An Evening Date

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Posted by Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm “Astro” Dawkins (Commander Air Group (CAG)) in An Evening Date

Posted by Major Eleanor “Iron Lady” Carnegie (Pilot, Blue Squadron Leader) in An Evening Date
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Eleanor hadn’t felt this nervous in a long time. It was ridiculous! She had known the man for over three years and they were set to get married at some point! Why did she feel this nervous?

After her and Malcolm made their separate ways, Eleanor had gotten to her quarters, stripped off her flight suit, taken a five minute sonic shower, and put on her snuggest pair of jeans, some light shoes, and one of her many Steelers shirts. It had been a while since they had been on the same starship together, and much like their first proper date, Eleanor expected Malcolm to come in wearing something that would make her feel under dressed. Three years down the line from that first date though, the biggest difference was that, at this point, she didn’t care. They were going to Frankie’s not to the Terrace Room. And even if they did, it was on the ship’s holodeck, so no one would really know.

Standing by her quarter’s main door, Eleanor looked at her wrist chronometer. Twenty-nine minutes had gone by since they had left their separate ways, and Eleanor knew that Malcolm would be knocking at her door at exactly thirty minutes past – he was obnoxious like that. And if he wasn’t, she would have a lot to joke about him being late.


Malcolm loved any time he could just go and be himself with the woman he loved. He picked out a comfortable number… a pair of Converse, a pair of khaki cargo shorts, and his favorite Astros baseball jersey. Then, for the sole purpose of being a complete jackass… replicated and donned a Cleveland Browns home jersey. Snickering non-stop to Ellie’s room, Mal hit the chime precisely 5 seconds before he said he’d arrive. He hoped he wouldn’t need a phaser… cause he left it in his quarters.


Eleanor waited, looking expectantly at her chronometer… until the chime sounded with five seconds to spare. Not bad. Eleanor thought. With a grin, she manually slid the door open, opening her mouth to welcome the man she loved. Only to find Malcolm proudly sporting the brown and orange of the Cleveland Browns.

The door hadn’t even fully opened by the time it had closed again. Leaning against the inside of her door, Eleanor let out a silent laugh so Malcolm wouldn’t hear it. Pressing her commbadge, she spoke to the man standing outside of her room.

=/\= Carnegie to Dawkins. That’s absolutely perfect! =/\= The tone was exaggeratedly cheerful. =/\= Just say the word and I’ll call Chuck to meet you! I am so excited for you guys! Promise you’ll tell me all the sordid details of your date tomorrow! =/\=


Dawkins burst out laughing as the call came through. =A= Just had to see if you’d let the door open all the way before you slammed it in ma’ face. Thanks Carnegie… ya made me lose a bet with my damn self!? Now… please open up. It’s already off. You can stomp on it, set it on fire, or whatever the hell y’all’ins do with Browns gear.=A= Mal quickly slipped the football jersey off and let it hang from one hand. Leaning by the door, he said just loud enough for Ellie to hear. “Faster ya let me in, the faster we can eat and the faster I can peel that cute little Steelers number off ya Babe.” He smirked as he waited.


It didn’t take long for the door to slide open again, a smirking Eleanor leaning against the frame on the other side.

“You know what?” She said, dramatically motioning away from the Browns jersey as if it was something incredibly disgusting. “I think I’ll make you wear it tonight.” The smirk turned into a mocking grin. “You know Frankie’s is my program, and everyone programmed in it, from the waiting staff to the holo-customers…” Eleanor gave Malcolm a sleazy smile and moved her face next to his, whispering in his ear. “… are all from Pittsburgh and behave like it. And I mean all of them.”

She moved back away from the Marine, her smirk settling back on her face. “I think watching ‘y’all’ins’…” Eleanor added air quotes. “… having to take whatever that Browns obscenity throws your way will be much more entertaining.”


It was Mal’s turn to smirk. “Not a chance Carnegie…” He snorted. “… I remember all the s*** your brothers gave me last Christmas just for being a ‘Stros fan. I haven’t the desire nor inclination to test the safety protocols on the Holodeck.” Dawkins smiled warmly this time and shook his head. “Not this time my love… long day and I just need time with my girl. Deal?” He raised an eyebrow with the question. “I want to spend the evening relaxing with the universe’s best girl…” Malcolm then smirked mischievously. “… then spend the night reminding her how truly awesome she is.” His eyes sparkled playfully as he smiled a loving smile to match her own. “How about it Babe?”


His smile. His smile was always irresistible.

“Jagoff.” Eleanor muttered playfully as she snatched the Brown’s jersey from Malcolm’s hand. Leaving the door open this time, she headed back into her quarters and threw it unceremoniously into the replicator to be recycled. “There, better.” Carnegie said, dusting her hands as she finally walked out of the door and closed it behind her. “Besides, you look much better in white than you do in brown. Although… black and gold would fit you much better.” Eleanor gave Mal a playful wink.

