Lt Drake Co Check In (Pre-Sim)

Posted July 28, 2020, 9:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Alexandra Drake (Chief of Security) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) in Lt Drake Co Check In (Pre-Sim)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra Drake (Chief of Security) in Lt Drake Co Check In (Pre-Sim)

Posted by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) in Lt Drake Co Check In (Pre-Sim)
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Alexandra disembarked from her shuttle and nodded to the pilot. She was due for a change after a long stay on the USS Breckinridge. This was different from that old cargo ship. A combat vessel, perfect for an officer of her training to advance. Often though Alexandra had been told ambition would be her downfall, she had yet to stop reaching for her command. Adjusting her uniform tunic, she got into the turbolift.

Making her way to the Captain’s ready room took Alexandra past the bridge. Past the Captain’s chair. It was hard not to daydream sometimes. She pressed the chime and waited calmly.

-Lt Alexandra Drake, CoS

Captain Parker had been waiting for the new CoS to arrive. Admittingly he was more excited to meet the new CoS than many department heads. It was after all where he came from and the route that took him to command the Nimitz Class Entente which would later be recommissioned as the Olinski Class Brian Olinski. He gave his usual “Enter” command. Which was a strong and sometimes intimidating command. Many a young officer hesitated upon that bark.

Parker CO

The door hissed open and Alexandra stepped briskly through. “Lieutenant Alexandra Drake reporting for duty.” She seemed confident.

“My service record.” Alexandra held out a PaDD with her complete record since the Academy.

-Lt Alexandra Drake, CoS

The Captain rose and took the PaDD. He sat it down on his desk and indicated with his hand for her to take a seat. He already had seen her whole record previous to her arrival but knew this was protocol and he liked a DH who observed protocol.

Alexandra sat. Everything she noticed about Captain Parker said he was a security officer by training as well.

“A good trip to the SB?” He asked since they were docked at this time.

“Uneventful, sir.” A true statement, the shuttle ride had been, if anything, too quiet.

“What do you think of the Olinski?” He then asked.

Parker CO

“She’s a fine ship Captain. And quite the dream for whoever is standing at the tactical station.” Alexandra said with a slight smile.

-Lt Alexandra Drake, CoS

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