"New CO on the hangar to visit pilots" (OPEN)

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Posted by Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews (Match) (Commanding Officer) in “New CO on the hangar to visit pilots” (OPEN)

Posted by Commander Balfor Kolar (Executive Officer) in “New CO on the hangar to visit pilots” (OPEN)

Posted by Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews (Match) (Commanding Officer) in “New CO on the hangar to visit pilots” (OPEN)
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STARDATE: 74580.06

Ops to Commander Matthews, Admiral Harkman wishes to see you in her office in ten minutes.” Commander Adrian Walker-Matthews gave a short small chuckle as the communication channel closed; every time a new officer or group of officers came into his life, they could never decide on which of his double barreled surnames to use both in conversation and more formal settings; he had to admit to himself that he missed the days where the officers under his command would just refer to him as ‘Match’ or ‘Boss’; Starfleet was certainly a different operation in the days since the Dominion War and Borg Invasion, there wasn’t much need for a Black Ops specialist in this newly rejuvenated exploratory era of Starfleet. Not that he minded the more peaceful missions with the occasional red alert thrown in to keep him on his toes… but he had to admit that he was eager to get his hands dirty again…

Before he left his temporary quarters - he had been recalled to Starbase 247 after a brief stint acting as temporary XO on the Oxford, which he was grateful for due to the time he got to spend with his wife Sarah, riding on horseback on the hills of the Missisippi; it may have been in holographic form but it was still sure as hell a great view - Match kissed the portrait of his wife and children, packing it inside a bag and straightening his uniform in the reflection of the bulkhead. Well, back in the firing line Match, may as well go in locked and loaded.

Ops was as busy as could be expected for a Starfleet base at this time in the Federation’s calendar, but the grizzled Commander could tell that something was up as all of the officers at their station’s turned as the turbolift door opened and he stepped out.
“Last time I checked, I wasn’t stationed here to keep an eye on y’all, but as you were anyway I guess…”
A voice shot up from the other side of the room, “What can I say Match, these people know a… commanding presence when they see one.” Admiral Jesse Harkman had what seemed to be a knowing grin on her face… Match was starting to realise the direction in which this conversation was going to go.

Stepping across the threshold into the Admiral’s office, Match couldn’t help but smile at the order in which Harkman’s office was presented. There were pictures all over the walls of Harkman taking holos with several of Starfleet’s finest from the past twenty years of Federation history, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Bateson to name a few. There were also several basketball trophies adorning shelves behind her desk. Match was impressed, she was clearly an active officer, and the Fleet could sure use more and more people like her.

Harkman grinned, “I know how you like to keep your orders straight forward Match, so I’ll keep this simple, what do you know of the Olinski? Match stepped onto his back foot for a second, before correcting himself. “Flagship of one of the carrier fleets right? 40 decks, a fighter wing with it’s own seperate command structure, maximum warp speed of nine and a half, quite the beast when she needs to be.”
“You’ve quite clearly done your homework Commander, who gave the game away?”
“Being a black ops vet means I still have contacts at Utopia Planitia ma’am, couldn’t try harder to hide those specialist ships from the Borg.”
“Damn my terrible acting,” Harkman chuckled, “Well I suppose I may as well get this over with. Commander Adrian Walker-Matthews, you are so ordered to take up command of the USS Brian A. Olinski as well as,” she held up a small ring box with a Starfleet insignia etched into the lid, “A promotion to Captain.” Match let the Admiral get halfway through the speech before he had to put his hand on the chair in front of him and try and silence the buzzing in his ears.
“Damn,” he said after a few seconds, “Well of course I accept but -”
“You’re not sure you’re ready? Wait until you see the ship…”


The transporter beam crystallised the form of newly minted Captain Walker Matthews aboard the Olinski in a few seconds. After a few clicks of his neck, and the mild panic at the look of a group of officers watching him on the pad, he cleared his throat, “Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews, requesting permission to come aboard?”

-Captain Adrian Walker Matthews-

Kolar somehow came to attention without looking like he was snapping to it. His pose was technically correct but he seemed just calm and comfortable in it. “Permission granted - Welcome aboard Captain. We received word of your arrival.”

He took a step forward and held out his hand. It was typical that a new Captain came with their orders on a PaDD. There was no need for that anymore, but old habits died hard in the Navy.



