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Posted March 27, 2019, 9:11 p.m. by Ensign Vadoma Romani (Engineer) (Melissa Aragon)

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Posted by Ensign Vadoma Romani (Engineer) in Main sim - Engineering
((we’ll need the thread anyway and I can’t barge in on senior staff briefing lol))

While the Chief was gone, Vadoma moved about engineering with her status padd in hand. Each station and location listed on the manifest had to be marked off as in service and within operating parameters by the time he got back. Whatever was being discussed, something told her they were about to need the ship in perfect operating condition when the call came.

It wasn’t like the Saracen wasn’t always ready. Chief saw to that. But Vadoma would see to it that all the information he needed was at his beck and call when he returned.

Ens Vadoma Romani

Franklin came into engineering, looking around; duffel over one shoulder. He looked a bit like a linebacker. Standing 5‘10” and barrel chested, his build was wide and stout, though he wasn’t tubby looking. He had blue eyes and light brown, almost blonde hair, which he wore short to hide the curls in it. James stopped at the railing and set his bag down, leaning on the rail to get a look at the warp core. This was a sort of tradition for him… First stop was always to see the beating heart of the ship he’d been assigned to. He stared at the pulsing blue light for a long time, seemingly lost in thought. Definitely not really aware of anyone else around him for the moment…

-Franklin, Eng

Vadoma was up on the walk around when she heard the whoosh of the engineering doors. Glancing down, the red head noticed one of the NEs nod to someone just out of sight that had arrived. Since he looked back down, she guessed it wasn’t the Chief. Moving a little more around the railing, she tilted her head curiously as she saw a dirty blonde haired man with a duffel over his shoulder walking towards the core. Her heavy accent carried well with a voice holding just enough volume to be heard in the space without shouting. “Can I help you?” She didn’t recognize the man and knew that there were always lookabouts on every ship that went to other places than they were assigned, just to see the innards of the ship.

Better to be safe than sorry.


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