Pre-Sim: Sickbay

Posted April 22, 2019, 7:33 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) (Andrew Robinson)

Having checked in with the Captain, a rather obsequious and obtuse task, and verified that his belongings had in fact made it to his quarters, he made his way to Sickbay. He had to admit, it was a significantly more convenient distance aboard the Saracen than it had been aboard Starbase 91. He was relatively sure that he could make it to Sickbay on deck five from his bed on deck three in less than a minute, should the need arise.
The drab and uninspiring corridor gave way to the double doors of Sickbay as they whooshed open with barely a moment to spare as his stride carried him inexorably through. He had taken the time to memorize the layout, but still enjoyed a moment of pleased surprise at how spacious the main triage and treatment center was. He could make out one of the other three treatment areas through an open archway, and the doorway to his new office with its near floor length windows providing a solid view of the main area.

He glanced about, noting several welcoming, but shy nods of greeting from nurses and one or two “good morning, Doctor”’s. He responded to each with a warm and well-practiced bedside smile and verbal acknowledgment. He may not be thrilled to be here, but there was no reason to take it out on his staff.

He slowly sauntered from room to room, checking out first the four main triage areas, the research and pathology labs, recovery quarters for more serious patients and dedicated cargo storage facilities before looping back to the primary treatment suite. It was smaller than the infirmary aboard Starbase 91, to be sure, but it was clean, organized, the staff was clearly friendly and even equipment layouts and treatment boards seemed efficiently and effectively positioned. He nodded approvingly before crossing the room, the doors to his office parting before him, revealing the first disappointingly small room. It seemed he was either not expected to spend much time here or to be significantly smaller.

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