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“Any information from long-range scanning yet,” Kolar asked the bridge crew in general.

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The Captain walked onto the Bridge and since they had been on leave everyone snapped to attention while Dallas called out

“Captain on the Bridge.”

“As you were.” He said as he made his way to his seat and looked over at his XO and long time friend Kolar.
“Well we don’t have to like it but do we have to go.” He said between them.

“Ops status?” He asked.

Parker CO

“I guess that’s why they are called orders. Sir.”

“Engineering ids Green. Security reports Weapons systems green. Sick Bay is green to go. Science reports sensors are good to go. All around the board is green Sir.” Dallas called out.

For is part Dallas had never received the punishment he had expected from the Captain for disobeying orders and going back to the Bridge after being confined to his quarters on the last mission. True he played an important part in helping survive the last mission because he did disobey the order but then again Starship Captains still did not look lightly on that. It was worse not knowing what the man was thinking and if that shoe was going to drop or not. Maybe that was the Captains plan. If it was it was working.

Dallas OPs

Kolar looked at the Captain as his friend and superior officer took his seat on the bridge. “You know this is worse than a terrible idea. They are sending out their to mop up someone’s failure with a neck shinier than yours and mine put together.” Kolar knew as well as the next guy orders were orders. Still, he needed it to be on the record before they set off.


“Oh I agree.” He said between them. “If you checked Brax service record you will find he is a career diplomat even when he served as a Captain it was a diplomatic mission. A big deal with the Romulan resettlement negotiations seems to be his claim to fame. So why is this guy in charge of a clandestine weapons shipment?”

The Captain knew he could think out loud to Kolar. To the others it was orders were orders.

Parker CO

“A lot of shady stuff went down in the resettlement camps. Where there is need there is an unsavory element. Maybe he met someone with contacts to the black market and instead of destroying the weapons someone from command wanted them sent to the weapons division of Starfleet on the down low?” It was just speculation but not entirely impossible.

He paused after he spoke. “I shouldn’t hypothesize about a person’s character. At least not to this degree.” Kolar was kind at heart t but he knew the evil that lurked in the heart of even ‘good’ persons and he wasn’t certain about the Admiral.
The Helmsman turned in his seat.

“Captain coordinates programmed in and we are green to leave dock and proceed.” He said. “Minimum thrusters once dock releases?”

“No Helm. Punch us out of here. Just don’t break anything.” The Captain said.

Knowing Brax was probably watching them take off he decided to make a small statement.

“Dock is released. Full Thrusters Aye Captain.” The Helm called out.

Dallas smiled a little.

I guess the old man still has a little rebel in him

The ships thrusters came at full. Space Dock began immediately objected and issues minimum thristers orders but the Olinski bolted out with not a reply. The last thing they heard from the Space Dock officer in charge was something about a complaint being made to the SB CO.

Dallas had the feeling it was not going to go very far. Fleet Captains like Parker were given significant latitude.

Dallas Ops

The Captain settled into his chair.

“Warp 5 when ready Helm.” He ordered.

“Aye Sir. Warp 5.” Helm replied.

After a second the view screen seemed to stretch out and pins of lights became streaks in open space followed b the familiar tunnel of warp space.

“Security.” The Captain called out and motioned with his left had to approach while never turning around.

Parker CO

Abbie felt herself sway with the jump into warp. She knew it was stupid the inertial damping meant there was no actual movement to be felt, it was an optical illusion but she swayed non the less.

She was just settling down at her station when she heard Captain Parker call out her station, Abbie groaned she had hoped to blend into the scenery for a duty shift or two. She saw the hand call her over. She moved from her station to the captain’s chair. “Yes Sir? Security and weapons are all reporting green.”

-Ensign Wainwright

Kolar XO

The ship remained at warp for a few hours before coming to a halt just on the edge of an asteroid belt. There was no immediate sign of wreckage or the missing ship. The science station would detect a fading warp trail headed in the opposite direction as the Olinski.


OOC: Since we have no CSO I will have Ops handle it.

Helm brought them out of warp.

