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=^=Transport completed Commander.=^= Kolar reported despite the fact they probably saw that happen.

Kolar CSO

=^=Acknowledged Mister Balfor,=^= Jason replied without taking his eyes off of Mrs. Pitch. If she had been under some form of mind control all of this time, would she be rational enough to answer questions? Was Jason being too hard on her?

Jason Harn, aCO who seems to be going from not posting enough to posting too much

Mrs. Pitch’s face was purple with fury. She did not speak. She held on to her baby and said, “You are going to pay!” The baby’s cried became muffled as she held the baby tight.


“Yes?” Jason retorted as he took a step closer. “Please, Mrs. Pitch, continue. Exactly what grievance do you have against us? Just what have we done wrong?”

Jason Harn, aCO adopting a Kirk style mode of questioning

Meanwhile Doolittle had prepared a hypo to knock out Pitch as he now feared the baby might be in danger.


“All we wanted was a passage out of here. Was that too much to ask? Everyone just keeps getting in our way!” she screamed. The baby moved about and the hood it had on fell away. The head of the baby showed that it was not a human baby …


Jason blinked at the sight of the alien baby but to honest, he was more surprised that Pitch was cradling a real infant and not a malevolent mass of neurological tissue with mind control powers. Nevertheless he plunged ahead, attempting to be the voice of reason while the being calling herself Mrs. Pitch was vulnerable and more likely to be truthful. “Have you tried asking? Would it really have been so wrong to identify yourself and ask for help? We came here on a mercy mission, is there any reason why it can’t remain that way?”

Doolittle was confused. He had examined a human baby before and now this was not a human. With his free hand he pulled out his small tricorder and moved a bit closer to get a reading. He concealed the hypo in his pants waist.

“Not going to hurt you. I just want to check your well being.” He said.


Jason decided to distract the woman so Doolittle could do his work. “Please, tell us who you are and how to help you,” he implored. “We can’t help you if you keep the truth from us.”

Jason Harn, aCO hoping to come to a peaceful resolution

Toro remained at the transporter console her hand on her phaser, but it wasn’t drawn. Her initial reaction was to stun the woman, but that would result in the infant falling and being injured. She hoped that Harn and Doolittle would be able to handle the situation and she wouldn’t have to use it.


According to the tricorder, the baby was human, but it was definitely not human in appearance. Mrs. Pitch pulled back the hood and just before it covered the back of the head, the appearance of the baby changed into a human head. She was more composed now and she tried to remain dignified. “I am a Betazoid woman who had a Napaean husband. This is our child.”


“No offense, Mrs. Pitch, but we’re going to have to verify that,” Jason replied skeptically. “Trust goes two ways, and I think that right now, you really want us to trust you. Toro, what species do the sensors tell us Mrs. Pitch and her baby are?” he asked over his shoulder.

Jason Harn aCO, not buying it

“The tricorder confirms what she is saying.” Doolittle said since he had just scanned the baby with it. He turned to Harn.

” She is a Betazoid and the baby a mix between that an a Napian. Both are empath species. This could be something to do with that. Maybe the baby is inadvertently doing this?” Doolittle suggested as he turned back to Mrs. Pitch.

“Mrs. Pitch has been so evasive I don’t even know if that baby is truly hers, Doctor,” Jason grunted as he turned to go back to the console that controlled the tractor beam and the shuttlebay doors.

“Has the baby strong empath abilities?” He asked her still feeling the hypo in his belt. He now wondered if he should reset it to the babies weight but was unsure about that.


Jason leaned over to murmur in Toro’s ear. “She’s acting like a fugitive, what if she stole that rod and kidnapped that baby? What do you think, do we trust the readings we took?”

In the meantime he changed the LRCS display and typed a message that he sent to the bridge.

+^+Transporter Lock on the baby. Prepare to send it to sickbay if Pitch is a danger. Harn.+^+

Jason Harn, aCO, changing the communications quotation marks to indicate silent communication

Kolar returned a single green pixel on the screen which he left there. What the pixel meant beyond he received the message was unclear.


Mrs. Pitch snorted, “He is very talented, so much so that the Betazoids fear him and the Napeans do not want to have anything to do with him!”


“He must be really talented if he can take over people’s bodies before he’s able to walk,” Jason snorted. “Try again, Mrs. Pitch. I don’t think that baby is even yours. You’re acting like a fugitive, and I want to know who you’re running from. You booked passage aboard the Sierra, but someone or something spooked you and you caused the Sierra to go off course and make an emergency landing. Then after you came aboard, you took over the people you needed to hijack a runabout. A baby doesn’t do that, no matter how talented, but somebody on the run does. If I don’t get some straight answers I’m going to separate the two of you and find out just what it is you’re hiding, so talk. As far as I know, you are a threat to everyone aboard, including that child.” He tapped his combadge. =^=Harn, to Balfor. Mister Balfor, unless you hear from me, transport Mrs. Pitch’s infant to sickbay so we can run some tests and find out whose baby it really is. This charade has gone on long enough. Transport the child in two minutes. Understood?=^=

Jason Harn, aCO laying his cards on the table

Alexandra approached slowly, resting her hand on her phaser. She didn’t entirely disagree with Harn’s new aggressive tact, but there were good odds someone with mind control powers was now fixated on him.

-Lt Alexandra Drake, CoS

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