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Posted Sept. 26, 2022, 4:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Siegfried Abel (Chief Medical Officer) (James Sinclair)

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Lt. Colonel Malcolm Dawkins walked down the corridor outside the Sickbay. Pausing outside the door, the Marine tugged his flight suit straight before stepping into the medical center. Stepping through the doors, the aviator found the nearest nurse… a cute little redhead and smiled warmly. “Pardon me Miss…” Malcolm began as the young woman turned to look at him before her breath caught in her throat. The nurse gave an almost imperceptible bite of her lip, ran her right hand through her hair, and rolled her shoulders resulting in her chest lifting slightly. “Hey flyboy…” She blushed. “… whatever you need, I’m all yours… er…” The nurse blushed brighter and softly cleared her throat. “… I mean, I’m happy to help.”

Malcolm smiled slightly. Girl… Ellie would kick your ass if she heard you talk to me like that He thought with a chuckle. “Actually hun…” Dawkins began. “… I just need to see the CMO for my Physical. New CAG.” He tapped the gold trim on the Carrier Wing patch on his shoulder, the patch restricted for the Wing’s Senior Embarked Aviator. The nurse reached up and touched the patch just as Malcolm’s fingers left it. “Ya know…” She smiled, inching just slightly closer to him. “… I’d be happy to help you with that… physical.”

Honey… Malcolm thought as he chuckled softly. … you really wanna lose that hand, don’t you. Ellie would kill me if I let this go further Malcolm shook his head. “Sorry hun… as a DH, I have to check in with the Chief. Think you could point me to their office?” The nurse visibly pouted and motioned over her shoulder with a huff. “He’s in there. Don’t be a stranger.” She winked and went back about her duties, watching closely as the Marine walked to the CMO’s office. With a gentle knock on the door, Malcolm waited.

LTC Dawkins, CAG

A voice form behind him said “The chime works better. And next time, please leave my nurse’s eyeballs inside their head. It really makes their job much easier.”

The man behind looked like he had either walked off the cover of a trashy romance holovid or been a model for some classical era sculptor. Dark red hair and bright green eyes were the finishing touches on a perfectly symmetrical and handsome face. The man smiled warmly at Dawkins and held out his hand. “Lieutenant Commander Abel, Chief Medical Officer. A pleasure, Colonel. Please, come in. We can do your physical inside.” and he ushered the Aviator inside his office.

Outside, the room had gone partially quiet as more than one of the crew present stopped and stared at the pair of figures going into the office. When the door slid closed, Nurse Abramov fanned herself with a PaDD and then looked at a few of her coworkers who were giggling slightly. “Oh right! Like I’m the only one!” and an Engineer held up his hand for a high-five as he passed by. “Not even remotely.” he said and a round of laughter swept the room.

Abel, CMO


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