Side Sim - Vadoma's Psych Check in (CNS)

Posted Feb. 11, 2019, 3:21 a.m. by Ensign Vadoma Romani (Engineer) (Melissa Aragon)

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Posted by Ensign Vadoma Romani (Engineer) in Side Sim - Vadoma’s Psych Check in (CNS)

An office that wasn’t intimidating.

That was the first thought that the young Gypsy heard go thru her. The second thought was that the man behind the desk was the epitome of a two headed coin of old. His intimidating look spoke of a man more than capable of taking care of himself, and anyone around him. But his voice, and the office, were those of a man more aot home in a relaxed atmosphere.

“Ensign Vadoma Romani reporting for intake, Sir.” Her own accent, while not as harsh, was just as pronounced. It added to the slightly exotic look of the woman who’s own lineage was as old as his.

Though standing at a respectful ‘parade rest’ with her hands behind her back, the ebon haired woman’s eyes darted around the room. She recognized the antique book collection for what it was, desire having never held one herself. And the collection of bits and bobs around the room were glanced at and recorded as record of the Councilor’s life. Most especially noted was the award on display, front and center, to silently reassure others that he had been thru enough that he was truly qualified to hear whatever you had to say when you walked in here.

The purusal only took a moment before her eyes were once more firmly planted on the man behind the desk.


Sinclair smiled softly and said “At ease, Ensign. And please… take a seat.” he said and indicated the seating area away from the desk and the more strict interactions it suggested. Then the Counselor stood up… and up… and up. He was nearly seven feet in height and carried himself with a quiet confidence and grace. He picked up a PaDD and moved around the desk and towards one wall. Stopping at the replicator, he looked at the Ensign and said “Anything to drink? I was about to get a cup of tea, myself.”

Sinclair, CNS

Vadoma smiled and relaxed before moving to the seating area, “Umm… tea is fine, thank you.” Choosing a spot on the end of the couch near one of the chairs, she settled down and continued her look of the room. “It’s nice to see an office that doesn’t ‘feel’ like an office. If that makes sense.” She smiled a bit and laughed. She was relaxing, but was still on edge as anyone would be.


Retrieving two cups, Sinclair chuckled. “Why, thank you. I was going for a ‘office that doesn’t feel like an office’ kind of thing, so I’m glad it worked.” and he sat the cups down on the low table in the middle of the seating area. Picking up a PaDD, he tapped a few times on the interface and then said “So, Ensign. How was your trip to the ship? And how are you settling in so far?” His voice was oddly calming and reassuring, coming from a frame that didn’t seem to fit into the surroundings. But his face held a non-judgmental and even friendly look, complimented by the slight smile he wore.

Sinclair, CNS

Vadoma smiled as she leaned over to take her cup and lean back once more. “Well you hit it on the head. If I ever have someone ask me who can make an office not look like an office, I will mention your name. Could be a new career path for you, Sir.” She laughed and took a sip after blowing slightly on the hot beverage.

“The trip went well, thank you.” She said in answer to the interview as it began. “Settling in has been ok. Others have been kind in pointing the way if I ask and mostly it’s exactly as I studied it. The ship, I mean. I love maps. And ship specs aren’t much different. Just layers of similar maps getting larger or smaller as you move up and down.” She liked the sound of his voice, it was kind and easy. She could see him being easy to talk to if something happened. Something told her he wasn’t the accusatory, judgmental kind who assumed you were hiding something. “I’m actually looking forward to meeting my Supervisor and getting to work. Even the two days I have to relax before checking in had me pacing.” She laughed slightly. “I’m just going to be happy to be useful, I guess.” She took another sip of her drink and glanced around again, trying not to pay too much attention to the padd in his lap.


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