‘Honour is all mine Commander,’ Match replied, accepting the handshake. ‘Sorry I didn’t come with proof of who I am, this assignment seemed to come out of thin air.’

-Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews: CO-

“The transport can do a dna trace,” he glanced over his shoulder at the operator, not long enough to get an answer but it was enough to show that he knew ways to get the answers.

“I can escort you to the bridge. We have not had time to prepare a reception with the senior staff,” Balfor stated gesturing to the turbo. “Frankly we weren’t sure what you would like. Formal or informal,” he said before stating the location the turbo would be bound for.

Balfor XO

‘I like to be able to scout a ship before I meet the team anyway Commander, I’d appreciate a tour?’

-Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews: CO-

Changing the direction of the turbo, Kolar stated, “Let’s start in the hangar. The guys in naval aviation think they are their own little command. Its nice to let them see the flags every now and again.” It also held the most crew in one spot the CO would be dealing with. Flight crews, maintenance, and pilots were often mulling about.

“I think there are no accidents in life, which makes me wonder why you called it ‘scouting’? ” That was, to him, a uniquely tactical phrase. Not necessarily a bad thing for a military commander. But it was slightly contrary to his general attitude.
Kolar XO

‘Nice to see that Starfleet still keeps a military presence aboard some ships, how often do they drill?’

-Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews: CO-

“The previous captain let the CAG plan the pilot training protocols, but they are also engaged in the ship board drills that I schedule. I do not send out a schedule of drills but each one of the four shifts get 15 drills monthly so it works out to every other day but they are all surprise drills.” Kolar wasn’t the most military minded, but he knew how to be an XO.

“They vary in complexity, but for the most part, we tend to get to ready stations and call it, but once every third or fourth is a full combat scenario. I don’t like over drilling, because they can come at any time, it ruins sleep and sleep schedules so, begging the Captains pardon, I believe we can over-sharpen a knife.”

“The ship can get full readiness in under two minutes, the pilots have a harder job since the have to get suited up and in the birds, so it can take then 3 minutes sometimes more if we do run drills when it is less than convenient such as in the middle of the night or when a majority of the pilots are engaged in leisure activities but even then the pilots at their slowest are suited up and in their cockpits in under three minutes. The pilots don’t have the luxury of having four shifts so every alerts make all of them run. So I’ve been impressed with their overall readiness,” Kolar gave a half smile, which sooner or later she would understand that was a full throated laugh.

Kolar XO

Match gave a quick scratch of his chin before returning the grin, “I’d like to witness one of these drills as soon as possible if I may Commander, particularly before we get underway again.”

-Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews: CO-

“Pretty sure that can be arranged,” Kolar stated tapping his comm badge. =/\=Mr. Waller please run the pilot readiness drill=/\=

=/\= Aye Aye Sir. Beginning now.=/\= Waller replied.

As soon as the man stopped speaking, the tone sounded and every pilot all over the ship understood the signal. Get to the hangar ASAP. Kolar looked down to his chonometer and pressed a button.

Kolar XO

staying alive… oohh ohhh ohhh

Match stood stock straight for a few seconds, an arched eyebrow crossing his face.

-Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews: CO-

Two minutes later the room seemed to erupt with bodies. While the hangar was always busy, the moment the red alert rang out mechanics, flight control personnel, and pilots exploded from what seemed like every hatch and doorway. Kolar stood gauging the new CO’s reaction. Depending on how the man reacted would depend on how far he took the drill. Usually, they did not launch the fighters in a drill but at times they did. It was all going to be up to Walker right now.


“They know they aren’t actually gonna fly right?” Match leaned in to Kolar, a small smile in his voice.

-Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews: CO-

“Drill termination points vary. They have launched as part of the prior drills and since this unscheduled and unplanned. They are going to keep going until they are stopped.” He paused and looked at the new captain. “So, if you don’t give the order to stop them I am pretty sure they are going to take off like bats out of hell in a few seconds,” Kolar commented. This was a drill for the CO not for him. It was up to the new captain to decide and make the order for them to stop or continue the drill.


‘I wouldn’t mind seeing a demo Commander,’ Match said, a wry grin crossing his face.

-Captain Adrian Walker-Matthews: CO-

Kolar did not issue another command but allowed the ships to continue the drill.

Kolar XO

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