Sickbay, USS Brian A. Olinski (2)

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Ric looked up at the doctor and let loose of Xandra’s hand, but still remained by her side. “She’s relaxed now, doc. One of the other doctors gave her a sedative.”

“She was being mind-controlled by the witch. Made Xandra attack me and damn near choked me out. She gassed us both and we woke up here. Xan was pretty upset that she may have hurt someone. Do NOT tell her it was me she was choking, that’ll just get her upset all over again.”

He sat back down on the biobed next to Xandra and watcher her sleep. “Do you know if they’ve got that Pitch women contained yet?”

Ricochet (CAG)

Mirri listened from where she was standing. She sighed and felt like she was useless here. She grabbed one of the nurses “Am I cleared to return to duty?” She asked “I’m needed on the Bridge.”


“Actually Dr Doolittle cleared you a long time ago. I was standing nearby when he did so.” She answered.

NPC Nurse

Mirri simply nodded “Thank you. I missed that.” She said and left Sickbay and headed for the Bridge where she could be of some sort of use.


Ric watched Toro as she left the sickbay. He found it hard to believe that the first time he was assigned to the Olinski, Toro was his boss as she held the CAG position. Now, all these years later, after a stint as an instructor at the pilot training school, he was back, this time as the CAG.

After the doors closed behind the helmsman, Ric turned his attention back to Xandra, brushing a few loose strands of hair back behind her ear. He was really brginning to worry about her. This was the second time in as many missions that she had succumbed to some kind of mind-control. It wasn’t like she was weak-minded or had no will power, she was strong and could be extremely stubborn when she wanted to be.

Something was troubling her and he needed to find out what it was. Xandra was too damn good of a pilot to be taken off active duty until her head got straight. Why was mind-control affecting her so much and none of the other pilots as well. Maybe he need to speak with Doolittle for some insight.

Ricochet (CAG)

A little while later, Xandra started to wake up. It felt like she was swimming in zero G in an EVA suit. Her body felt sluggish and heavy and it was as if there was nothing to push against to wake up. Slowly her eyes opened and she looked up to see Ric. A smile slowly covered her face. And while it didn’t quite look like her usual smile, her eyes made up for it in seeing him. “I take it dinner tonight is out?” Her voice felt rough as she tried to get his attention.

(Intelligent enough to draw the curiosity of all alien mind control races lol)

As her eyes fluttered open, Ric leaned over and kissed her forehead gently. “Whatever you want, I’ll fix it. Hold on.”

Xandra laughed but winced halfway thru. “Oh, so you mean it wasn’t your cooking that put me here in the first place?” She was teasing him. A good sign she was starting to feel better.

Ric went to call the doctor and inform him that Xandra was awake. On his way back, he stopped to get her a cup of water with a straw. Lifting her head just a bit, he added, “Not too much. Go easy.”

When she finished, Ric lowered her head back to the pillow. “Feeling like yourself again?”

Ricochet (CAG)

Xandra gratefully took the sip of water and tried to sit up. “I have a splitting headache, and still feel like I’m covered in weights. But I think I’m ok. I just want out of here.” She was trying to struggle out of the biobed but as fast as she thought she was going, her body was moving slow.

(GM, she still in danger?)

Having decided to finally leave engineering Vega wanted to get an update on her injured crewman. She walked through the doors and looked around to see if there were any medical personnel, or engineering staff to get answers from.

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