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Posted by Ensign James Franklin (Engineer) in Main sim - Engineering

Posted by Ensign James Franklin (Engineer) in Main sim - Engineering

Posted by Ensign James Franklin (Engineer) in Main sim - Engineering

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The man looked up, startled out of his reverie. His blue eyes settled on her once he figured out where he was being addressed from. “Oh, no ma’am. Just takin’ a look before I report for Duty.” There was a drawl in his speech, and a polite smile on his face. Inwardly James was a bit rattled. The blue glow had brought memories to mind he’d thought were dealt with, the klaxons and screams in his mind had cut off short when Vadoma called out to him. He had halfway waved a greeting as he answered, but dropped his hand and started to turn away. “I’m sorry if I interrupted, I’ll go find the Chief.”

Ens. Franklin, Eng

“Report to where?” She asked before stepping back just or of his business only to appear once more as the small wall lift bright her down to his level. “You aren’t intruding unless your bag has nefarious instruments in it, and you have a mind for some timing where ya aught not be tinkering.” Her smile was bright as she teased him.

“And dependin’ onwhich Chief your looking for, you may be out of luck. Engineering Chief is at the briefing. I’m gonna guess that most of the chiefs are.” She held the padd in both hands as her arms rested down in front of her. “I’m Romani, by the way. Vadoma Romani.” She wasn’t sure why, but his eyes were the most captivating thing she noticed about him. Though her mind added that the rest of him wasn’t bad either. Her smile brightened slightly in embarrassment as the thoughts flitted by.


“Oh…” James replied, turning his blue eyes back as Vadoma appeared. Now that he’d fully noticed her, he had to stop himself staring. Her red hair gave her a striking look, and her smile… At mention of his bag, he flushed slightly, as he’d forgotten he was still carrying it. “Nice to meet you, Vadoma..” He drawled, clearly caught a little off guard and probably a bit more shy than he’d have wanted to appear. He lowered the bag to the deck, unsure of what to do with his hands… “I uh.. I’m James. Franklin. Just came aboard. I kinda like to see the core of the ship before I check in… Just an old habit.” He smiled and almost stammered. “Since I’ll be working here.” He’d never been great at speaking blithely. “So, I guess that’d be the same Chief you’re thinking of…”

His accent was thick, and slowed his words somewhat but there was an odd southern charm to it. Though he’d never have seen it that way.

Franklin, Eng

Vadoma smiled, oblivious to the vision of her that Franklin saw. “Then I guess we’ll be working together. And I understand your desire to see her,” she glanced over her shoulder at the core tower. The colors and visions like some alien version of an ancient lava lamp. “It can ground you in a way no other object can. As long as she’s humming, life is good.” She glanced back at Franklin, the look on her face as similar as his own when he had come in. “Right?”

James couldn’t help looking at her in fascinated understanding as she spoke. The pulsating light danced over both of them. “Yes’m… I never could describe it to anyone who didn’t turn a wrench… It’s like, comin’ home, ain’t it?” His blue eyes turned back to the core for a fleeting moment. Franklin looked back at Vadoma trying not to smile shyly like a school boy.

She had the Padd in her hands, clasped down in front of her. “Well, the Chief isn’t here. I’m guessing at briefing. But if you want, you can stow your bag in one of the lockers and wait for him.” She nodded to the extra storage lockers opposite the Chief’s office. “Or you can go stow your gear and come back.” She moved to the nearest console. “I’m not going anywhere so I can let him know you were looking if he comes back before you return.” She smiled at him then set her Padd down to sinc it up with the console.


He visibly brightened at that… “You don’t have’ta tell me twice… Let me stow my bag, I’ll be right back.”

-Franklin, Eng

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Vadoma smiled as another kindred spirit was found. “Then hop to it, crewmate!” She teased and absently waved towards the door like she was kicking him out. But the smile on her face showed she was joking.

“Then come back and help me with these verifications. No being lazy here!” She winked and disappeared around the corner with a smile.

When he returned, she was crouched down on the balls of her feet in front of an open chip panel. The panel was a couple feet to her right, leaning on the bulkhead. She was humming absently as her hand reached to the left and pulled a calibration tool from the small till box beside her.

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