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The Captain glanced at the CNS. A little green on a combat vessel but he was doing the right thing. Some people felt the need to fill a void but sometimes listening was the best way to do that. Assess the situation based on the mood, whats being said, the intanglibles and then speak.

Parker CO

“Captain we can put out a tachyon wave, it will act almost like an active sonar ping in the water. The problem is that whatever is out there will know we know that something is afoot and might make them spring their trap before we are ready,”


“Thank you XO.” He said referring to the launch of the fighters.

“Tachyon?” He pondered. “Lets give it a try.”

He looked over at the new CSO and the Ops officer. “Make it so.”

Parker CO

Corbin knew this meant he needed to send the order to Engineering as well.

He sent the order so that when Science reconfigured the Deflector dish for the tachyon blast Engineering could take the appropriate measures.

Dallas (Ops)

The tachyon wave put out showed that there were two vessels cloaked. When the wave hit them, they started to retreat in the direction of New Xindus.


OOC: I see that the fighters are ready. Are we sending them out?


OOC: The idea was to launch them for recon or against smaller targets that needed to be destroyed. If these ships your talking about need to go to warp to reach New Xindus then no we do not launch as they it is more logical to use them in close combat with hit and run tactics. So let me ask that on the Bridge.


OOC: CSO we need you here to give the report of the results of the Tachyon blast!

“Science Report.” The Captain called out.

Parker CO

Solit looked at the scan results, and shook his head. “The tachyon sweep revealed two cloaked Xindi vessels. However, they are in retreat in the direction of their home world. Previous encounters with the Xindi have shown that this is typically a diversion tactic so that pursuing ships break off, after which the Xindi go to their true destination. The risk of pursuit is that we may still pursue them to New Xindus, which would prove diplomatically problematic.”

  • Lt. Cmdr. Idari Solit, CSO

“Cloaking device for the Xindi, that’s new. But the Suliban, Romulans, Klingons and whomever else might be spreading the wealth.” He looked over the data.

“Following them, isn’t something I’m worried about diplomatically. They’re the ones that closed with us without announcing themselves, spies can’t be offended that we didn’t let them get away with it. The down side is they could be leading us into the trap we were trying to avoid.”


“Options?” The Captain asked. “How about we launch the recon team on the Air Wing. Certainly its dangerous for them but it would spring any trap in front of us.”

The Captain expected either agreement or a better solution. Both his XO and new CSO had given him very good feedback to work from. He now awaited his CIO, COS to add something.

Parker CO

However instead of either one of those speaking first it was the new Ops officer who ranking wise was not a Executive Team member. However Corbin had been rich his whole life and as such there was never a back of the line mentality to him. He was not snobbish but rather accustomed to privilege.

“Sir I think that is the soundest approach as it avoids the whole ship being exposed and lets face it. If a fighter is destroyed it can be explained and diplomatically managed. A flagship attacked is another thing.” He said turning to the Captain.

Dallas Ops

Idari withheld a smirk, as the utilitarian approach was somewhat befitting of a large combat vessel.

He couldn’t help but say out loud, “I’m sure the pilot of said craft would not appreciate such an assessment.”

  • Lt. Cmdr. Idari, CSO

Kolar tilted his head, he agreed with the assessment hat a fighter pilot was not a manageable asset. But diplomatically there was some truth to that statement.

“You obviously do not know pilots Lt. Cmd.” Dallas answered back. “They are probably below right now hoping for this exact order.”

The truth was that Dallas didn’t know pilots, much less Marine pilots that well either. However he had seen the ones that had transferred aboard and he was almost sure he was right. At the minimum he was going to have the big old Olinski to hide in.

Dallas Ops

“Send the order Dallas. Launch Recon. Catch up to and delay those vessels. Lets see who comes a looking for them. Use of Force is at the CAGs discretion. ” He ordered without hesitation now.

Parker CO

=^=Bridge to CIC. Launch Recon, Alert One. Delay and harass those fleeing ships. The Cap wants to know who is interested in them. Use of Force to accomplish mission is at the CAGs discrection. =^=

Dallas OPs to CIC


The Captain had decided to see the metal, calculation and even the restraint his new Air Wing possessed. It was a risky at a risky time but he had to know. DId he have the best win ever or a bunch of loose canons on his hands. The crucible was set. He gave a pensive glance at Kolar as if to say “I hope this works.”

