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Posted Aug. 9, 2020, 5:02 p.m. by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) in Pre-Sim - Checking in with the CO

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Posted by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) in Pre-Sim - Checking in with the CO
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OOC: This is a series of posts Pre-Sim where Vega is joining the Olinski from Starbase 214 as a Lieutenant JG unaware of what plans have been laid out for her on the ship and the original CE is still active.


So far Vega had done a pretty good job checking-in, she had been poked and prodded in the sickbay, her mind deciphered by the ship’s counselor and accomplished a rather hasty tour of engineering and now after recommendations from the Ships current on duty engineering officer, which Vega thought to be pretty odd considering her role. She had only expected to meet the Executive Officer, none-the-less orders were orders and she made her way rather determinedly to the Captain’s office ensuring she didn’t bump into any more pilots along the way.

The Captain’s office was on deck 2 below the bridge which meant she wouldn’t get the opportunity to see it just yet, not that she’d be spending any time there but it was always something of a nice feeling to be stood on the command hub of a vessel especially one as big the Olinski, vega also made it a mental note to visit the CIC which was unique to the role of this particular ship.

Deck 2 wasn’t too far from the engineering, a short walk to a turbo lift, a few decks up and then another short walk until finally there Trill officer stood outside the Captain’s office pressing the door chime she waited to be granted access looking up and down the eerily quiet and rather short corridor system.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

“Enter.” Came the reply.

The Captain was sitting behind his desk in the spacious ready room. He rose to meet the new CE. In this case the old CE was still on duty but would be leaving soon. So it was with pleasure they were able to get CE Gould’s replacement before that happened so he would just roll right into the job.

The Captain indicated for Dal to sit in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

Parker CO

The Trill officer entered, smiling in the hopes to imprint a good impression on her new Captain. Unaware of the plans she was still just a young excited assistant as she took the seat he indicated to her . “Thankyou for seeing me sir, I know it is common pratice for someone of my rank and responsibility to seek the executive officer for an interview however the current Chief suggested a meeting with yourself was preferable.” She sat upright, formative but not tense. Vegas, double bun bobbing slightly as she spoke enthusiastically.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

“The Olinski is happy to have you on board. As you know your situation is one of a transition. Also there are some complications so I wanted you to meet with me first.” He explained.

“First and foremost your our new CE. Period and no confusion there. You will be taking the job from CE Gould in a month or so. In that time you can learn the ropes of the ship etc.. Second we have just received a mission to look for a missing commuter transport ship. Gould will take the lead but will transfer out on a transport of his own at some point and its all yours from there.”

Vega had understood her position, or at least she thought she did when she joined the ship. She was under the impression that she would be assistant for the duration, certainly longer than a month and to be told she was actually the chief engineer… well she clearly misread the joining instruction. She was about to voice as much when the Captain continued.

“I also will not be here for the mission as I am being called away on another assignment to assist in a complicated court martial” He explained further. ” As such Commander Harn will be the aCO for this mission. This is the reason for this meeting. I want you fully aware your taking the CE job over and that your CO will not be here but is not leaving the ship. I will be back and look forward with getting to know you better and seeing what you can do.”

OOC: Just for clarification the current time line is where Gould has already left and your now the full time CE.

Parker CO

OOC: Ok thankyou!


Her eyes were a little more dilated than before, excitement at the idea of being thrust into the chief’s boots so soon, and into a mission. “Well there’s nothing quite like being thrown in the deep end, hitting the ground running or learning to run before you walk” Vega stopped herself from talking anymore, she had the habit of running her mouth when she was nervous. “I’m looking forward to the challenge sir.”

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal, CE


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