Pre-Sim : CMO's Arrival, Various Locations

Posted April 22, 2019, 7:54 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) (Andrew Robinson)


He cleared his mind of nonsense with a visible shake of his head and a wry smile as he acknowledged the Saracen’s transporter chiefs greeting and welcome aboard. He stepped smartly through the turbolift and into the same generic, gunmetal hallways that seemed interminably uniform aboard Starfleet installations and raised his voice slightly “Computer, locate Captain Knight.”

Doctor Nathaniel Harrison (CMO)

The Saracen’s Computer answered immediately. =/\= Captain Knight is on Holodeck One. Directional Guides are available if you wish. =/\= Whether he wished it or not, panels on the wall lit up showing the way to the Holodeck that Dante was occupied in.

Captain Knight, CO

A raised eyebrow in surprise, he found himself appreciating that particular system. He’d spent weeks roaming aimlessly the corridors of Starbase 91 before he had managed to pin down the layout. Following the lit panels, he arrived in relatively short order at the telltale diarrhoea hued doors to a Starfleet issue holodeck. He briefly considered, but dismissed, checking into his quarters to ensure his belongings arrived safely as the Captain was clearly not on duty. As his first commanding officer had made quite plain, rule number one was that you reported in immediately upon arrival, regardless of circumstance. It seemed an almost universal paranoia amongst senior officers that they did not appreciate not knowing anything, least of all who was on their team.

Tapping the panel to verify that the doors to the holodeck weren’t privacy sealed, he tapped the door control, wondering what kind of recreational and undoubtedly gratuitously bloody program the Captain of a battlecruiser might indulge in.

Doctor Nathaniel Harrison (CMO)

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