Pre-Sim - Vegas CNS check-in

Posted Aug. 13, 2020, 7:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Lieutenant Trevor Michaels (Counselor) in Pre-Sim - Vegas CNS check-in

Posted by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) in Pre-Sim - Vegas CNS check-in

Posted by Lieutenant Trevor Michaels (Counselor) in Pre-Sim - Vegas CNS check-in
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OOC: This is a series of posts Pre-Sim where Vega is joining the Olinski from Starbase 214 as a Lieutenant JG unaware of what plans have been laid out for her on the ship and the original CE is still active.


Vegas medical examination went as expected and she found herself a little more at ease now as she headed, this time with a little more determination towards the chief counselor’s office. Her earlier thoughts towards the counselor’s personnel file portrait being something she may have lust over was washed away by the fact he was indeed a counselor and would spend the next however long picking at her brain strings. As she thought about it she guessed a counselor was kind of like an engineer for the brain, as a doctor an engineer for the body the thought continued until finally she arrived outside his office and was pressing the door chime to be allowed entrance.

It wasn’t that she was a part of the ‘We hate counselors group’ she actually had a lot of time for them, but they always said the same thing, she had to focus on her social life as much as work. She’d heard the ‘All work and no play’ sketch a million times, it’s just how she ticked she loved working and she loved being an engineer, so what if she had one friend who she had now left to join the Olinksi which technically meant she had no friends now. Vega was rubbish at keeping up with her relationships.

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OOC: Do we have a counsellor? If not or LOA, anyone feel free to jump in as NE.

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“Come in!” Trevor called out from inside his office. The Counselor didn’t have any appointments scheduled for the day, since a lot of crew transfers were happening, and he wanted to give everyone a day or two before stopping by. Michaels was able to pull up the crew files before the guest walked into his office.

Upon hearing the words to enter Vega opened the door and crossed the threshold coming face to face with the counselor. The first thing she noticed was his wavy black hair and emerald green eyes which immediately made Vega feel warm inside. He had a scar running from the end of his left eyebrow, to under his left eye. Which she wanted to know everything about because counselors didn’t usually have scars.

“What can I do for you, Lieutenant?” Trevor asked, standing up to greet the guest.


“It’s your lucky day Lieutenant, I have been assigned to the ship, and as required of me by Starfleet regulation I need to do an initial counselor check-in to be cleared for duty.” Vega game the Lieutenant, as well as the other characteristics he easily had a few inches on him.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

“And you decided to beat the rush, huh?” Michaels asked rhetorically, gesturing for the Lieutenant to take a seat in front of him. “Vega is it?” Trevor asked. The Counselor didn’t wait for a response but continued speaking.

“I’m not here to pick your brain, but to see if you’re sane enough to work in Starfleet.” Trevor added. “So no, I won’t be asking about your deep dark secrets or family history, and I don’t have a scripted list of questions to ask you.”


Vega wanted to joke that to work in Starfleet you have to at least be a little insane, all the things you’d have to prepare yourself and all the possible ways someone could die alone would be enough to make your head explode but she didn’t, she wanted to be cleared for duty. “Well I’m glad about that I have quiet the family list” She tapped her stomach indicating to her symbiote.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

“Must be fascinating to be a Trill, yes?” The Counselor asked as he closed the crew personnel files on his PC. “Knowing everything your past hosts knew, well that would definitely make you the most experienced on this ship.”


Vega always found it amusing when people thought being a Trill was a wonderous and fascinating thing but to her it was just a way of life, “Well, I maybe have some further life experiences but we try to do something different with each host so that we gain new experiences so while I suppose I am experienced I am no more experienced than my host in their current field.” She explained with a smile.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

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