Side Sim: Hangar Bay (Open)

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Ael was doing a few small repairs on his fighter late at night. It was nothing that required his full attention, but enough to keep him busy. Almost ideal. He considered how much and how little things had changed. When he first arrived in the Federation, he was seen as dangerous, probably a spy. Now he was a starfleet officer with peoples’ trust. Sometimes he wondered how much of Hatham he had truly buried and how much was just hidden. Things were very different as Apex. And much better.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

During his off shift time Serok walked the ship as he required minimal sleep. Studying every meter of his new assignment. Some things were familiar and some were completely different then 70 years ago. It was late and the best time to examine his surroundings as there were fewer crew filling the corridors. One thing that was very different from the last Starship he was on was a hanger with light fighters inside. As he entered the hanger he examined the fighters. Things had certainly changed since he was last in Starfleet. That’s when he noticed Ael. He approached quietly. He was cautious but ready to react if the need arose. “I’m sure there is a logical explanation why a Romulan in a Starfleet uniform is interested in this fighter.” The Vulcan announced.

Ensign Serok (Science)

Ael rose to his full height and turned to face Serok. “The logical explanation you’re looking for is that this is my fighter. I’m Lieutenant Ael Khev. I’m sure there’s a logical reason why you would assume anything other than I’m a member of the crew performing my duties.”

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

Serok looked at the fighter then back to Ael. “I am Vulcan, I do not assume. I was unaware that anyone of the Romulan free state were members of Starfleet. Perhaps that is an oversight on my behalf.” Romulans were well known for being shrewd and cunning. A simple check of the crew manifest would verify his story. Which he could do at later time. “My apologies, Lieutenant. I am Ensign Serok. I have recently been assigned to this ship. I do find your presence here…curious.” He replied honestly.

Ensign Serok (Science)

It wasn’t unusual for most of the pilots to be up all hours of the night. Most were on such strange rotation that there were usually nearly half a dozen around at any given time. This time, Xandra was one of those half dozen. Her head popped out of the cockpit as Ael and the Vulcan were speaking. “APEX!” She raised her voice with a half laugh. “You gonna tell me if the circuit tripped this time, or not?” Seeing he was speaking to someone else, she brushed an errant strand of dark hair behind her ear and smiled. She was standing enough to show she was well built and lean all at once. Her jumper was off on top and ties around her waist. Her white tshirt hugging her form as she nodded respectfully. “My apologies. I didn’t realize you were speaking to someone. Hi,” she said, suddenly a little more than embarrassed. “I’m Xandra. Sorry to interrupt.”


“Not interrupting much. Ensign Serok was just reminding me that I’m Romulan.” Ael replied with a half smile.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

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