Parker CO

Shortly after the launch of the two squadrons, the CAG’s voice came over the comms to the Bridge. =A= Bridge, CIC here. Patching data through currently being collected by the Recon Squadron. They are coded communications in e-band originating from the craft in question… in half second bursts. See what the ship’s Computer can make of it. We’ll keep you posted. CIC Clear.=A=

Dawkins, CAG

The computer started to use known decoding sequences. Then it came out with a result

! “Detected. Starfleet approach.”
! “Disengage. Return.”
! “Half impulse retreat”

These were the last messages intercepted by the fighters. The code was Romulan, used in early 23rd century when there were intrigues near the Romulan-Federation Neutral Zone.


“Captain, it seems that the cloaked vessels are using Romulan encoding equipment. They’re just relaying that we’re present, that they’re to disengage and return to their point of origin, and that they are to retreat at half impulse,” Idari said, looking up from the computer layout. “It seems that, wherever they are headed, for the moment, our fighters should be able to stay close.”

  • Idari Solit, CSO

“Half impulse,” Kolar repeated out loud. “They aren’t running they are redeloying. I’d retreat from a motivated boy scout troop faster than that.” He glanced at the tactical display. “I’d be at warp for anything more dangerous than a mother-in-law.”

Balfor Kolar XO

“My thoughts exactly XO. Should we fire on them and take them out before they reach New Xindi?” He asked.

In fact that was his instinct. Why not put them out there as bait and see who came.

Parker CO

“I would say that is the best idea Sir.” Dallas answered since the Captain did not specify to whom he was speaking.

Dallas Ops

The sensors began to notice that the cloaked ships were increasing their speed in the direction of New Xindus.


=^=Captain to CIC open fire on those ships and stop them in their tracks. If your birds cannot do it then break away and we will fire. =^=

The Captain skipped relaying the order through Ops.

” Weapons charge phaser banks and prepare to fire.=^= He said to the COS who was at the weapons station.

Previously that had been Toro’s job but she had previously been the TAC as well. Now with a new Intelligence Officer on board the skill sets had changed.

Parker CO

Kolar tilted his head as he turned from his careful over watch of the science station. Parker was far more aggressive than he would be. The firing before he was fired on wasn’t something Kolar would have done, but that is why he wasn’t the captain.


Suddenly, the Olinski’s CAG came over the Comms. =A=CIC to Bridge… we copy. Engaging now.=A= Within seconds, the Electronic Countermeasures of the Recon birds would turn the area around them for thousand of kilometers into the sensor equivalent of a blizzard as squadron of Templars screamed after their prey.


“Ooo, rah.” Kolar said under his breath. The fighters were not too far away… well within weapons range. “Tactical, use fighter weapons impacts to target ship phasers.”

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Solit saw the scan results in front of him, and looked up. He was sure that the fighter wing was relaying what they were seeing up close, but the previous data suddenly made a lot more sense.

“Captain, the vessels in question have dropped their cloaking fields. The reason for the use of late twenty-third century Romulan encoding suddenly makes sense - the vessels seem to be Romulan Birds of Prey, albeit without any markings identifying their affiliation, not even as part of the Free Romulan State.”

“That doesn’t make sense.” Kolar stared at the information. “We’re missing something.” He hadn’t put the mystery together yet. Which was odd for him. Normally he figured out the situation before he was willing to report his findings. He didn’t like being wrong, even though he wouldn’t admit that weakness.

Lt. Commander Idari looked back down to the display.

“Our fighters are in closer proximity. They’re apparently relaying their data feeds directly to the CIC.”

  • Lt. Commander Idari, CSO

“Sir if I was betting on it then I would say its the same ruse as the one they used with the Breen. These are not Romulans.” Dallas spoke up.

Dallas Ops

“The evidence seems to support that “bet” Ensign.” The Captain concurred and waited to see if anyone else disagreed.

Parker CO

“That makes more sense than the alternative.”

Kolar XO

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