Side Sim: CSO Checks in with the XO or the CO, Atten XO

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Posted by Commander Balfor Kolar (Executive Officer) in Side Sim: CSO Checks in with the XO or the CO, Atten XO
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Solit had arrived on the Olinski feeling a bit out of sorts. He felt like he had been given a grand opportunity - he had been languishing as a regular Science Lieutenant aboard a Trafalgar-class Destroyer for the past ten years, and had only just now earned a third pip and a placement as a Chief Science Officer aboard one of the most powerful vessels in the entire fleet. He had practically an entire deck of laboratory space (with a couple of caveats) over which he was assigned to head. His department was the same size as some entire crews of ships. And yet, somehow, he couldn’t help shake the feeling that something was incredibly wrong.

Lt. Commander Idari had no way of knowing that he was right. A misadventure with the then-new Brazen-class USS Asimov, now reported as mutinied and wanted for treason, had completely altered his past, and therefore his present. In another life before the Asimov crash-landed on an uncharted planet on its maiden voyage, Solit had lived as a respected scientist who had eventually risen to the rank of Lt. Commander, and was, in fact, head of a research team on a Concord-class vessel. He had accepted the promotion to Commander to become the Asimov’s CSO, but with quite a few reservations, especially when he learned that the previous USS Asimov’s destruction was due to an individual bent on making Starfleet, and possibly the Federation, human-dominated. The first time the temporal anomalies on the planet affected him, his past changed so that now, he was merely a Chief Science Officer aboard the Trafalgar-class vessel where he started, and had only been promoted to Lieutenant Commander. However, the anomaly eventually removed him from the Asimov completely, and instead left him languishing on the USS Guilford for over a decade after reaching full Lieutenant in a standard eight years.

Idari, of course, did not recognize any of this. He only knew that he had finally gotten his career back on track, and he was not going to waste the opportunity. He came into the Conference Room, with a somewhat tentative step. This ship’s layout was unique in part because of what it was, but also what it represented. A ship this large, with a crew this large and roles so diverse, was the forefront of the fleet. True, after approving two carrier classes, Starfleet had begun to focus on smaller vessels, but the Olinski was still out there, big, imposing, and letting everyone know that the Federation’s citizens were under some powerful protection.

He walked to one of the offices connected to the room and touched the door panel to announce his presence.

“Lieutenant Commander Idari, reporting for duty.”

  • Lt. Cmdr. Idari Solit, CSO

The Captain was aware that his new CSO was coming aboard and as such he had asked Cmd Balfor Kolar to attend this meeting with him. Kolar had forgotten more than most Science Officers would ever accumulate in their career.

“Enter Lt Cmd.” Came the voice of the Captain as the door slid open.

Parker CO

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Solit walked through the CO’s door, a little bit hesitant, but hopeful.

“Hello, Captain,” Lt. Commander Idari said simply. “I am your new Chief Science Officer, as I am sure you’re aware. I hope I have come at an opportune time.”

  • Lt. Cmdr. Idari, CSO

“Welcome to the USS Brian Olinski Lt.Cmd.” The Captain said in return.

Kolar gave the Captain a sidelong glance with one blink. That was his full on version of the side eye. Kolar had never liked a new CSO on the ship and while he was never anything but perfectly friendly and warm. He was territorial over that position. “The Olinski is a very busy ship, we don’t have much in the way of opportune times. So we welcome you at any chance we get.”


The Captain understood this to mean “I got this Captain.” He understood as well. He was still very critical of any new CoS as this was still in his mind his speciality.

He indicated with his hand for the new CSO to have a seat as he did so as well. He would let Kolar do as he pleased and made no effort to speak as he wanted his XO to take the lead with the new DH.

Parker CO

Solit tilted his head. A ship of 1700, and the command staff didn’t have anyone who could get their work delegated. Regardless, Lt. Commander Idari sat.

“As that is the case, I shall attempt to be brief.”

  • Lt. Cmdr. Idari, CSO

“Apparently very brief.” Kolar started that wasn’t much of an introduction a statement of fact. “So, Mr Idari, you remained at your previous posting for a large number of years. That could be a good or a bad thing, good in that it showed that your ship and crew wanted to keep you or bad indicating no one else wanted you. So tell me both stories.”


The Captain remained neutral in his expression but inwardly he smirked. Kolar was as logical as a Vulcan, Sneaky as a Romulan, persistent as a Klingon and self sure of his purpose as a Bajoran.

Parker CO

Solit sighed. He had known this was coming - every incoming XO for the Guilford had asked a similar question of him, what with the Trafalgar-class vessel being relatively small and the command staff being aware of every single Junior Officer as a result. However, he also had this strange twinge in the back of his mind that he should be remembering a large number of helping hands instead of a jealous CSO who kept denying his transfers because he was indispensable, and whose affirmation of Mr. Idari’s skills over the years had made Solit satisfied enough to remain. Admittedly, Commander Bartholomew had made some creative descriptions in Solit’s annual reviews to keep Solit aboard the Guilford. Lt. Commander Idari chose to summarize as best as he could.

“When I started on the Guilford, I followed a pretty standard career path. However, after being promoted to Lieutenant, it seemed that the vessels which I wanted to join in order to further my career as a scientist were all at inconvenient distances from my vessel. Requests for transfer constantly were denied for logistics reasons. I found that others had restricted my promotions for similar reasons. On the plus side, I did have a good reputation for my work, and my department head told me that I would always have a place on his staff. I let myself get complacent in my position, but never my work. This transfer was my first attempt in six years, and only since I discussed the promotion and transfer here with the Guilford’s captain have I truly considered what took so long.”

  • Lt. Commander Idari, CSO

“Everyone has a different path Lt. Cmd. I know how impactful it is to lose a good science officer but our job, to include yours, is to grow those below us and help them achieve greater things if they so desire to do it.” The Captain said.

He still wanted this to be Kolar’s interview more than his so he did not want to be the hard one during the interview. More of an ambiguous neutral one.

Parker CO

Kolar looked at Idari. “I find your answer…” He paused to think of the right word. “Curious. So you said you got complacent in your position but not your work. Does that mean you can or will be complacent now that you are the boss? Your role will be to independently drive the mission, the ship, and your team forward.” The comment might have been harsher than Kolar intended but it was hard to separate at times from one background. While being XO was a dream, it did come with less fun at times. Kolar let his mind drift briefly to when his days were filled with the simplicity and black and white problems of science. The very job that this man was looking to fill.

Kolar CSO… whoops XO

“My complacency was in part due to a positive work environment creating enough professional satisfaction for me to take no initiative in my role outside of the tasks which my superiors gave me,” Solit replied. “Whenever I got the feeling that I should be doing more with my life - trying to become a department head on another vessel, transferring to a larger vessel, or even a science vessel - I kept thinking about the people I would be leaving behind. We were dedicated to one another in many ways. It took the departure of my closest friend to another vessel - not the Olinski, if you’re curious - to realize that I also needed to move on, and potentially up.”

  • Lt. Cmdr. Idari, CSO

“Well Lt. there is nothing wrong with finding a comfortable place to be and liking it and those you work with. Our hope is the same here for you. As you know our profile is a combat mission one or at the minimum into harms way more often than not. Many times we ask of the CSO to give us information that can make or break us in a moment with no time to sit back and analyze the data for hours or days. Usually not even minutes. How do you feel about that?” The Captain asked.

Parker CO

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