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Doolittle arrived at the Security Station but did not see Pitch, her baby or anyone else.

“Where is the Commander and Mrs. Pitch, the baby etc..” Doolittle said as he glanced over to Michaels. It was obvious he was flustered.

“Dr. they are all still in the Shuttle Bay.” The officer on duty responded. “There has been a request to erect a forcefield around the two guest.”

=^=EMH go to the Shuttle Bay and assist the Commander with Mrs Pitch. we will follow.=^=
=^=As you wish=^= Came the disembodied reply.

Doolittle looked at Michaels again and waved for him to follow. Off to the shuttle bay he went.


“It’s time to end this charade once and for all…” The Counselor said as they continued down the corridor. Lieutenant Michaels wasn’t sure of what his approach would be once they did come face to face with the pair, but he would most likely go into the situation trying to find answers into why they were attacking the crew.


Back in the brig, the rod was transported into the cell with the highest force field set in place. The security officers were afraid although they stood alert and ready; they had very good training after all. In their minds, they were wondering how such a small object could cause so much chaos in the ship.


Tricorder readings showed that the object was made of plastic and a high conductive non metal polymer. This was something that was used to conduct energy in the mid 21st century and was no longer in use due to the faster conducting systems that were in use since then. Whilst, still conductive, the material did not have any dangerous uses in the past and so the sensors had not flagged it when it was transported on board.


“I’m expected to talk to a rod?” Trevor exclaimed when he saw the object. The Counselor looked over at the brig chief to see his reaction.



OOC: I believe Doolittle is in the shuttle bay and is not at the brig,


Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Trevor had to find out why he was summoned to the brig.

=^=Harn to Michaels, one of our guests, a Mrs. Pitch, has been overriding our people’s will while trying to escape in a runabout. Work with security and set up an interview where you can find out if she is a fugitive from justice or simply a distraught mother who went too far.=^=

Jason Harn aCO editing the counselor’s last post and hoping he is not out of order

OOC: Please see for the latest info regarding Mrs. Pitch.


=^= I’ve just arrived and will be in contact with Mrs. Pitch momentarily.=^= The Counselor called out. =^= But should I be concerned about rod?=^= Trevor asked, as he stared at the object.


=^=I’m sending Kolar down to worry about the rod,=^= Jason replied. =^=You worry about Mrs. Pitch. See if you can get a straight answer out of her. She’s acting as guilty as a Breen and I need to know who she really is, if there are any warrants out on her and if that child is really hers. Harn out.=^=

Jason Harn aCO stepping aside and letting his people do their jobs

OOC: The following is the analysis of the rod when Kolar arrives.

IC: The rod had some very complicated circuitry. However, because it was made of an old inert material, it did not alert the computers. Judging from the circuitry, the rod was an application device, especially for telepathic suggestions.


OOC: Sorry. I meant to write “amplification device”.


The Counselor walked up to the cell that contained Ms. Pitch and peered in. “So, you’re the one creating the chaos aboard this ship?” Trevor asked with a smile. While highly annoyed with the woman, it was best to kill her with kindness. Hopefully, she would put her guard down long enough for him to get the information he needed.


“Trying to hide your thoughts is not going to be easy, fella,” said Mrs. Pitch, or her real name Vinna Lang. “I’m a Betazoid and I can read you very easily.”


OOC: Sorry to throw an OOC comment, Is there anywhere the CEO can jump in as I’m keen for her to get into the main sim. thanks.
- Vega

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