“Sir arrived at the coordinates.” The helm called out.

“Detecting nothing sir but a very weak warp signature trail leading the opposite direction. Analyzing now to see if it matches the data we have on the transport.” Dallas called out.

Dallas Ops

Upon closer analysis, the one warp trail seemed to be two, one laid precisely over the other as if a ship had been followed.

The Captain said nothing to the Ops station as without further info it was not actionable yet. As the new ensign came close he turned his head to her.

“Ensign I am down a COS, You are acting COS until further notice. Your direct superior officer is the XO. Report to him.” He ordered.

If you had asked Abbie her expectation of the day it would not have been this and to say she had been sucker punched was an huge understatement “Sir?!?” she said confused as the words sunk in, a moment of confidence “Aye Sir. Thank you”.

Knowing he had few options he just decided to take a leap on the first Bridge Security officer he saw and she was it. He probably knew Kolar would not like it but they really had no one else at the moment.

Parker CO

“So we are doing battlefield promotions?” He asked rhetorically as looked at Parker with a slightly bemused expression. Raising his fingers he saluted to the newly prompted COS. “Was your decision based on proximity?” Kolar’s tone was low enough only for the CO to hear.

Abbie looked over at the XO as he saluted, she had no idea what to do and the moment of confidence was gone replaced by a crippling sense of imposter syndrome, so gave her best curt but professional nod as she backed out of the situation back to het station.

“Use long-range sensors to see if we can triangulate where the warp trail leads to,” he called out to Dallas.

Kolar XO

The warp trail led past Betzed and split into two trails, one going from the Argolis cluster and the othe to the Cardassian Union.


Abbie had made her way back to het station, and figured she’d keep herself busy with the various tactical readouts as she tried not to think of suddenly being made acting CoS. She knew her job for now she’d stick to that.

-Ensign Wainewright

After the ship stopped and Steve checked over everything, he relayed it to the bridge by pressing his com badge, =/\= Chief Engineer to Bridge. All systems are green, the warp core is steady and we have full power to deliver to the weapons and shields if need be. Johnson Out. =/\=

Lt. Steve Johnson, CE

Dallas replied

=^=Bridge, Ops to Engineering. Clear.=^=

He knew the Captain heard the transmission so he did not repeat it.

Dallas Ops

“Update.” The Captain called out to get a report more than his engines were ready to go. That was indeed important but he needed information and feedback.


“Sir,” the NE astronavigator called out. “Sensors are picking up two warp trails. The first is going from the Argolis cluster. The other is to the Cardassian Union. Destination,” he followed up the report in a tense voice.

NE Astronavigator

Abbie listened to the various reports coming in from the other stations, two ships and one potentially Cardassian or friendly to them, or just stupid, given it’s destination. She started running her own scans looking specifically for signs of combat remains of some form of exchange.

But the Ensign kept one hand on her shields, Abbie was a subscriber to the theory if you intend to lay the smack down on someone get your own shields up before you throw that first punch. Currently there didn’t appear to be a need but she was ready the second it was.

-Ensign Wainwright

“Argolis.” The Captain remarked. “That has some history. Aside from the hostile environment and gravitational issues it was a key in the Dominion War. A trail to Cardasia and a trail to Argolis. Is Targan still a colony there?”

His instincts told him Argolis. He suspected a Cardassian ship met someone here and traded off the weapons cargo and the real answers were in the place most would go to hide. Just a hunch at this point.

Parker CO

“We’ll never be able to investigate both.” Kolar stated the obvious.

“In the absence of further information, the easiest conclusion is the Cardassian trail.” He started. “So I would pursue the Argolis one.” He tilted his head at the Captain. “They may be logical, but they haven’t been easy.”


“I tend to agree. My instincts and experience say Argolis. Anyway what would we expect from Cardassia. Open exchange of information. Doubtful. If I wanted to hide something it would be Argoils. Honestly this won’t be easy. Its a hostile place without sentient threats much less if we add them.” The Captain said back.

