Pre-Sim - Boarding the Olinski and settling in

Posted Aug. 7, 2020, 6:48 a.m. by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr) in Pre-Sim - Boarding the Olinski and settling in

Posted by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) in Pre-Sim - Boarding the Olinski and settling in

Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr) in Pre-Sim - Boarding the Olinski and settling in
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OOC: This is a series of posts Pre-Sim where Vega is joining the Olinski from Starbase 214 as a Lieutenant JG unaware of what plans have been laid out for her on the ship and the original CE is still active.


Vega carried the few belongings which she didn’t trust the operations systems to move from the currently docked USS Lincoln to the also currently docked USS Brian A. Olinski at Starbase 214. The items included some personal effects such as a photo album, the medallion she was given from the previous host of Dal which was an innate carved rune. A set of her favorite paint brushes, pencils, and an A4 sketchpad. Some clothes which were more like a set of denim overalls soiled with oil spills and stains, a pair of working goggles, and now her brand new tool belt which Jocyln had given her as parting gift.

Stepping up to the boarding umbilical she showed the operation officer her assignment orders who then crossed referenced them with the information he had been given. The Ensign, a male Klingon grunted and waved her through passing back her PaDD which had now been loaded with all the information she was missing such as duty rooster, quarter assignments (luckily she wasn’t sharing) and a list of people to report to. She walked the length of the docking cored and finally found herself aboard the USS Brian A. Olinksi. She immediately found the closest console typed in her quarters and uploaded the directions to her PaDD.

As she walked the young Trill continued to read paying particular to whom she had to report to having also loaded those personalities to the PaDD. Once she dropped off her things she’d have to report to first the Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Albert Schweitzer, a Human doctor, she had to search how to pronounce his last name the search resulting in Vega trying several attempts until finally she found how to do it by breaking down the words into [SHWYT] + [SUH].

After the CMO it was then the Chief Counsellor, Lieutenant Trevor Michaels, that name was much easier to pronounce so Vega didn’t spend to much time looking over it. He was also a Human Male late twenties and his personnel file picture did him some justice, black hair, and green eyes just the kind of person Vega might lust after if he was a star in one of her favorite old 20th-century earth drama shows.

Then there was the difficult choice to meet either the CO or XO, maybe she could do both but she decided that perhaps the XO would be best since she was only here at the moment as assistant chief of engineering officer. She sighed, she really hoped she’d get the Chief engineering officer job, which then also led to the final person the current chief engineer.

Her PaDD chirped indicating she had followed all the correct directional prompts and having read most of her PaDD found herself outside her door, she looked up and down the corridor of deck 7 the Junior officers deck before pressing in her personal security code and entering the room. To her delight the remainder of her belongings were already here, the lack of faith in the operations department clearly should have been better. “Home sweet home,” She said with a fleeting smile as she placed her duffle on the bed. She was already dressed, her hair up into two buns with her fringe falling either side of her face. Something that was also different was that vega still opted for the high knee boots and dress uniform an odd combination for someone who didn’t mind getting dirty.

Turning about she left the way she came and towards sickbay.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

The headache that had plagued the pilot all afternoon, and the evening before, was gone. Xandra was grateful beyond words as she left medical and headed back to her quarters. As she rounded the corner to head for the lift to take her to Deck 35, she almost bumped into the Trill woman coming the opposite direction. “Oh, gracious.” She laughed and swiftly side stepped to avoid the collision. “My apologies. Should have watched where I was going.” Realizing she didn’t know the name of the person, she smiled. “Forgive me, Pilot Primage, Xandra. And you are?” She brushed back a strand of loose hair that had escaped the braid that was dark and loosely tied behind her. She wasn’t in uniform so rank wasn’t known. But the well tapered pants and the tunic top that draped to her hips in front and covered her backside in back gave her the appearance of someone younger than she looked.

Lt Alexandra “Xandra” Primage
Pilot/Grn Squad Ldr
“Little Sehlat”

Vega had let out a little yelp as the other woman had bumped into her, looking at her she appeared older but then her clothing gave Vega a second thought. “Its ok” She lied a little annoyed the woman had knocked into her, being the same height as Vega she wondered how she could have missed her. Brushing down her uniform and skirt she then brought her attention back to Primage. “I’m Vega Dal, Lieutenant Junior Grade. I’ve just transferred from the Lincoln to be the assistant Chief Engineering officer here Explained the Trill hiding he annoyance and reminded herself that she clearly didn’t mean to run into her. “So what are you a pilot of?” She asked a little confused by why she would introduce herself as one, the Lincoln was a small vessel in comparison to the Olinski and whatever slang they used here were alien to her.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

(I’ll roll with it, but Xandra missed her and didn’t bump into her lol)

Xandra smiled despite the woman’s scowl at her. “Fighter pilot. Green wing leader. Welcome aboard the Olinski, Del. Will be nice to get another female down there. Too many men running around strutting, if you ask me. Hope you are finding everything ok.”


(My Apologies, that’s me reading and not actually taking in the information!)

“Its Dal” Corrected the Trill, it wasn’t in an aggressive tone but she heard it ALOT. “I’ve actually only just come aboard, I’m on my way to sickbay to have my preliminary medical check-in. The Olinksi is a much bigger ship than I was previously exploded too, it’s going to take some time getting used to.” She smiled this time trying to brush off the air of annoyance she was permeating and a question popped into her head. “We didn’t have fighter wings aboard the Lincoln are engineering officers required to help maintain the vessels or do you as pilots do routine maintenance?”

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

Xandra actually blushed. “My apologies, Dal. I should pay more attention. And yes, she is a big ship.” The woman smiled and patted the wall beside her affectionately. “But she does the job as well as any slick, tiny science ship. Better, in my opinion.” As the question about maintenance came up, Xandra shook her head. “No. Engineering doesn’t deal with our birds. We have out own maintenance crews. Sometimes pilots will work on their birds, but mostly it’s simple stuff. The heavy things are left to the mechanics in the hangar bays.” She smiled warmly. “I’m happy to show you anytime you want. Can give you the quick buck tour of the ship as well. Show you the highlights, anyway.” She laughed realizing there were probably spaces on the ship even she hadn’t visited in the two years she had been on board.


“I’d really like that thankyou, in return, I can offer my services up if you might ever need them. I’ve never had the ability to work on fighters and auxiliary craft so call it professional curiosity” Vega smiled, “Once I’ve done my check-ins I’ll be sure to find you? I’m guessing you hang out in all the normal places?” The Trill guessed making a friend was worth being a little behind schedule for.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

Xandra nodded and smiled. “I’d be happy to show you around and let you ‘tinker’ as it were. Though it would probably be on scrap ship. But would give you some experience so you could learn the systems at least. How’s that? And I admit I’ve always been curious about Engineering and I’ve never actually seen the Warp Core.” She laughed. “Kinda crazy saying it out loud. Huh? And yeah, I’ll be around. Just hit the computer up for my location. Probably in my quarters or the Pilot’s Briefing Room today. Got reports to catch up on.” She made a face that let Dal know she wasn’t happy with the task. “So sure, find me later.” She nodded towards Medical. “Medical is just around the corner.”


Vega would definitely have to fix Xandra inexperience around a warp core! Who hasn’t seen a warp core! “Urg reports,” She said mimicking the woman’s face before smiling, “See you around!” She gave the woman a small wave before continuing her way towards medical which was just as Xandra had described just around the corner.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

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