Pre-Sim : CMO's Arrival, Various Locations

Posted April 22, 2019, 7:30 a.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim : CMO’s Arrival, Various Locations

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim : CMO’s Arrival, Various Locations
As the main turbolift hurtled out of its enclosed shaft and into the transparent field that presented a remarkable view of the central docking arena aboard Starbase 257, Nathaniel Harrison caught sight of the vessel that would become his home for the next six months.

He was not happy…

No, he most assuredly was not happy…

Recently divorced, forced to leave a position he had happily occupied for more than three years and worse now, being forced to serve aboard a starship…

He cursed again the ridiculous rules that required all command level officers to have served a tour aboard a front line vessel before they could receive a promotion to Commander. He had proven himself, time and again. 12 years a doctor. 8 years in Starfleet. He’d cured disease, saved lives, pushed the boundaries of medical science and discovery, yet desk flunkies, rules and ‘tradition’ said that in order to advance and be given his own research lab he had to rot away aboard a vessel of the line. For. Six. Months…

He repeated a further curse for the rules that declared he didn’t get to request a specific ship for his transfer.

Not even a medical vessel, one of those ridiculous battlecruiser overreactions Starfleet had had after the Dominion War. He had little doubt this meant the Captain and crew would be gung-ho, brass tack hero types desperate to earn their medals and get everyone killed in the process…

Still, as his father had reminded him before he left Bolian space, six months was nothing. At only 35 he was still young, he could afford six months if it allowed him to achieve his dream. Starfleet may have cost him his marriage and more than a little blood pressure, but he was tantalizingly close to his ultimate goal: a research lab and team of his own with the resources to really push the boundaries.

Having taken only seconds, his reverie was broken as the turbolift passed back into a fully enclosed shaft and slowed to a halt. The whine of the drive motors faded and the doors parted with a whoosh, revealing the Spartan and nondescript interior of Starbase 257’s primary transporter hub. Yes, he could take a shuttle, get the nickel tour and pretend to gape and gawk as he was sure many other new crewmembers had done, but he was far less interested in the vessel than he was in inspecting his new facilities. He had little doubt they would not be on a par with those he had grown accustomed to at Starbase 91, but he had to admit, the specs on this particular medical layout were far more impressive than many starships. A necessary quirk of a combat vessel versus an exploratory one, it seemed.

He stepped out of the turbolift, the doors whooshing closed behind him and offered the transporter tech on duty a warm, but perfunctory smile. He stepped onto the transporter pad and, briefly noting that this particular transporter technician was not an unattractive man, softened his voice even as he dismissed such recreational thinking, “the Saracen please, Chief.” The chief acknowledged the request with a snappy “Aye, Sir”, his fingers flying across the terminal. As his vision clouded briefly in the haze of transport, he could have sworn he saw an approving and rather a salacious smile cross the chiefs face. A smile (much more genuine this time) softened his own features, despite the rebuke of a small voice in his head reminding him that he was very recently divorced.

He cleared his mind of nonsense with a visible shake of his head and a wry smile as he acknowledged the Saracen’s transporter chiefs greeting and welcome aboard. He stepped smartly through the turbolift and into the same generic, gunmetal hallways that seemed interminably uniform aboard Starfleet installations and raised his voice slightly “Computer, locate Captain Knight.”

Doctor Nathaniel Harrison (CMO)

The Saracen’s Computer answered immediately. =/\= Captain Knight is on Holodeck One. Directional Guides are available if you wish. =/\= Whether he wished it or not, panels on the wall lit up showing the way to the Holodeck that Dante was occupied in.

Captain Knight, CO

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