“Let’s go where we know.” He then said. “Helm make for Targra IV in the Targan System. Lets not go too quickly. Warp 2 until we know we can navigate there and see any threats.” He ordered.

“Aye Sir. Targa IV at warp 2.” Came the reply.

=^=Chief Engineer to the Bridge.=^=

Steve heard the message and tapped his badge. =/\= On my way Captain.=/\=

He turned to Kolar.

“We need to be ready for the environment in there.” He said.

“Ops have all departments prepare for going into the Argolis Cluster. Lots of proton star activity and we can expect gravitational anomalies. ” He also ordered.

Parker CO

“Aye Sir.” Dallas answered.

Well if he was looking for a quite time after messing up on the last mission he was going to be disappointed. Ship full of classified weapons, Cardassians and an unstable area of space. What could go wrong? However he joined SF to experience things that were not possible anywhere else. He secretly was excited.

He then sent out Department Orders for Science to prepare for the Argolis system, Security to be ready to go tactically and make sure weapons were not affected. He left Engineering to the Captain as he had called for the CE. Medical to be ready with whatever came from going into space like that etc etc. Dallas was good at Ops and he knew it. If only the Captain did too.

Dallas Ops

Abbie looked as the message pinged on her station. She was busy looking up the effects of the Argolis system on previous ships. “Just tell me when I need to start Worrying Ensign” she said at the Ensign on OPS

-Ensign Wainewright

Corbin looked over at her.

“No worries here Ensign. This is the Olinski. Whomever is out there should be worrying.” He said smiling.

He was ready for the mission. After the first go around he now felt he was experienced and part of the team.


The Captain settled into his chair now knowing that with the decision made it was time to wait and see.

Parker CO

A few moments later the Chief Engineer came onto the Bridge and stood beside the Captain at attention. “Lieutenant Steve Johnson reporting as ordered sir.”

Lt. Steve Johnson, CE

” At Ease. Lt. We are going into the Argolis system which has heavy gravitational distortion fields. We need to be ready on how that can affect us, Especially the warp engines. I dont want to be in a situation where we need to get out of there fast and cannot.” He explained. “Plus the people who steal experimental weapons tend to be ready to use them on others. So make sure we are ready for combat readiness and damage control.”

Parker CO

Going to the at ease position, Steve listened to the captain. “Roger that sir. I’ll go start making the all of the adjustments right away and fine tune them when we arrive. Will that be all sir?”

Kolar finished assembling his tentative away team roster and handed the Padd to Sidney to review the results and announce the individuals on the list. Of course he was on it. It was one of the perks of being the XO however experimental weapons raised the stakes of this away mission.

Balfor Kolar XO

The new aCOS and young ensign in Security, Abbie Wainwright, Ensign Dallas and the CMO Siegfried.

“You sure on all those?” He asked the XO and then shrugged.
” Dallas, Seigfried, Wainwright you are with the XO on the Away Team.” He called out.

The Captain knew the risk of Away Teams but he himself always liked them. The chance to see for yourself and solve the mystery and not to mention the possibility of danger.


Dallas heart missed a beat. The Away Team!

“Aye Sir.” He said and then calmed himself. He must have sounded like a first year cadet.

Dallas Ops

Abbie had been watching the screens ready to deal with any ambush or threat or whatever else was lurking in the dark of this part of space.

She heard the captain name the away team, she was surprised to hear her name listed, especially given how green she was still. “Aye Sir” she said almost at the same time as the Ensign on ops. She managed to fight the urge to giggle as she wasn’t the only one who sounded eger to go.

-Ensign Wainwright

As the ship emerged from warp, the sensors immediately detected the missing cargo vessel. It was covered from bow to stern with burn marks from disruptor fire. There was a massive hole in the hull outside the main cargo hold.


Abbie almost let out a low whistle when she saw the damage, whoever was on that vessel had, had a real rough time. She imediately started scanning the damage looking for the signs that would indicate where the blasts came from.

-Ensign Wainewright

Scans would indicate that the bulk of the fire had come from directly to starboard of the ship, but also indicated that the attacking vessel was significantly larger than the cargo ship.

