U.S.S. Saracen NCC-86285

Pendragon Class Battlecruiser
Commissioned 29th December 2008
Proudly serving The Meridian Fleet since April 2013
Winner of the Best Ship Award in the June 2019 Awards
The In-Game year is 2399 (Picard!)

"The Darkest Places In Hell Are Reserved For Those Who Maintain Their Neutrality In Times Of Moral Crisis." - Dante Alighieri

Captains Ready Room
Commodore David Shotton

Welcome to the Saracen! I'm Dave and the CO of this Pendragon Class Battle Cruiser set in the Prime Timeline, in the year 2399.

The ship has more than 10 years of history behind it and promotes quality writing and character development. Our Sims encourage a focus on adventure, responding to threats to the Federation and problem solving in ways that only this awesome crew of creative writers can.

We ask that writers wishing to apply to the Saracen provide a character biography, and this is reviewed by the CO and XO before a writer is accepted to the Roster. You can find me on Discord as Keivar, and my email is always open.

'The Cloaked Targs Debt' Club
Latest News Feed
January 2024: Shipwide Side Sim begins
January 2024: Our GMT Sim has come to an end, congrats Sam!
January 2024: J Ridgley Joins the Saracen
January 2024: Happy New Year and welcome to 2399!
Sept 2023: Cass Young returns to the Saracen
July 2023: Terry Sullivan returns to the Saracen as our XO!
April 2023: Ray Branch takes on the role of CoS
April 2023: Mika Jackson becomes our new CE
March 2023: Ava H joins the Saracen
XO's Office
Commander Daniel 'da Vinci' Colter

Welcome to the Saracen!

I’m really excited to be a part of the Saracen and am looking forward to RPing with y’all and helping you achieve your own character goals as your newly incoming XO.

Game Masters Corner

Sim Title: Silence in the Deep

Pieces of wreckage, the remains of the B'hari located. Bringing in that which is lost.

Sim Notes:

Beginning Post


SIM Information
Away Team:
  • Location: TBC
  • Members: TBC
  • Orders: TBC
List of Topics per Department:
  • Operations/Engineering: TBC
  • Medical: TBC
  • Science: TBC
  • Tactical/Security: TBC
  • Intelligence: TBC
List of GM Personnel:
  • TBC
    Alert Status

    Commanding Officer: Captain Dante Knight
    Star Treking... across the Universe. Doo de do da do do do de do do Doo!
    Chief Intelligence Officer: Executive Officer: Commander Daniel Colter
    Support the CO with those sneaky bits of info
    Executive Officer: Commander Daniel 'da Vinci' Colter
    Welcome back! We missed you!

    Chief Operations Officer: Vacant
    Support Engineering or Science depts with their assigned duties, as needed
    Chief of Security: Lieutenant Junior Grade Nicholas Foster
    Adjusting to his new role.

    Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Rico Vanhall
    Hold the Saracen at Yellow Alert in our stand-off with the Cardassians
    Acting Chief Engineer: Ensign Jhalae Ynuchausti
    Adjusting to her new duties

    Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander Teller Graham
    Attend the bridge
    Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Natasha Knight
    Bad guys doing Pew Pew, prep for wounded!

    Diplomatic Officer / CNS: Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby
    Stand by to assist Bridge team
    Important Notes and Resources
  • Ten Forward Redesign: in Memory of Jeremy DeSpain

  • DH & Swing Position Job Description:

    Secondary Characters
  • Lt Allison Scott-Paediatrics Specialist
  • Lt Rico Vanhall-Armory Officer

  • USS Saracen NCC-86285
    Systems Display
    Power Systems Main Power: Online Auxiliary Power Backup Power Emergency Power
    Warp Drive Cruising Speed: Warp 6.0 Maximum Speed: 9.7 (12 hrs) Maneuvering Thrusters
    Impulse Engines Maximum Sustainable: Warp 9.3 Maximum Impulse speed: 0.27c
    Shields: ONLINE Torpedoes: ONLINE
    Phasers: ONLINE Photon: 500 / Quantum: 100
    Sensor Systems Standard Tactical Astrometric Probes: 88
    Support Systems Life Support Holo-Support Transporters Tractor Beam
    Shuttle Geralt Status: Docked Shuttle Unreliable Status: Docked
    Shuttle Shepard Status: Docked Shuttle Serenity Status: Docked
    Shuttle Normandy Status: Docked Shuttle Firefly Status: Docked
    Shuttle Minsc Status: Docked Shuttle Atlas Status: Docked
    Shuttle Star-Lord Status: Docked Shuttle Templar Status: Docked

    Damage and Repair Display
    Primary Computer System Deflector System *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*
    Auxiliary Computer System Warp Power *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*
    Computer AI *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*

    Casualty and Injury Display
    *unknown/unidentified* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient*

    No System/Patient No Damage/Injury Minor Damage/Injury Moderate Damage/Injury Severe Damage/Injury Offline/Surgery Destroyed/Deceased

    MOTD Created By David "Kiwi" Shotton, with credit to Aaron "Marmot" Calhoun for previous work on coding
    Last Edited By: David Shotton
    Last Updated On: 31st January 2024
    Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
    Captain Dante Knight Commanding Officer Human 42 6'3" 201lbs David Shotton AWOL (7)
    Commander Daniel "DaVinci" Colter Executive Officer/CIO Human apparent: 34; actual: 431 6'1" 230 lbs. Terry Sullivan AWOL (3)
    Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby Diplomatic Officer / CNS Human 30 5'3" (160cm) 122lbs (56kg) Catt Bennett OK (1*)
    Lieutenant Commander Natasha Knight Chief Medical Officer Human 34 5'4" 135lbs Kate O'Neill OK (0)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Nicholas Foster Chief of Security Human 20 5'11' 175lbs Ray Branch AWOL (7)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Fraiser Flynn Security Officer Human 31 6' 1" 70 kg Cass Young OK (1)
    Ensign Jhalae Ynuchausti Acting Chief Engineer Orion 23 5'5" 140 lbs Mika Jackson OK (4)
    Ensign Charles-Louis Engineering Officer Klingon 45 7’1” 260 lb Ava Henson OK (3)
    Lieutenant Commander Teller Graham Chief Science Officer Human 25 5' 11" 172lbs Luke Hung OK (1)
    Ensign Tobias Rax Science Officer Human-Trill 22 5"8' 80Kg J Ridgley OK (1)
    Gamemaster Madame of Mayhem GMM Lindsay B
    Gamemaster Rei GMT Kitsune Ageless Variable Variable Sam Haynes

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