“Not a chance!” Dawkins laughed then smirked playfully. “I assure you… you look far better in black & gold than I do.” There was a brief blaze behind his eyes as he took in the way the t-shirt hugged Ellie’s form before shaking his head slightly and smiling. You can have her anytime Mal… behave yourself He thought.

Reaching for the Marine’s hand, Eleanor started walking in the direction of the holodeck. “Ah, I missed this. We need to do this more often. Just the two of us…” She leaned slightly against him. “I’m sorry we end up spending so much time with the guys in the lounge… it’s been a while since we were both on the same ship and it became routine while you were gone…”


Mal gently lifted Ellie’s hand to his lips, kissing the back before returning it to his side. “Well… let’s not make a damn habit of it, ok?” He smiled down at his fiancée, a loving glow in his eyes. “December wasn’t enough time Baby…” He squeezed her hand. “… and the last six months sucked.”


“A bit too late for that, don’t you think?” Eleanor said with a smirk. “It’s become me and the guys’ routine ever since we left the Chimera two years ago… it’s just nice to decompress after work, and I would really like it to keep doing it that way… and that you’d join us too. Although, knowing you, I don’t think that will be an issue.” She winked. “Just trying to find a new schedule for this new assignment is all. You know, some of us actually had to work while you, Mr. Dawkins, spent the sad excuse for vacations you called a job watching baseball.” Her smirk became more pronounced. “But I think I can make sure we have time for just the two of us in it too.” Carnegie said with a smile.

“Promises, promises Major…” Dawkins said with a smirk, his hand playfully swatting Ellie’s butt as they walked down to the Lift. “… and I worked very hard in Houston, thank you very much!” He cleared his throat with a wink. “No matter what my mom & sister told you!”

With her quarters on deck 35, Eleanor had chosen to book time on Holodeck 3 on deck 21 rather than on the upper holodecks on deck 14. It was still a somewhat long climb, but at least not as long, and the turbolift ride was quite uneventful. With the evening free, it was prime time for alpha shift personnel to take some time off, and on a ship like the Olinski, that involved a lot of time spent on the turbolift. There was the junior officers’ couple that joined them, clearly early on their relationship, tearing each other’s clothes apart with their eyes; there was the lone medical lieutenant that was frantically reading from a PaDD, and didn’t even notice there were more people in the turbolift; and finally there were the young engineering ensigns that giggled when their eyes met Malcolm’s and that stopped staring once they spotted Eleanor’s gaze on them.

Malcolm smiled back at the two Ensigns, giving a wink before moving along side Ellie… his arm snaking behind her. Both girls looked dejected and pouted as they turned to face the front of the lift. Nodding to the two practically making out in on the other side of the Lift, Mal whispered. “Please tell me we were never that bad?!”

When the doors swooshed open in deck 21, Eleanor was more than ready for some time well spent at her favorite bar back home. Almost dragging Malcolm behind her as she walked in large strides to Holodeck 3, she took some time to set the program.

“Alright, here we are. Ready for some nice comfort food? Because I sure hell am!” And with a smile, Eleanor opened the doors to the Holodeck.

“Ellie… Babe…” Malcolm started with a laugh. “… I’m from Houston! Since when is that ever a valid question for a Houstonian!?” The Marine chuckled, following her in.

Malcolm would be familiar with the place. In fact, he would be familiar with the original, as Eleanor had taken him there a few times. From the worn out tables and the torn vinyl seats, to the shriveled man behind the counter that seemed to have already been there when the small joint was first founded.

“My God Ellie! It even smells the same!” He exclaimed. “Well done babe!!” Malcolm walked through all the way to the back, stepping through a small door then coming straight back. “Alright now! Did the boys help you with this?! Cause the men’s room is spot on!”

Frankie’s Pizza had been a constant in Eleanor’s life for as long as she could remember. Her brothers had taken her there whenever they got stuck babysitting her, and later they would go there whenever they were out and about. Eventually, Eleanor had started going by herself or whenever she had friends visiting, and the place had been associated with happy memories and home. To this day, it was still the first place Carnegie went to when she flew back to Earth, sometimes even going there before she went anywhere else. The truth was, no matter how old and dingy the place looked, the pizza was one of the best in town.

Tonight was no different, and as Eleanor crossed through the holodeck doors and moved through to her usual table, a smile settled on her face.

“God, I needed this.” The Marine pilot sighed with content as she pulled up a chair and sat down. Her eyes finding Malcolm’s before searching for the one screen on the wall where the black and gold of her beloved Steelers was on. “Losing against Cincinnati. Embarrassing. See, you jinxed it!” But there was a smile on Eleanor’s lips. “Thank you for always coming here with me. Even if the replicated calzones are no match for the original.”


“I…” Malcolm smiled as he leaned down and kissed Ellie before sitting next to her. “… am not a jinx! Thank you very much!” Mal bowed his chest. “I… my love… am the much desired prize! And I’m alllll yours!”


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