Once back in engineering, Steve made the adjustments to the warp core and warp field. He fine tuned the deflector dish to help with all of that and to minimize the gravitational distortions and to be sure that when they need to leave in a hurry, they can. Pressing his com badge, =/\= Chief Engineer to the Captain. I have fixed the gravitational distortion and we should be able to leave at a moments notice if the need arises. We are operating at 94% with all of the modifications. =/\=

Lt. Steve Johnson CE

Kolar didn’t smile outwardly but was amused as the crew reacted to their names being called for the away mission. It was reminiscent of field trip day where one found out the group they would be assigned to and who would be their chaperone, only now the field trips could kill you and your chaperone could ground you and not just threaten it. The musing dissipated rapidly as the now derelict vessel came into view.

“Scan the vessel for life forms and weapons signatures,” he called out to medical and tactical. “Also have long-range sensors look for any traces of another vessel in the vicinity,” Kolar ordered. Once the scans were done he and the away team would beam over for a more hands-on look

Balfor Kolar XO

There were no life signs, but there were weapons onboard.


The Captain looked at the vessel as they emerged from warp. He remained calm as he heard his bridge crew react and Kolar give orders.

“Yellow Alert.” He said cool and calm. “Lets not get caught with shields down just in case.”

Parker CO

“Sir no life signs but I am detecting the weapons we were looking for still on board.” Dallas reported.

He also saw the ship. He knew that something that was built for combat had hit it. He also knew it was Securities job to report on the damage of the ship and most likely weapons used to attack it.

Dallas Ops

“Security report. What type of weapons were used? Are we dealing with Romulans, Klingon, Cardassians etc…” He asked.

He knew weapons left clear signatures and Starfleet knew pretty much all known weapons signatures.

Parker CO

Abbie muttered at her first scan, trying hard not to call the system names that would get her thrown off the bridge. “Do what I asked… you… argh machines” she said frantically changing the scanning parameters to see if she could distinguish the signature of the race the weapons had come from “Sir, just trying to get that information for you, the first scan wasn’t clear, I do know it was a much bigger ship that did this.” Abbie could have kicked herself, first time stuff she had to do something and she couldn’t get the scanners to work, this was why she was a secuirty ensign not an engineer, computers disliked her.

-Ensign Wainwright

Scans from the security station indicated it was a Jem’Hadar battleship.


“Yes!” Abbie hissed in triumph, finessing this computer was going to take many hours of bridge time. “Captain weapons appear to be Jem’Hadar” as soon as the words were out of her mouth her brain instantly realised what she’d said and the realisation began to sink in.

-Ensign Wainwright

The Captain didn’t flinch but inwardly he was not happy. Jem Hadar were not known to be merciful. What did this mean? They had been neutralized as a large scale threat but did this mean they had turned to piracy or was this something much more serious for the sector.

“Away Team get to it. We won’t find out too much more from this perspective.” He ordered.

Parker CO

“Aye Aye Captain,” Kolar said standing up from his seat next to the Captian. Calling out the list of names on his PaDD, Kolar summed it up with directions to meet in the transporter bay within the next five minutes. With the Jem’Hadar involved it was best ot get what they needed to accomplish and then move on.

Kolar XO

After the Away Team left the Captain thought about the situation. If it was indeed a Jem Ha’dar battleship it would be a considerable match for the Olinski, which was usually the one with the upper hand. He also knew the Valiant, many years ago, had been able to get very close to a Battle ship before due it its size.

=^=Captain to CIC. We might be dealing with a Jem Ha’dar Battle ship. Plug that into your planning. We might need the fighters or bombers to be able to get in close.=^=

Parker CO

=/\=Understood=/\= Kolar replied in a tight voice.

Kolar XO

Pressing his com badge. =/\= Lieutenant Johnson to the Captain. Ensign Knowitall and myself will be reinforcing the shields and the warp core. I will let you know when it is done. It should take about 15 minutes. Johnson out. =/\=

Lt. Steve Johnson, CE

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