group (CAG)) (Jerome Davis)

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He then sent the Flash Message to the CIC.

-^- OPS to CIC. CO orders birds on the deck with pilots on the ready for CQB. -^-

Dallas. Ops.

The young brunette who was on Standby Duty in CIC tapped the Comm Key on her console… the one the CAG would be at in around 90 seconds. =A= CIC here…=A= Came the crisp contralto of Petty Officer First Class Silvia Coimbra back from OPS’ request. =A=… moving Wing status to Alert One. CIC Clear=A=

With that, Silvia took a single breath… raised the plastic cover over the Alert Status Indicator switch… turned it all the way to Alert One, then smashed her thumb down on the ASI Update button. Instantly, the dormant panels throughout the Olinski’s CIC glowed to life and the ASI bars along the top of the hangar and the Main Bay switched from white to a brilliant cobalt blue. Then, following a single Alert tone, the mic in Coimbra’s console went live and her voice was carried to every pilot & aircrew on the massive ship, while also echoing through the Bay.

=A= Alert One… Alert One…=A= Silvia began with practiced precision. =A=… I repeat… Alert One… Alert One… Ready Squadrons to your craft… the clock is running=A= With that, Silvia moved from the Watchstander’s position and to her regular CIC Station as the first off the CIC Command Staff, Tactical Action Officer Lieutenant Abigail Johnson came through the door at a run… sliding across the floor to her seat and bringing up her Holotank as she asked breathlessly “Jesus Christ CB! Think ya coulda give a girl a little warning?!” Coimbra sighed as she monitored the Ready Board, already showing a half dozen Greens and another coming every few seconds. “So sorry Abby… Bridge caught me off guard and the last thing I want is for the Old Man to think…” There was a hiss behind her and Lt. Colonel Malcolm Dawkins stepped through with a soft smile, asking the PO “And what am I not supposed to be thinking PO?” The young woman looked like she was about to swallow her tongue. After a moment, Dawkins chuckled and asked. “Let me guess… you didn’t want the Old Man thinking you were sitting around on your ass?” His tone was bright and the blushing Launch Boss nodded nervously. “Something like that… Sir.”

Walking over, Dawkins gave the PO a pat on the shoulder and a warmer smile. “I think ya did just fine Miss…?” Silvia blushed brighter. “Aero Officer First Class Silvia Coimbra… Sir.” Dawkins chuckled once more, patting Silvia’s shoulder and walking back to his station as Air Controller Officer, Lieutenant Commander Antonio Cortez came through the door at a much more relaxed pace than the TAO. Holding a steaming cup of tea in his right hand and a PaDD in his left. “Mornin’ Boss…” Cortez said, sounding more bored than excited. Dawkins just shook his head, a soft snort escaping him. “Toni… do you ever get in a hurry?” As Cortez docked his PaDD and the last of the status lights began to glow green on his display and the main wall, the man simply shrugged. “Honestly Astro… not really.” He motioned over the edge of the window as the last Tempie glided into place. “… with these boys & girls… I haven’t a worry in the world.” As the last green light glowed, Cortez tapped the button on his console that stopped the timer. “Two minutes, fifty-seven seconds… not to bad at all. Here I thought they’d try showing off for your Colonel… come back with one of those ridiculous sub-2:30 times.” Dawkins rolled his eyes and walked to his console as the rest of his team arrived. He opened a channel to Bridge and proudly reported. =A=CIC to Bridge, this is the CAG… got 24 Tempies on deck and ready to go… another dozen and a couple Recons ready to roll when the dance floor’s clear. CAG out =A=

Dawkins, CAG

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